DATE                                 ERR!!!! AROUND 08 TO SOMETHING OF MAY  ISH !!!

DISTANCE                        NOPE  WE HAVENT GOT A CLUE




First trip away this year

Well……….. we where all busy laying around in the front widow watching the world go past waiting for the postman to turn up so we could bark at him  when  I  noticed that Mick had  brought the Caravan or Vicky as she is known home , Look I said Mick is  parking the van on the drive , what replied Bob and Flynn , “Mick’s got the van with him” , this  lead  to a rather exciting  discussion about where we would be going , we simply love going away in the van , we have so much fun whilst we are away and we always get spoilt , lets wait for Mick to get in before we start pestering him I said …too late both Flynn & bob where busy jumping up and down at the door barking excitedly at Mick as he made  his way into the room , after five minutes of mad barking and running around we all calmed down enough to hear Mick say that we would be going away for a short  break and that we needed to get the gear sorted and packed away in the van  as quickly as possible so we could set off and miss the worse of the traffic , ok we all barked back we will be good and help you and so for the next ten minutes , both Mick and Yvonne where busy loading up the van , we of course checked that they had packed our stuff , food , treats , bedding ……….even though we knew that we would sneak up onto there bed once they where asleep .did I mention treats , we noticed that they had also packed our water proof coats and leads …………..we don’t really like walking on our leads but sometimes we have too , Mick looked at us and informed us it was “just in case” and continued to load the van up . Ten minutes later we all jumped into the car and we where off , I couldn’t help but have a look out of the back window and check that the Van was ok and informed Mick that Vicky was looking ok then asked where  we going .

Mick replied that we would be going to a farm where we went on our first trip away when we where very small puppies ……….. A place called Bowfield farm down in Durham, great we all barked back we loved it down there ………actually we love it anywhere we go, but Mick went on to say that we had to behave ourselves as there would be sheep and goats all around us and if we where bad we would be put on leads for our stay there, we will be very good we all promised straight away …..That’s good to know said Mick now please keep your eyes open just in case the van comes off , I need to know straight away …………………Right ok mick we all barked back and looked out of the back window checking up on the van , Mick is joking about the van coming off …isn’t he asked Bob ? I think so I replied but its better to be safe than sorry.

Mick then went on to tell us about a few walks that he had planned for us and about a couple of bigger walks that he and Bob would be doing whilst me and Flynn would spend the day with Yvonne , that sounded great , Mick knows that Me and Flynn get tired paws and don’t really like big walks over five miles or so  but Bob simply loves doing big walks and to be honest we needed some time alone with Yvonne to start training her again , she can be a bit of a hack at times and sometimes she doesn’t really understand us so we would spend the day sorting her out a bit .

Mick also went on to let us know that there was a walk at Stang forest that he would be taking us on as well as a walk at Fremington along the river swale and another at Keld so we would be very busy and of course we would be allowed to play out on the field where the caravan was .if we behaved ourselves and didn’t bother the farm animals we said that we would be good.

 Next thing we was pulling up on a nice grassy field, Mick opened the door and said “right you lot  jump out and be good whilst we set the van up”, we didn’t need telling twice and for the next twenty minutes played and explored the field, we didn’t have the field to ourselves as there was two other vans at the other end, we noticed that they had dogs as well and went to say hello , sadly they would be leaving the next day and the dogs wasn’t allowed to play with us as they had to be kept on a lead , still we still had lots to do and see while Mick and Yvonne set the van up and unpacked everything , we went right up to the fence and could see the sheep and goats in the next field , but remembered that we mustn’t be noisy or bad so we just said hello and moved on , next we met up with the farmer and his dog Scooby , we met Scooby last time we where down here and he showed us around and taught us a lot about how to behave on a farm so it was great to meet him again , then Mick and Yvonne came to see us all and had a chat with the farmer , unfortunately it started to rain so we all run back to the van , we won easily  and by the time Mick and Yvonne reached the van   the heavens really started to open up and we all clambered in and settled down , the rain got heaver and heaver as the evening went on and the wind really started to pick up , but we didn’t care we where nice and snug in the van , sadly the weather was really rubbish all the time we where away so our walks and trips had to be rearranged but we still had a great time even though Mick didn’t get all the walks done that he wanted , but I expect that he will write about them later .

Despite the weather we still managed to get out every day for fun trips, we walked in the forest when the wind was really strong, and we had a bit of cake in Reeth after one walk and another when we went to Keld yes we had great fun, but the best part of the trip was snuggling up to Mick and Yvonne in the evening and sneaking onto the foot of the bed when they dropped off to sleep

 Sadly because the weather was so bad we don’t have many photos from our trips but here are a few

At Keld looking towards Hall edge

Catrake force


Looking down the river swale


Catrake force from the side


Close up


Bob leading the way


Bob & Flynn having a race


Me and Flynn sniff around some rabbit holes


Looking along the valley, it’s very windy here


Bob come to chase us along


Looking back down at the river Swale


It’s quite a steep drop


But we are on a nice easy path


Looking across to Kidson hill


Looking down the valley as the sun comes out


Stroppy sheep, this is as far as we went today as it’s starting to rain again


A quick look over the edge before we go


Another look down the valley, mick said we will return another day when it’s not so windy


A smoky waterfall photo


Same again


Another day now on a walk at the Stang forest


Bob running back to check on mick whilst we wait


Newly cut down trees waiting to be picked up and taken away


Me and Bob mooching around

Flynn sniffing something


Shadow monster


Our path takes us down here


Waiting for mick to catch up


Me sniffing


Into the dark woods


Nice easy path to follow


Flynn running out of the trees


A break in the forest

Bob has heard something and wants to give chase


Me having a sit down and rest



Another day at the campsite off to say hello to the sheep


The view from the van


The view from inside the van


Another walk between the Stang and Hope moor (it was very windy up here)

The view


A few photos from Reeth (taken from an earler trip)

Looking up towards Fremington edge (one of the walks mick didn't do)

The bridge (Flynn had to be carried across ! what a wuss)

Tasty water to drink

Mick kept looking up there and we know he wanted to walk up there , we might let him next time

A few from Mick and Bob’s day out at Sunder Bridge

Mick & Bob full trip report for this walk can be found here:-