DATE                              01.03.10

DISTANCE                     JUST UNDER 5 MILES

WEATHER                    COLD BUT BRIGHT


What a difference a few miles make

Today should have seen me doing a wander around Thrunton woods , gear was thrown into the car and off I went , it wasn’t until I left the coast and headed inland I realised that I might have made a small error with where I wanted to walk , as I pulled off the main  road onto the slip road that takes you to Thrunton woods I knew that I had made a mistake , about 4 inches of hard compact snow / ice made the car feel like I was driving on no tyres , instantly I knew that there was  no chance of me going down the long downhill stretch or road too get to the main car park , yes I might have got there but there was no way I would ever drive back up the hill, fortunately there is a small lay by at the top. This was my parking up point , car parked up , gear on & off I went with a revised route already worked out in my head , as my micro spikes hadn’t arrived I was wearing my yatrack grippers , these proved to be quite successful and gave me a certain amount of grip on the icy road , however once I turned off the road and entered the forest the hard ice turned into a mixture of snow with a icy crust , being a bit of a porky person , each step saw my foot stopping on the surface only to break threw the icy when I moved my other leg , it wasn’t deep only about 4” or so , but it meant that I had to lift my foot clear of the ice before I could take a step, it was slow progress , I figured that if I went deeper into the woods , it wouldn’t be so deep or even frozen well that was my thinking ,30 minutes later and still not really making any progress I decided to call it a day , I was going nowhere fast.

Walking back to the car I decided that I would drive straight across back to the coast and salvage what I could of the day. Fortunately it’s only 20 minutes or so from Thrunton woods to the Beach at Boulmer , and with every mile that I got closer to the coast line the snow slowly disappeared , till finally I pulled into the small car park at Boulmer , snow free but still a cold bright day , gear on and off I went.

At this stage I didn’t have any real plans for time or distance, I just wanted a walk, the weather was cold but bright and I just wandered along the coastal path.

When the tide is out this section of coastline can get a lot of bird watchers about , but today I saw no one , as for the birds , yes I saw lots but my knowledge of there names is poor to say the least , so if I have labelled any wrong in the photos you have been warned .

Anyway the walk, it was a case of following the path along the coastline, passing the rocky bits known as Boulmer Steel, Longhoughton steel (I don’t know where they change) along to Howdiemont Sands and Sugar sands, both lovley small little bays, over a small burn then To Howick haven, which would be as far as I went today, whilst I was there I would pay a visit to What is an old mud turf hut built by some Archaeologists type students who spent some time up here digging around looking for Bronze Age or Mesolithic period stuff?  . I must admit I was impressed when I first saw it , and even more impressed when they returned to rebuild it a year later .(sadly it has now fallen in to nothing but a muddy pile has the money for such things dried up ?)

After lunch was eaten I had a slow walk back retracing my steps , didn’t see a single person all day , saw lots of birds feeding when the tide was out , about five miles or so of very easy walking , as normal a few photos .

Taken from the slip road to Thrunton woods.


The forest track I started walking up.


It not deep but partly frozen making it difficult for me to swing arty leg.


Taken from the small car park at Boulmer, what a difference a few miles can make.


Boulmer steel?


Same again, I could wrong about this rock.


One of the metal birds that are fixed into the wall.


Looking back towards Boulmer.

Longhoughton steel?


Taken at max zoom looking towards Dunstanburgh castle.


Small unnamed beck running down the beach towards the sea, it all but dry’s up in the summer months.


Looking down at Howdiemont sands.


Looking along the coastline towards Howick Haven.


First sighting of the mud hut.


Sugar sands.


Looking back, sometimes it’s possible to see young seals resting up in this small bay when the weather has been bad.

Howick burn running down into the sea.


Close up of the mud /sod hut. (I wonder how much this cost.)


A couple of photos from inside.


A sign that explains it all.

Looking back along the coastline, so different from the snow and ice that’s only a few miles away inland.


Last look at this hut.

Back on the beach heading back.


Looking back at the hut.


 Few photos showing the coastline as I wander back.


 I think that these are eider ducks (could be wrong)

I think that’s these are golden plovers but again I am not certain.

And finally I haven’t got a clue what these are.



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