DATE                            02.06.2010

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 8 .3 MILES

WEATHER                     BRIGHT & SUNNY



The Torr’s

This  is one of those walks that is long overdue , I have spent a silly amount of time looking up at these two hills thinking  will I ever get to the tops , in fact these hills seem to dominate this area , so it was only a matter of time before I mustered the enthusiasm to  got to the tops , I think its yet another sign that I am gaining confidence in my walking ability , and I know what the terrain is like so its not like they are going to throw any surprise’s at me .or will they .

So after an uneventful drive up I parked up on the small farm track at old Yeaverington , gear was sorted and coffee made , I couldn’t help but notice that it took the jet boil ages to boil the water , time for a new gas  canister I think   , in fact I think that I will get a few ,a larger size one for in the car and a few smaller ones to pack away in the jet boil itself so after I made a mental note of that it was gear on and off I went , I would start this walk by walking up along the small private road to Torleehouse  which is where I would link up with a well used quad bike track heading almost straight up Easter torr. Once I got near the top I would link up with yet another quad bike track / footpath  which would take me to the summit of this torr ( 438 meters) after a suitable amount of time to get my breath back and take a few photos  my plan was then to cut back down to the “ main” path again and do a long swing around the back of Wester torr and approach from the far side , there is a trig point at the top of this torr but that wasn’t my target , I was hoping to get to the crags at the front of the hill for a well deserved lunch break at 518 meters this would be the highest I would go today .

After lunch and a few photos it was time to head back , feeling rather brave rather than retracing my steps I decided to head back making my own way , this really meant that I would be following any sheep trail through the heather that just happened to be heading in the right direction , even now I still don’t know why I do this , the trails  normally die out to nothing and leave me with one hell of a struggle trying to get “arty” leg in position , naturally any sheep around just look at me as if I am stupid ………….may be I am . Any how after a lifetime of fighting my way across the heathery slopes I finally linked up with the well used quad bike / footpath and things got a bit easier (see map).

From there I stuck to the track( here was no way that I was ever going to leave it at this moment of time)  till it linked up with a little bit of the St Cuthbert’s way and from there followed it down past Yethering bell back to the small private road and back to the car .

Where once again I made a hot drink this time drinking chocolate to celebrate,

I felt really pleased with myself after this walk, no sore spots and I didn’t even feel that tired but the best thing was whilst I was up there I saw lots of possibility’s on how I could further extend this walk and not have to retrace my steps another sign that I am finally getting somewhere with my walking ability. As normal a few photos.

Taken from where I parked up looking across the valley towards the monument on Lanton hill

Looking up towards the Torr’s


On the lower slops, just a quick stop to get my breath back, look down


Looking across towards Yeavering Bell with its ruined hill fort


Now approaching the crags on Easter Torr


At the summit at 438 meters looking down towards Hethpool


Taken at max zoom looking down at the lake


Looking across towards the crags on Wester Tor


Now on the path that will take me around the back of Wester Torr


Looking back towards Easter Torr


One of the many “shooting tracks” up here this one goes to Commonburn house


Now on the side of the tor looking down the Collage valley and Great Hetha


Taken at max zoom looking towards the farm at Elsdonburn


Made it to the crags at 518 meters, lunch time I think


Looking down towards Hethpool

Same again only taken at max zoom


Looking further down the Collage Valley

A few more photos looking in all directions


Time to head back looking towards Yeavering Bell


Looking down towards the small farm at Torleehouse and the track I walked along earlier today


A few more photos as I leave the crags


Now looking towards Yeavering Bell, you can clearly see the stone outa wall from this hill fort even at this distance


Being a bit stupid at times I decided to make my own trail back, easy to start with.


But first Arty want his photo taken


Looking up towards a distant Trowupburn


Looking back towards the crags


The Heather that I have now got to cross


Which seems to go on for ever


Finally I reach a shooting track and some shooting stalls


Heading down on a nice easy grassy track


Made it to St Cuthbert’s way, time to empty my boot of all the stuff that’s fallen into it as I plogged through the heather


Looking up towards Yeavering Bell

My route taking me back down


Looking back


Wild Cheviot goats on the path


Old tree, a local told me that this tree got hit by lighting and split, half died and half lived


Taken at max zoom looking back up to the crags on the tor where I had my lunch



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