DATE                                 01.10.13

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 4.2 MILES

WEATHER                        BRIGHT AND DRY


Hi its Munchy here and I have just been informed that its my turn to write up about our last day out , so here goes , my day started fine I was doing what I do best laying around on the bed or sniffing around the food bowls , I did think about going upstairs into Kerri’s room for a mooch around , there is always something to eat or chew laying around in her room but it meant going all the way upstairs and to be honest with you I couldn’t really be bothered , I had popped outside to bark at anyone walking past who didn’t stop to say nice things to me or reach over the fence to stroke me but its hard work , then just as I was dropping off to sleep , Mick burst into the living room and shouted “right boys I have finished my jobs who wants to go for a walk” Bob and Flynn being stupid mutts that they are jumped at the chance and started charging around like a couple of demented dogs , Must I ? I barked, yep your coming along as well was micks reply who knows you might even like it.

What!!! Its wet, muddy and it could even rain, that means that I am going to get muddy and it smells out there. Come on munchy lets go.

I know when I am beaten so it was charge past bob and Flynn and into the car and off we went , I knew that we wouldn’t be going far as it was past dinner time already and sure enough ten minutes later mick parked the car and we all charged out , come on you lot no mucking around till we get clear of the car park , ok we all barked back and off we went down onto the beach , now I don’t mind the beach but much to my amazement mick took us on a different route off the beach round the Harbour at Seaton Sluice then along a muddy path following the Seaton burn along what’s know as Holywell dean , once I got clear of the mud I started to enjoy myself , Bob and Flynn where already racing about , getting covered in mud and other smelly stuff and generally having a ball , I couldn’t resist it any longer and off I went , I knew that if I got to mucky Kerri would bath me when I got home later that afternoon because she doesn’t like smelly dogs in her room . Mick of course just smiled at our antics, calling us back every now and then and rewarding us with treats for being good. we met up with a few other dogs and played chase for a while which was good fun , eventually we came to a small bridge and crossed over to the other side and started our walk back , every now and then we was allowed to have a drink  and a paddle in the burn and I have to admit I was having a ball, Mick called us back and asked us to walk at heel when we got back at the harbour , not a problem for us especially when we know mick had a bag of tasty treats for us  and before we knew it we was back on the beach heading back to the car , we played chase for a bit and run along the sea , I was pleased to find that my paws where nice and clean after a while and rolling around in the sand soon had all the mud off me , I don’t know what I smelt like but I really didn’t care , Naturally Bob was charging in and out of the surf getting soaked with Flynn running down to the waters edge then running back up the beach when the next wave came in , what a wimp I did a high speed run and tried to push him in but he saw me right at the last minute and run away , mick gave us another twenty minutes or so to play around then called us back , time to go home said mick its getting close to tea time , Tea time we like those words and so we scampered back to the car and headed home , mick said we did about 4.2  miles or so and as much as I hate to admit it I did have a good time .

As normal a few photos from today.

Some one has placed a sword on a tree limb not really sure why sometimes you human can be a bit daft.


Looking along the burn, it was muddy in places.


Looking back.


We met up with some other small dogs, we had great fun playing.


Bob and I heading down to the burn.


Me running away from the water, it’s cold and wet.


Team talk.


Our route takes us along the burn; there is a proper path now so my paws won’t get so muddy.


Looking back.


We are now heading towards a nature reserve.


Mick reading us the riot acts so we will be good.


But first drink and paddle.


Flynn thinking can I get across without getting wet paws?

Now on our way back, lots of tall grass to run and play in.


 And some strange shaped holes that are full of water.

Bull rushes, we wanted to chew at these but Mick said we couldn’t.


Looking across to the other side where we were earlier.


A few photos as we walk back.


Now at the harbour we had to be good here.


Now heading down to the beach, the waves where very big.


A few photos.

Back in the sand dunes now and its time to head back to the car.