DATE                                18.03.2010

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 4 MILES

WEATHER                        COLD AND WINDY


Thrunton woods crags


By now any readers of this site will be totally sick of the amount of walks that I have done in these woods, I’m not going to apologise simply because this is my site and I can do what I want

 But on a serious note I will admit to like walking in these woods, for several reasons, the trees provide shelter when the wind gets up a bit and as any above knee amputee will tell you we find it hard to walk in strong winds, Christ we have enough problems just walking as it is. They also help when the weather is seriously cold , I suppose its because of the shelter they offer but that might be in my mind only , there are a whole range of different terrains to practise on , from forestry tracks , grass , rocky & bolder paths , footpaths that are covered in tree roots , very boggy paths so you name it these woods provide them , plus there are some excellent views to be had if you put in a bit of effort then of course there is a good chance that you will catch sight of a few deer if you are really lucky and quite . So yeah I like these woods plus they aren’t that far for me to drive too.

I often put any walk done in these woods as a sort of training walk, in a way I suppose that they are simply because whenever I have had any problems with old arty leg this area is the first place I return to anyway that’s enough waffle about 4 miles walked and  …a few photos .

Taken from where I enter the woods, after a drive I always like to start the walk on some type of level surface so I can settle down into the arty leg before any serious terrain is encountered, the forestry tracks are great for this.

A bit further along passing the shooting range, in all the years that I have been walking up here I have yet to see someone using it.


As I make my way along the good track slowly turns into a muddy slippery path.


A bit further along and things really start to get interesting some of the ice and snow has still got to melt.


Now heading out of the forest and onto the crags, the path through the heather can be fun at times especially after some wet weather.

Looking across to a snow covered Cheviot.


Same views just further along the crags, it’s a pity that the air isn’t that clear today.

Taken at max zoom.


Looking towards Coe crag.

The well used path through the heather heading up to the stone cairn.

The view from the stone cairn.

The route that I will be using, lots of boulders and rocks to trip me up.



Looking back down toward the lower woods.




Having a well deserved sit down, it was quite blowy up here today.


Looking back along the path.


A bit further along looking down


Looking along towards the next crag, I think that I will stop there for lunch.


Another photo of the Cheviots taken on max zooms.


Looking down from the crags


Not a bad place for lunch


A few photos of the route going back down , as an amputee it can be a bit of a test and it can hurt if you take a tumble , sometimes when its wet it can really be fun going down .

Back in the woods again a boggy section of path.


Back on a much better path now.


Now heading back to the car along a proper forestry track.


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