DATE                                        12.06.2014

DISTANCE                               WE DONT KNOW OR CARE

WEATHER                              HOT


The Coe Burn

It was going to be another hot day, I knew this from sun up about 04:30 when I got up and went downstairs to get a drink of water from my bowl, and it was cooler downstairs so I decided to finish my nap off, Munchy and Bob came downstairs and had a drink and bite to eat then settled down for a few hours snoozing as well. a bit later I was woken up by the milk man going next door………..sigh this will never do I think I will go and get Mick up and tell him that he needs to take us out someplace cool for the day .

Naturally Mick is still tucked up in bed so time for drastic action, with one mighty leap I jump onto the bed walk onto his chest and tell him to wake up, Mick looks a bit confused but I stick my nose two inches from his face and explain things to him “look Mick you need to take us out someplace nice and cool today with lots of water and shade “  all I get off him was go back to sleep it’s far too early but I know I have got him thinking , I snuggle down next to him for a bit and have a short snooze then it’s time to get him up , I do this by simply giving him a lick on his face  , ugh get off Flynn “you’ve got dog breath “ that’s because I am a dog you stupid human , but I have done my job , I know that once Mick is awake he can’t stay in bed he just has to get up not like Yvonne who can sleep for England if she gets the chance , I was going to go over and wake her up but she tends to fart a lot first thing in the morning and my nose and sense of smell is delicate at the best of times .

Mick quickly gets up washed and is downstairs drinking coffee in a few minutes, I do my best to keep out his way, and he is a bit grumpy till he has his coffee. Bob and Munchy are out in the garden doing their best to surprise any cat that is daft enough to be trying to sneak across our garden; I pop out and tell them that we will be going on an adventure someplace nice and cool, great is all I get in way of a reply, they think that the cat from down the street will be daft enough to walk across the garden when they are waiting for it.

Mick is busy throwing stuff in the rucksack like a man on a mission , right Flynn get the others and we will be off before it get too hot , I couldn’t help but noticed that Mick was already heading for the front door , come on you two I barked time to go , right you are was the reply and Bob & Munchy came charging in from the garden , c ya later we all barked at Yvonne we are off for an adventure we should be back in time for tea , ok boys have fun was her reply .

Mick had the car door open and we all jumped in, mick got in started the car and we were off, I noticed that Mick already had the cool air thingy on blowing nice cool air around and after a minute or so it was just right .

Right you lot this is the plan for the day , we are going to go to Thrunton Woods but this time park up by the Coe Burn and what we will do today is follow the burn up a way to find the start of it , keeping in the shade most of the time and when we get to hot we can just stop and jump in for a paddle , there is a new bike track that looks like it runs all the way to the start of the burn so that’s what we will check out today .  Any questions?

No we all barked back sounds like a good plan ………..a nice cool good plan, we off course love these woods, we always have a great time, there is so much to see and explore and Mick always brings extra tasty treat for us and today if we start to get to hot we can always paddle, sometimes Mick is ok.

It didn’t take long to get there and before we knew it we had stopped and mick let us out, right lets go head down to the burn and get out of this sun, we didn’t need telling twice and quickly disappeared into the trees heading down to the burn, for the rest of the day we just scouted around, stopping every now and then for a drink or a paddle, mick had lots of stops, I think that he wasn’t bothered about anything today and just wanted to keep cool.

We of course went mad running around chasing flies, sniffing stuff and play fighting disappearing into the undergrowth and then jumping out on each other and because we were under the trees it wasn’t too hot to start with , every now and then we burst out into bright sunlight and boy was it hot so we quickly disappeared under more trees again to stay in the shade , there was places where we had to walk in the sun for a bit but Mick had chosen the route with care today and there was always a nice cool stream to play in and we spent a lot of time just paddling and cooling down , dinner was had by a nice clear deep pool in the burn with nice grass to sit on all under a nice shady tree and all decided to have a little snooze even mick lay back and had a quick cat nap then we were up and off again , we followed the burn a fair way with it getting smaller and smaller till we couldn’t see any more water , so that was that , right lets head back and charge off we went again , we found and chased some  pheasants  which was great fun then it was down into the burn for another cooling splash around , we saw some deer but they run off before we could say hello and it was far too hot to chase them , about a mile from the car we bumped into two other big dogs that where out for a walk with their owners , they complained and said that they were hot and asked if we had been far today , we of course told them that we had been out all day they seemed impressed but we didn’t tell them we spent most of the day splashing around in the burn , I think that they wanted to go home for a snooze in some cool place but there owner isn’t as good as Mick is .

We said our goodbyes and headed back to the car, when Mick opened the car door boy was it hot far too hot for any of us to get into. Hang on a minute said Mick I will start the engine and put the cool air thingy on for you, and sure enough he did, ok you lot jump in its ok now and we all charged out of the trees and into the car. It was nice and cool.

We all had a sleep going back as it was nice and cool, then when we got home we all charged into the house to see Yvonne and let her know it’s nearly our tea time and spotted some fat pidgins where in our garden so we had to run out and chase them away that was great fun and a perfect way to finish our adventure, Mick took a few photos:-

Mick took a photo of this flower; he said that it shouldn’t really be growing here


Munchy trying to catch me


Bob chasing flies


Funny looking flowers


We leave the bike track for a while and walk along this forestry track


Munchy & Bob waiting for us


Looking up at the crags, we have been up there loads of times but it’s just too hot to go up there today


The same again


A blue butterfly, mick got quite excited about this we of course wanted to eat it

 Same again (I wonder what it would taste like?)


Bob panting he's starting to get hot


Cutting down to the water


And splash, it’s nice and cool in here


And tasty to drink as well


Back on a forestry track for a short while it’s very hot when we are in the sun


Looking up at the crags


Cutting across a heather field, we play bouncing on here


Back on a forestry track again and this time we are in the sun best hurry


Heading down, we are still waiting  for Mick


Not long till we get out of the sun and into the water again


Come on Mick move it


Nice cool wet ground


Looking up at the crags


Which way?


Heading down to the burn (it’s much smaller now)


Munchy waiting for a treat


Nice place to stop for a rest


Again looking up at the crags


Let’s go play in there

Bob leading me out

Me having a mooch around




Time for another drink and paddle


Nice and cool here


And deep enough for swimming if we want to


A cool wet Bob just chilling out


Mick was playing with his camera for this photo

 Thanks for reading and we all hope to see you out someplace soon xx