Bob, Munchy shouted mick, “come on its time to hit the road”, what’s happening asked a rather sleepy Bob I don’t know but I suppose we better go see, what’s up Mick I asked, how do you two fancy a day out walking at Simonside, I cant take Flynn as he’s at the vets this afternoon so its just you two …..Fancy it? O course we do we both barked back well come on then lets go …………..Charge we all ran at the door barking as we went , see ya later Flynn hope every thing go’s ok , don’t worry about Flynn said Mick , Yvonne and Kerri will be looking after him and we will see him when we get back later today , ok we barked and dashed out of the front  door pausing only to bark at some cat in the street then jumped  into the car , Bob of course snuggled down and dropped off to sleep almost as soon as the car started , what’s this place like mick I asked , well Munchy you will just have to wait and see .grrrrrrrrrrr sometimes I want to bite him.

With that thought I joined Bob and dropped off to sleep.

I had no sooner dropped off when the door was opened and Mick let us out ……….Wow look at all those trees there must have been zillions of them , far to many for me to stop and have a wee on every one , come on said Mick time to go , and so off we went , Bob and myself went running ahead , not too far shouted mick , I don’t want to lose you , ok we barked back and for the next hour or so me and Bob played chase , sniffed more or less everything that could be sniffed , every now and then Mick would call for us and like good dogs we would go belting up towards him , knowing that there would be a tasty treat for us , However the woods where teaming with fly’s ,at first we spent ages chasing them trying to bite them , however we soon got fed up with that no matter how many we caught there was always zillions more , Mick was having problems with the fly’s as well and was waving a huge lump of fern around trying to keep the fly’s at bay .

Come on boys lets leave these woods and fly’s  and so we run after mick who lead us up what was an old dried up stream bed out onto a forestry track and soon we burst out into bright sunlight , unfortunately there wasn’t any wind so we where still pestered by fly’s but nowhere  near as bad .

Let’s find a spot for lunch said mick, great we said we love dinner; we managed to find a spot where the fly’s wasn’t too bad and so dinner was had , or should I say we had ours then proceeded to help mick with his.

Bob was really enjoying himself , especially the climb up the old stream bed, but I have to admit that being that little bit smaller did find it hard work and was starting to feel tired .Mick noticed this and asked if I was all right , yep I’m fine I barked back  , ok said mick  who then went on to point out the higher crags where we would be heading to next , however we met up with a couple of walkers coming down off the crags who where bitten everywhere and went on to explain to mick that it was a nightmare up there with no wind and swarms of midges , they of course made a fuss of us and the nice lady asked mick if she could give us a small bit of cake that she was eating , mick of course said yes and so we had a very tasty treat , Mick thanked them for the information and told us that there would be a change of plan and we wouldn’t be going up to the crags today , secretly I was pleased because it was very hot and I was feeling a bit tired after the last bit of climbing. And so mick took us along the forestry track, we found a small beck with some water and in we went for a paddle and drink, the water always tastes so much better than the water mick carries around for us. But we couldn’t  stay for long as the midges started again , right said Mick who was waving a clump of fern around his head I had enough of these fly’s lets get out of here , ok we barked lead the way and so we had a high speed walk down through the forest back to the car , we didn’t even stop at the car park for mick to have his coffee , it was a case of gear thrown into the boot , we jumped in , mick started the car put the air conditioning on and we all breathed a sight of relief . Phew made it!

This was our first experience of midges and fly’s and neither Bob or myself liked it one bit , but it was mick who suffered the most he was busy scratching like he had fleas for a good ten minutes when he jumped into the car.

Driving home both Bob and myself dropped off for a well deserved nap , Mick seemed ok but I couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get up to the crags , he said that we would try again when the weather is better and there wont be so many fly’s about.

On arriving home, we rushed in only to find Flynn was laying on the settee, Yvonne and Kerri where making a fuss of him, he had been to the vets and was still sleeping off the after effects from the surgery, Boys don’t pester Flynn said Yvonne he needs his sleep ……..he’s ok but very tired  , ok we barked back and jumped up next to him gave him a lick , you ok Flynn , yes I’m fine but don’t tell Yvonne or Kerri will you……… I really like getting spoilt, ok we barked back and we will tell you about our adventure later tonight.

As normal mick took his camera with him a few photos from today:-

Looking up towards Dove crags from the car park.

Munchy and Bob waiting for me to catch up.


Bob having a sniff around.

Heather growing where the trees have been thinned out, the whole area was buzzing with bees and flies.

A small clearing and the boys sniffing around.


Munchy waiting by the start of the stony trail out of the woods.

Large section of sandstone, there are a few of these huge boulders in this wood.

Munchy with his nose to the ground leading the way.

Our way up through the midge infested fern.


Both the boys waiting for me, they didn’t like all the Midges.

The end is near looking up at the crags, there is some open ground just ahead.

Made it to the forestry track and away from most of the fly’s and midges.

Change of plan, we will stick to the open ground; you can see our track heading off in the distance.

Looking up at Simonside crag, we won’t be going up there today.

Looking back.

Looking up at some unnamed stones.

A few more photos as we wander along.

Lunch time and sit down.

Munchy off exploring.


After being eaten alive we decide to head back down, our route before us.


Quickly passing the fern belt and all the midges.


Bob and Munchy picking up the new route.

Down a well used path into the trees.

Fortunately it’s dry today.

Bob and Munchy leading the way.

Approaching another fern belt.

Munchy and Bob running to get past.

Sitting on Micks  mat waiting at the car looking to see if any flies are chasing us.