We all knew something was up in the air, when Mick parked the sweatbox on the drive, great said Munchy looks like we are going away for a adventure, yes it certainly looks that way, I looked at Flynn who sighed and said I don’t think that I will be joining you for this trip, sadly he was right, he had been to the vets a few days before and was under strict orders to take it easy, no unnecessary walks defiantly no running or playing around, not to worry he said  Kerri is off all weekend and is looking after me so I should be back to normal when you get back .

I heard  Mick and Yvonne talking about Flynn and both of them wanted to take Flynn with them but both realised it was for the best if Flynn stayed at home with Kerri resting up .so that was it .

Kerri of course simply loved the thought of having Flynn to herself all weekend and we knew that he would be spoilt rotten.

And so for the next hour, the household was in a state of panic as mick rushed around sorting stuff out, then finally every thing was ready, we both went and said our goodbyes to Flynn who was making the most of all the attention he was getting, Kerri of course was getting loads of instructions from both Mick and Yvonne ……………….most of which she promptly forgot about but we knew that he would be well looked after and so it was charge out of the front door and into the car .

I don’t know how long the drive was because both Munchy and I dropped off to sleep, come on time to get up said Mick ……and before we knew it we had arrived and everything had been set up.

We quickly had a mooch around the site and every one seem pleased, it was a small quite site with fantastic views over the sea , Mick and Yvonne seemed very pleased with the site.

Right lets get the boys fed then we can take them down to the beach for a walk, food? We love food and before we knew it Yvonne produced our tea and very tasty it was too then it was down to the beach for our evening walk, but first we stopped at a small fish and chip shop, mick decided that it was too late for cooking so they had fish and chips and haggis and chips , we of course got loads of tit bits and both Munchy and I agreed that we like the haggis the best , it was the first time that we had eaten it and very nice it was too I hope that we get a chance to sample some more , then it was down to the beach , it’s the first time we had been on this beach and we had great fun running and playing on the rocks and sand , it was a very pleasant evening with a lovley sun set , mick of course took some photos , then it was back to the caravan for a good nights sleep because we had a big day ahead of us, naturally we both jumped up onto the big bed.


and snuggled down so  neither mick or Yvonne had the heart to move us.

A few Photos from this evenings walk at Coldingham bay.


   Cond at St Abbs Head