DATE                                    12.02.13

DISTANCE                         JUST OVER 6 MILES




Today’s walk was always going to dependant on the weather, I don’t mind getting wet or being blown all over the place, but I really didn’t want to get in the middle of nowhere only to have to rush back because it started snowing hard and I had to get the car out, the forecast was for more strong winds and heavy snow fall on the higher ground later on in the afternoon. Yeah I have heard that before and nothing’s happened but ……………………….I wasn’t really sure.

I decided on Thrunton woods, its local for me, right near a main road (so it should be kept well gritted) and it covered all the things that I wanted to do, as much as I love being out walking I was still having problems with my stump, and sudden very painful reminders that it was still pissed with me for doing something to it.

I have sorter sorted out walking on the flat, as long as I don’t push back on the socket I am fine, it means that I walk slower and have lost a bit pull when I need it, but I need to see how it behaves going up hills where I have to use it, but I figured as long as I don’t go mad it should be ok, Thrunton woods is almost perfect for this lots of ups and downs all different types of surfaces and all different slopes.

I have been to these woods so many times I almost know every tree by name , but in knowing an area it also fills me full of confidence simply because I know what to expect and if need be how to avoid a certain section and have returned here on many occasions when I simply need to retrain or to practise something , in fact this was one of areas where I use to come when I first lost my leg , and in a strange sort of way it does me good to get here and simply remember the early day and the struggle I had , now days I go way past where I use to stop and recover without even thinking about it , what seem impossible in those dark and distant days I just take it as almost normal , I can remember getting up to the crags (it took me a couple of years to make it that far) and it nearly broke my heart because I was just so pleased to get up there , now days I get up there without giving it a second  thought , likewise on standing on the crags looking across towards the Cheviots and thinking if only ………………well over the years it happened and I take great pride in the fact that I have walked up and down all the hills in the National Park (even the little ones) and now days I can just disappear into them for the day without  a care in the world . Yes it does me good to think back and see how far I have come.

Time to get on with this walk , gear on , coffee made and drunk and off I went , see map for route , mostly making it up as I went along , weather wasn’t at its best but ………………………………….so what !

A few photos from todays wander.

As normal when ever I walk in this area I try to start off on one of the many forest tracks , that way I have time to settle down into the socket before I start on the more rugged ground.

Looking upto the crags , at this point I decided despite it being a cold dull day it would still be fun to try and get up there , more of a test to see how my stump will cope than any thing .

Getting a bit closer , looking up at Coe Crags.

But first I have to cross over the Coe Burn ,I wimp out and decide to cross over further along the track.

The wimp out bridge eer! I mean the foot bridge and path that will that me to the top.

Now about to enter a very wet section.

And enter the dark woods.(good job I am fearless )

On my way up there are a few clearings , which is nice its dark and gloomy in the trees.

The nice wet muddy path starts to change into a rock covered path now which sometimes can cause me a bit of bother.

As I start to gain a bit of height I notice that the wet rocks and stones are infact covered with ice , this is going to be fun.

But like most thing a bit of effort are rewarded with views like this .

Now on Coe Crags .

My route .

Looking across to a snow covered Cheviot, its a pity that the sky is so dull and misty.

Unnamed Cairn along the route.

Looking in the other direction towards the Simonside Hills.

Looking back.

The path that will take me upto Long Crag. the wind is starting to pick up a bit and for the first time I realise how cold it has turned .

Another photo looking back.

The Trig point at Long crag.

A few photos before I start heading down .

Time to start heading down.

Part way down looking back up , I am very pleased to get off the ice , it made life a bit tricky for a minute or two.

Looking back up.

The path down , at least its not covered in ice now.

At the bottom now , a few photos as I walk back to the forest.

Very easy walking along this path .

A few more photos.

Looking down at a much smaller Coe Burn.

Looking back.

Looking ahead , you can see the forest track that I will join soon.

But first I have to step over yet another run off.

And the weather decides that I have had enough fun for the day.

Small hail stones , not really a problem but with the wind they do tend to sting on my exposed leg.

At this point I belive that its only going to get worse and decide to follow the burn back to wher the car is .

Day after thoughts.

I only did about 6 miles , with about 1200 ft of ups and downs some of it hard going on icy stones , some on slipprey mud and tree routes and some very easy on forestry tracks.

I had no aches or pains likewise my stumpy leg didnt feel to bad ......................SO A GOOD DAY

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