DATE                                         03.02.11

DISTANCE                               ABOUT 5 .5 MILES

WEATHER                               BRIGHT BUT COLD

START / FINISH                     CAR PARK AT WOODS

Thrunton Woods

Once again I found myself sort of time and really wanting to get out someplace – anyplace for a walk. So being the sort of person that I am I simply rushed through my jobs knocking up a few good “good boy points” in the process and that was that. I didn’t have all day in fact half the day had already gone by the time I had thrown the gear into the car but I was a man on a mission. I had decided that I would pay Thrunton Woods a visit; I know that I have spent a silly amount of time in these woods but what can I say I am a very sad person who loves these woods, there are several reasons for this choice, one was the woods provide a lot of shelter from the wind and as any above knee amputee will tell you walking in strong winds isn’t really fun. I can see the Cheviot Hills from several places and wanted to see how much (if any) snow was laying about up that way. (A bit of forward thinking eh?)and even though I have walked in these woods dozens of times there is always yet another path yet to be explored and naturally there is a multitude of different surfaces/ terrain  for me to have a bit of practise on and of course it doesn’t take that much time to drive to.

Weather wise it was a bit on the blowy side but bright and sunny but still very cold ………..just right for me.

I Parked up on the main car park at Thrunton woods sorted gear out and off I went, at this moment I had no set route other than to get away from the “dog walking” crowd but to be honest their was only a couple of other cars in the parking area so I more or less had the woods to myself. Anyway you can see the route that I took from the map above. About   miles, nothing tricky or anything to get excited about but very enjoyable none the less.

I managed to see the Cheviot Hills and check out the amount of snow lying about, got a bit of fresh air in my lungs and managed to get a couple photos of a deer which always puts a smile on my face.

As normal a few photos from todays wander enjoy

Taken at the start heading into the forest using one of the many forest tracks.


Heading up a bit, at this stage I am on the Green walk.


Having left the green walk I am now heading towards “Thrunton crag” where there should be a few views of the Cheviots.


A break in the trees allows me to get to see the Cheviot Hills; it would seem that most of the snow has gone just the odd patch of snow or ice in the sheltered spots.




Heading through the trees, one thing I like about these woods is that there are loads of paths (unmarked) cutting thought the trees and I am never sure where they will take me until I have walked them.


A bit further up and once again a gap in the trees gives you a good view.




Now back on a forestry track, very easy walking and I find that I can cover a fair distance quite quickly.


A seat with a view, there are quite a few of these bench seats scattered around normally where thee are good views.


A couple of photos from this seat.



Now have left the trees and heading across open moorland. There is a well used path so it’s not too difficult to walk across.


Now at Callaly Crag and another good view point.




There are a couple of small unnamed tarn / ponds up here, as far as I know they have been here for twenty odd years but they still haven’t been named as far as I know.



A few more views before I leave this area.




Time to cross the heather and move to a different area.




Looks like a new path has been cut amongst the Heather, being the nosey person that I am I decide to follow it to see where it will take me.



Looking up towards long crag and Coe crags, I don’t have time to get up there today , it will start getting dark in an hour or so but it doesn’t matter I can always go up there another time.

A few photos looking up at the crags as I make my way along the “new” path.


Time to get on a forest track and start to head back towards the car.


How lucky am I? Right out of the blue I come across this deer; normally I make to much noise and scare them away before I can get a photo of them.