I learned the world won’t stop for me .

There are many days that still leave me defeated, but life isn’t a video game. You can’t pause the moment or rewind time; you are not given an infinite number of lives.

You are given one life, and the world will continue to move on, despite the fact you may feel like your whole world has stopped. The only way to heal is to keep moving.

I learned my  troubles will not always be at the forefront of everyone else’s mind.

When I am  are fighting your own internal battles, it seems surreal when no one else notices the torment raging just below my  surface. I feel as though you are screaming and railing against the bars of life, but still, no one will hear me .

Through this experience, I learned people will move on quicker than you will. Sympathy is fleeting when you are not the one with an injured wing — and that’s okay.

But love — unconditional love, at that — knows no boundaries; it will never be lost, regardless of the distance in time and space what ever I do

I learned that though people can’t be replaced, I can still find peace.

Justifying death can put you on a journey with a revolving door. It is endless and forever spinning. No amount of begging, crying or yelling could possibly right the wrong you feel.

While it will take a lifetime to recover from the emptiness I feel, I have taken a step down the path of self-preservation to find peace within myself.

I learned there is strength in perception.

I could spend years wondering why the world chose to plague me  with misery and misfortune or I can pick up my head and see the heartbreak around you. Someone else may be willing to give everything to have the gifts you overlook in your own life.

When sadness and despair begin to close in around me, I find myself redirecting those thoughts to others who are struggling elsewhere. Re-evaluating the negatives in your life with a different perspective can often bring you a step closer toward reconciliation.

I learned to be grateful for what you still have.

The happiest people are those who value what they have rather than focusing on what they lack. How can I appreciate the good without the bad? If you lost something or someone dear to you,

Take a moment to appreciate everything you still have within reach, regardless of how big or small.

I learned you still have control in your life.

Understanding I have control over your emotions and an action is the first step toward overcoming any obstacle.

I may not be able to change everything that happens to you in life, but I can change how I react and behave in challenging situations and the direction I choose next.

I learned adversity isn’t an excuse to give up.

Motivation. Dreams. Goals. Focusing on forward movement will not only keep me  from remaining stuck in the past, but also help to purify my  thoughts.

In the end, after you overcome those struggles, you can look back to see the strength in your pain. You can rarely recover what you lost, but you still have everything to gain.

I learned it’s never truly goodbye, only see you later.