DATE                                  15.04.15

DISTANCE                         6.6 MILES

WEATHER                         BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Today wasn’t going as we planned it, we had seen Mick getting his rucksack ready the night before and assumed that we would be going out for the day and sure enough there it was packed up sitting right by the front door along with his boot bag, the only problem was Mick was busy doing jobs around the house, I decided to call Bob dog and Munchy over for a war conference “what’s happening I asked them?”  Err we don’t know was the reply we though that we would have breakfast and go out but Micks buggering about doing the housework and other boring stuff like that .may be if we leave him alone for a bit he might get fed up doing boring jobs and take us out, yes lets keep out of the way and see what happens I said, thirty minutes later there was still no sign of mick packing up, in fact he was still pushing the hover around making a hell of a racket.

That’s it I barked I have had enough , Bob & Munchy came running in and asked what’s the matter , I’m going to see Mick I said ……..Good luck with that Flynn was all they said and sneaked off onto the front window .

I have often found the best approach with mick is getting straight to the point, HEY Mick I barked are we going out or not I asked ….and turn that Bloody hover off will you it gives my arse a headache ………………..I have to be honest here and say I’m not really sure that Mick fully understands me when I bark at him but I got his attention and sure enough he switched the hover off.

Hey Flynn what’s up is all I got accompanied by a stupid smile ……sometimes I think Mick is really dense or just plane stupid , I really wanted to bark loudly  at him but I always try to be polite , are we going out or not ? I barked at him ……..of course we are said Mick but not yet, its raining where we are going but if we wait for another hour we should be treated to some lovley sunny weather and then proceed to show me his new weather app on the I pad ……………..ERR Mick I’m a dog and cant read (sometime I really do wonder about him) but somehow we understood each other, Bob and Munchy came over ….well they asked? yes we are going out soon ….How soon asked Munchy  how the hell do I know why don’t you read his I pad and find out I said  ……………….boy your touchy said Munchy and proceeded to go back to the front window where he watches the world go by .

Five minutes later Mick came downstairs and yelled at all to get ready , finally I barked and we all run to the door , Mick grabbed his rucksack and boots and let us out , there was a cat down the street , I was sorely tempted to bark at it and chase it but we where in a hurry to get going and so it got away scot free , Mick opened the car up and we all piled in , we all know that mick wont start driving till we have all settled down so it was a very quick fight for the best position before we all settled down and we where off.

Where are we going Mick I Asked? , well it’s a bit tricky said Mick , we cant go into the fells or hills because its lambing time so I thought we would head up to Thrunton Woods for the day …only this time do a completely different area  , Great we all barked back , we love being out in the woods and settled down for the short drive  however we could help but notice the rain falling and the fact the wipers where going flat out …………..Err Mick you did pack our coats didn’t you I asked , yes Flynn but you wont need them , this weather should blow over by the time we get there and you know something for once Mick was right as we pulled in the car park the clouds had cleared and the sun came out and as the day progressed the weather just got better and better.

Mick let us out and got the gear sorted and then we where off, not that way shouted Mick, today we are going to follow a few bike trails then head around the outskirts of the trees and if all goes well we might even get up to Castle hill, great said Bob I’ve been there before and it’s a great place to explore I will lead the way, sometimes me and Munchy forget about how Bob accompanies Mick on his really  big walks , Bob can run all day and still be ready for more where me and Munchy are normally really tired after few miles so we tend to let Bob do the big walks with Mick on his own . Of course Bob is a really good path finder dog and always finds the best routes for us to follow and he has found the right path several times when mick isn’t to sure where he is.

So Bob did what he does best and took point , of course we all run around and played , after all we where in the woods on a lovley day , the sun was out there was lots of different smells and sights to explore , Mick called several stops where he had coffee and sweet treats , we of course had our treats as well , we heard a few Deer calling but couldn’t find them , Bob told us that they are very shy in these woods because of the amount of dog walkers that used some parts of the forest but if all went well we might see some later on when we got away from the “dog walk areas” , we saw and chased a few big birds , Mick told us that they where Pheasants .

Under Bob’s brilliant path finding skills we soon found ourselves at Castle hill, where once again Mick called a break and while he sat down drinking coffee we went off to explore and play, this is an old hill fort according to Bob who seems to know everything about it, its is also a quarry but the best thing was the trees, they are all very old and very easy to climb and we all had great fun running and climbing up them , of course there was a few pheasants to chase around before they flew away .

After coffee Mick got ready, where to next I asked, right Flynn we are going up Callaly Crags but we go up via Hobs Knic ……………Right ok I said (as if I knew what he was on about)  and off we went , the climb up was fun but we all noticed that Mick once again stopped a few times and that his head turned a funny red colour , but we where having fun and it didn’t really matter if Mick was slow , once we finally got to the top , mick called a lunch break and once again we got treated to our own roast beef slices along with our food , I like this I said to Munchy & Bob as I woofed down another bite , yeah it is very tasty they replied , after lunch we set off again , we walked along a few forestry trails then Mick cut us into the trees along an old deer trail , it got quite dark in places and I heard Mick telling Bob to go find the path again , Bob of course didn’t need telling twice and run off to scout the area , after a few minutes he returned and lead us along an old trail which brought us out on a forestry track and from there we followed the track back to the main car park .

As we got closer to the car park we met up with a few other dog walkers and run off to say hello to every one and had a play with the other dogs, take it easy Boys mick said at one point remember we are off for a big walk tomorrow and I don’t want you to be tired. So we called it a day and walked back to the car at Micks side , we couldn’t help but notice that a few people said how good we where walking with Mick at his side , this made us happy and we wagged our tails as we got to the car . before we got in the car , mick had a coffee and put a bowl of water down for us then it was into the car for the drive home , According to Micks GPS Thingy he walked about 6.6 miles with 1224 ft. of the up’s and downs we of course did loads more .

A few photos from today enjoy  

One of the new signs at the car park


And another, there used to be three routes, it looks like despite open access they are trying to keep us in a small area.


Taken at max zoom from the car park, the new fishing lodge at the old brickworks which burn down a year or so ago


Heading off along a newly made off road bike trail, there are quite a few of these tracks starting to appear, they make for easy walking and open up new parts of the forest, who ever creates them certainly make a good job of keeping them open and in good repair and they are not that easy to spot from the forestry tracks so they tend to blend in.


What is it about building camps; they seem to be springing up all over the place personally I blame all those idiots on TV showing how to survive in the wilds


Since the forestry people thinned out the trees there is a lot more green undergrowth to see, much better than the dead forest floor


Looking along the track towards part of Callaly Crags (we will make our way up there later)

The boy waiting for me to catch up


The boys went running up there, I saw a deer but by the time I got the camera out it had buggered off


Old pond


The boys licking there lips after a treat break


Now walking along a very old track, well off the main routes


W.T.F even here there is a old rubbish tip, it looks like someone has tried to hid it by covering it up with small trees


Heading up this lovley path now, the woods are full of the deer calling each other, but sadly very few sightings


Time for a food and drink stop, Flynn looking on as the treat dish is put out


Bob looking very smart with his new hair cut


And Munchy looking very cute


Bob lead us up this track


Looking back, it really is a lovley walk; so far we haven’t seen a single person


The gate in the wall, this should take us to Castle Hill


The boy’s exploring at Castle hill


Heading into the old quarry


Last look at the very old trees


Waiting for me at the base of Callaly Crags


We decide to head up towards Hob’s Nick (which proved to be very wet and muddy)

Looking back


Part way up (me getting my breath back)

A bit further up and the views start to open up


The path takes up here


Looking towards the Cheviot Hills


Munchy waiting for me to catch up


Looking back down the “nick”


And the view ……..we stopped here for lunch


“Don’t get to close to the edge “it’s a long drop down


Old nameless pond

Looking across towards a distant Long Crag


A bit further along looking towards Coe Crags


Now on a track that will run along the top of Thrunton Crags


A few photos as we walk along


Heading back into the trees


Looks like they have been busy harvesting here


Now heading into the trees along one of the new bike tracks that have sprung up


Bob scouting ahead


In the middle of small clearing daffodils (I wonder how they got here)


Back on a forestry track


Last look into the trees as we get back at the car park.


Day after thoughts

Today was a nice slow very easy walk, I had no problems with my Arty leg or my knee but I did have to take the leg off and remove the liner and dry it, I suppose now as the weather is getting warmer the seal is going to start to fill up with sweat again just like last summer …. joy.

Another good thing was after checking the Pup’s there was no Tick’s found but I will have to keep a close eye on them now as the warmer weather seems to be here.