DATE                                    23.12.06              

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 3 MILES

WEATHER                           COOL BUT DRY


Once again I found that I had a day off with nothing planned , so I got thinking to myself (normally I don’t think much as I tend to leave that to horses …..Bigger heads so more room for thinks) why not have a small wander someplace. the weather was nothing to get excited about just dull and grey but I felt like a wander, to make the whole walk thing sound better I suggested to my better half that we could “do lunch” some place nice and……….. Yes I would drive so she could have wine with hers and yes I would pay ……. (Like she ever offered to pay), now for some strange reason my son just happened to enter the kitchen and as soon as he heard the word food and pub his eyes lit up and informed us that he would like to join us for a visit as well, I did explain that it would involve a little wander and no he couldn’t take his x box with him and we would be out all day , and there might not be a phone signal and we certainly wouldn’t be rushing back .but he was adamant that he would join us for the day , and as the youngest and fittest he would be expected to carry the rucksack again he agreed ………err! Hello who are you and what have you done with mark? So now the only problem I had was where to go.

Once again the old brain kicked into action and I suggested The Ship Inn at Low newton, we have been here several times and  really enjoy the small walk along the coastline / beach .well I do anyway and if they want me to will they plus the Ship Inn does really good food, yes the wine is expensive but seeing as I’m paying Yvonne doesn’t seem to mind, and  they run and brew their own beer from the  micro-Brewery so there is a good   supply of different beers for Mark .So with that decided  it was gear thrown into the rucksack , not that there was much gear to go into it , I will admit I did think about packing it out a bit just so it was a bit heaver for mark to carry but in the end I couldn’t be arsed and so he ended up carrying a very light rucksack , and he did mention it a few times about he can’t understand why I moan about all the crap that I have to carry for Yvonne .( I knew I should have filled it full of bricks or something )

Ten minutes later we were driving up to low newton, with mark constantly asking us to change the radio station every five minutes ………………Kids!!!

Finally after listening to every known radio station for twenty seconds at a time we pulled up and parked at Dunstan Steads gear was thrown on, Mark was given the rucksack to carry and off we went, my plan was to walk along the coastal path to the pub and cut back along the beach , however both Mark and Yvonne decided to cut straight down to the beach and head up from there , naturally we zigzagged all over the place , with a quick coffee break in one of the bird watcher huts at the wildfowl ponds then it was full speed ahead as we made for the Pub .

Lunch was had and very tasty it was to, Both Mark and Yvonne did their best to drink the place dry in the short time we was there and  I seriously thought that I would have a heart attack when it came time to pay ………….a word of warning here, the wine that Yvonne was throwing down her neck like there was a drought coming was very expensive and I left the pub with a very empty wallet, next time she will have water and like it or go thirsty I promised myself.

Walking back was done along the beach , with both Yvonne and mark playing with the camera , there was loads of photos of the ground , sky , fingers and blurry people and this was with the camera on full auto …simple point and press , at one point Yvonne saw a ship flying above the sea , yes that’s right a ship flying above the sea , we of course looked and saw a ship sailing on the sea and no amount of explaining would convince Yvonne ………this is the last time she makes a pig of herself with the wine I think ! But it kept me and mark amused as we walked back along the beach.

We didn’t cover that many  miles today  because we didn’t set out to this was a simple family wander to the pub  but we all had a  really good  laugh at Yvonne and her flying ship , even today we still bring it up when she mentions how well she can handle her drink .

A few photos from today enjoy

Taken from the car looking towards Dunstanburgh Castle


On the way to the beach Mark waiting for us to catch up


“Not that way mark”


Yvonne has the camera, me and Mark heading onto the beach


Looking along Embleton bay


Yvonne and mark


Same again with the castle as a back drop


Me and Mark


Me and my better half ……. (That’s Yvonne)


One more of the castle


Close up of yours truly & Yvonne


Looking at where the Embleton burns runs across the beach


Same again


Mark explaining that he wants to take “one” photo


Marks photo


Now at the wildfowl reserve


Ducks on the move




Yvonne in the Ship inn (after drinking the place dry)


Yvonne & mark back on the beach at Newton Haven


Yes!! They have been drinking


Looking towards Newton point


Waiting for me to catch up


Seagull (is this the ship that floats in the air?)


Taken at max zoom …..The castle


With the sun coming out the beach seem to have a golden glow


Looking out for Yvonne’s flying ship


Emblestone Carrs (rocks)


Still no sign of Yvonne ship


The castle


Yvonne after a visit to the ww2 machine gun post


Looking across the bay


Same again


Looking back at max zoom at the beach huts


Last look for Yvonne’s flying ship


 Day after thoughts,

I didn’t have no problems after today’s wander apart from a very empty wallet and to be honest it was nice to get out with both Mark and Yvonne but I really do think that I should limit or try to limit the amount of booze that they drink.