DATE                                     10.03.15

DISTANCE                            7.2 MILES

WEATHER                            BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Thrunton with Roy

Today I found myself heading back to Thrunton woods, there was several reasons for this, the first one being that I had mentioned to Roy about how good the views where when we was last  here with the “I walks” Facebook group when on the day all we could see was a dull misty view, and so today me and Roy would be heading back to see these views, naturally I had been doing some seriously heavy duty grovelling to the weather Gods and after spending a huge amount of time dancing naked around the fish pond in my back garden , “the gods “ finally had enough and promised us good weather .

That meant I could take all the pup’s as well , I know Bob doesn’t mind the weather , but Munchy and Flynn are a bit on the soft side , normally I would put there coats on and all would be well , but I really didn’t want to take them out all day if it was going to be wet and cold , its just not fair , however I didn’t have to worry about that today as the “Gods” promised good weather …………….This was also confirmed on look north weather the night before (a bit of confirmation never hurts) so all was good .

The last reason I was heading back to Thrunton woods is I have several walking test routes up there, it is where I go to practise …… err .well walking again, the woods offer several different types of terrain  from wet boggy pathways with lots of hidden tripping hazards like hidden or not so hidden tree routes , flattish forestry tracks , slippery muddy uphill and downhill sections and of course lots of sandstone boulder sections as well as lots of lose rocky bits , I know this sounds strange but I find after spending a bit of time on walking around here my ability to walk seems to improve along with my confidence and lets be honest it all come down to confidence in the end . Of course I had Roy with me today so I didn’t want to be a complete plonker and spend silly amounts of time tripping over, but I know that I can have problems talking, turning round to look and walk all at the same time and with the three pup’s running around it could turn into a fun day with me getting rather mucky but that’s life.

Taking the tree boys with me meant, I had to pack there leads (not that I would need them) coats, treats, food, water & there bowl and any other stuff that I could think of that was before I started on my stuff which meant a rather heavy ruck sack not that I minded, carrying a heavy sack meant I would have to work a bit harder and in theory it would help me in my “lets get fit “ campaign and lose some weight which isn’t going to well at this stage if I’m honest , and of course I had to leave some room in the ruck sack for Munchy , sometimes when he get tired I have to pick him up and put him in there so he can have a rest , the only problem is he barks right in my ear and its loud . anyway I finally got the gear sorted and threw it in the car , then Roy turned up , his gear was thrown in the car as well , then I got  the pups who went into the back and we where off .

Driving up to Thrunton I explained to Roy what I had planned for today , and what our choices would be  what I didn’t tell him was I was going to err  basically make it up as I went along ……as long as I got us up to the crags and back down again that was all that mattered .

Any way we soon arrived at Thrunton, I decided that we would avoid the main car park as it can be full of dog walkers at this time of the morning and choice to park up opposite the small caravan park by the Coe burn, this fitted in with my well thought out route (what I had a route planned), gear was sorted, the pups where let out and read the riot act then we was off.

Our route was to follow the coe burn cut up the rather steep bank which would take us up to the well used path that run along the crags taking in Coe Crags (308 meters)  a quick coffee stop in the crags then along to the highest point of today at Long Crags (319 meters)  along this top path I hoped that we would be greeted by some outstanding views and both Roy and myself could capture some of them on our cameras before we cut back down to the bottom of the crags , the path heading down is rather steep in places and still a bit slippery but being the super type of people that we both are there was no mishaps , the Pup’s of course had no problems and where busy running all over the place but I suppose its easy when you have four legs and only a couple of inches of ground clearance .

Once safely at the bottom we headed back along the valley bottom till we found a dry spot out of the wind where it was time for food. naturally I got all the pups food sorted out first and naturally they ignored it and helped me with my roast beef sarnie, you know they had the beef and I got the salad but for the first time ever they drunk water out of the bowl, I must have carried that bowl for hundreds of miles and they have never used it, preferring to drink out of the streams, burns, puddles anywhere rather than use there bowl .so today was a first.

Over lunch the next stage of our walk was discussed and we decided to head back along the base, on what I believe is an off road cycle track to where we would link up with a forestry track at the base of Coe hill and from there we would stay on the track all the way back to where we left the car. we did about 7.2 miles with about 1157 ft. of the ups and downs , all easy walking apart from the steep uphill section where I burst my lungs and the rather steep downhill bit where I kept my eyes closed till I was down (other wise I might have screamed ) a good day . Naturally the pups did loads more.

A few photos:

The path along the Coe burn


Looking down at the burn


Munchy & Flynn waiting for us to catch up


Leaving the forest


Now on a forestry track looking u at the crags Bob of course is leading the way


Frog spawn


Starting to head up a bit (lots of stops on the way)


A break in the trees and the first views open up


On the path and wow we are greeted by this view, Munchy is waiting for us


Catching the light as the clouds wiz past causing allsorts of light & shadows on the forest below


At Coe crag’s



The “Boy’s” waiting for us to catch up

Looking towards the Cheviot, still a bit of snow on there


A few photos as we make our way along the crags


Roy looking for that perfect photo spot

Bob being Gard dog and watching over the gear


Part of the sandstone crag


Boundary stone


Looking back along the path


Trig point at Long Crag


The path down


Part way down looking back up


Roy leading the way


At the base looking back up


Looking along the valley


Between the trees


Not bad views from the base


We decide to follow this “bike track”


Once again the boys stop and wait


Looking up


The boys wanting to know if it’s lunch time yet


Did you say “food” mick


The views from our lunch time stop


Roy enjoying his lunch (before the boys enjoy it for him)


A bit further along


Bob running back to check up on us


We decide that we will head off down there


Flynn is scouting ahead


Close up of the crags


Hopefully there is a forestry track just over there


Small unnamed beck to cross


Bob on watch


Bob and Munchy having a face off


Lots of cones in one of the trees


Day after thoughts:-  I had no real problems today with Arty leg but have to admit my walking style is terrible if the physios could see me I think I would be back in the centre for some “gait training” I also felt my good knee “go” on a couple of occasions nothing painful but just enough to remind me that I still have to take it easy, we did about 7.2 miles with 1157 ft. of the ups & downs.

The weather was good, a bit breezy on top of the crags but nothing to get worried about, I hope that Roy enjoyed his day up on the crags as much as what I did and I’m chuffed to bits that he got to see some of the fine views that he missed the last time he was here.


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