DATE                                          08.11.12

DISTANCE                                ABOUT 6 .5 MILES

WEATHER                                GREY ,WET, MISTY


Thrunton woods with Jetboil


Today when I woke up I felt the need to get out and try to get some fresh air into my lungs , I didnít have work to go to (day off) likewise at home I had earned an abundance of good boy points so I knew that my better half wouldnít mind me going out and having a dayís walking . the only problem was it was cold, grey, wet and misty but that didnít bother me too much, however when I came to put arty leg on, it just wasnít feeling right, after a few attempts of putting on and taking it off it still didnít feel right so I do what I always do and thatís get on with things and hope that it will sort itself out. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnít, why I have no idea.

But it did mean one thing it wasnít going to be a big walk as such and it meant that I wouldnít be going into some unknown area for the first time.

I was also still nursing a poorly ankle on my real leg so I didnít really want to cause that any more trouble and as I have found out if arty leg isnít working right your other limb takes the extra strain .

As luck would have it I had just received my Jetboil, and even though I had been playing with it in the garden making cups of coffee I hadnít actually put it in my rucksack to see how stuff works out when you have to set it up and where it would fit and where would I fit the water, you know the little things that make days walking a good day or a disaster.

So that was that I would have a small walk , test my new toy out , see how well it packs into the rucksack & how easy it is to get out and set up.

Now where to go , I decided to have a small walk at Thrunton woods , I am very familiar with the area , itís close to home and the poor weather shouldnít make that much of a difference .

I had no set route or path in mind, just park up, wander around as and where I felt like it, keeping a close eye on how arty leg behaved and how my ankle felt. And of course have lots of coffee & hot chocolate breaks.

As normal a few photos:-

First photo taken from the car , weather isnt much better up here .

Nice easy track heading into the woods , at this stage I dont know where I am going to go , just a wander around.

Some very sickly looking trees.

Shooting range ?I have never seen it in use in all the years that I have been coming up here. good place to stop for coffee.

First "wild" use of jetboil.

Coffee break over , gear packed away and heading up further into the woods , so far Arty leg is behaving (but still not right) so its off into some rougher ground.

At this point I find myself heading out of the woods onto the moors.

Looking back.

Looking across to a very misty Coe Crag.

Because "leg things" seem to be ok I decide to go and visit Long Crags , my way (note the views)

Looking back , not a great deal to see today.

Trig point at Long Crag.

Now heading towards Coe Crags.

A bit closer.

Not really a great deal to be seen around here today.

One of the stone cairns at Coe Crags.

Coffee time .

Looking back is that the sun trying to get out?.

Time to start heading down and into the woods again.

The path down.

A view from one of the breaks in the woods.

Same again looks like the mist might be lifting.

My path leads me down to this small burn , by swinging onto the tree branch then steping on the stone its posible to cross without getting wet feet.

My path following the burn downstream.

Ok just more cup of coffee, and last photo of jetboil.

Morning after thoughts.

nothing really , jetboil worked out really well, and will always come out hiking with me in the colder months , will have to pick out which coffee and chocolate ect is best as there is a lot on the market , in the summer months i will keep the jetboil in the car boot so i can always have a hot drink at the end of the walk if there is no cafe around.

as for my arty leg , it seemed to have sorted itself out as the day worn on , again no reason why but then again there was no reason why it felt strange first thing in the morning .