DATE                            05.12.12

DISTANCE                  ABOUT 6 MILES



Well I supposed it had to happen at some time! my weather app on the I pad got it right, I confirmed this by pressing my nose against the bedroom window, strong gusty wind with heavy sleet and snow showers, this meant that my planned trip into the cheviots would have to be cancelled, its not that I mind walking in bad weather, but as an amputee I do struggle with strong winds and throw in icy paths it can make my life a bit on the interesting side. Now normally I would go walking in one of the many areas that are coved by trees where I would get a bit of shelter from the wind, but as it’s the first “bad snow/ sleet” of the year I didn’t really trust the roads and having just got a new car the last thing I wanted to do was bash it on some tree at the side of the road. (Yes call me a wimp if you want). So that means despite the bad weather I had to stick local, back to the beach again.

On the good side because the weather was so bad I wouldn’t see many people on the beach.

  Note to myself ……………..find out at what point in my life did I become so antisocial?

Anyway threw the gear in the car, making sure I had a full set of waterproofs with me, normally I just wear shorts but I will admit to still feeling a bit on the wimpy side as I had just got over ………MAN FLU  which is something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone . So today I will be wrapped up in full winter walking gear ……………nice and toasty (not that I would know what its like to be toasted)

On arriving at the car park I went into my now normal route of making coffee from the jet boil and putting my gear on.

First thing I noticed were the sky, blue and sunny one side dark and threatening   on the other with the wind blowing the dark stuff in my directions. Once I was though the dunes  and onto the beach the full force of the wind hit me , fortunately it was going to be on my back the whole way down , coming back was going to be a different matter , but I wasn’t really bothered about that at this time , who knows what will happen .

Walking along the beach was a pure delight with the wind blowing the waves causing spray to shoot along the beach, then it went dark and the heavens opened up, heavy snow with a lot of sleet in it, you know the type the sort that hurts as it hit your exposed ears and legs, time for a quick stop and don my dorky hat and waterproof trousers, that was soon done and I was sorted, I don’t like wearing  big boy trousers when walking  as I like to see what arty leg is doing and I have had the material get caught between the moving parts of the arty leg which can cause me some trouble but it was worth it today .

Then as quickly as it started it passed leaving a light white covering over the beach. This weather Patten continued all day with almost white out conditions for a few minutes followed by brilliant sunlight.

My route for today was to follow the beach down to Seaton sluice  then link up with a well used footpath to St Marys island which a another way of saying following the coastline .

Then after a short lunch stop it was a case of retracing my steps back only this time walking back in amongst the dunes rather than the beach.

The weather did its best to ruin the walk, but despite the strong winds and showers I loved it , the only down side was I twisted my good knee again when walking over a frozen puddle , this is something I will have to watch for I spend that much time picking a spot where I will place arty foot I tend to forget about my good foot  with sometime bad results , however no lasting damage was done just a load crack which scared the living daylights out of me and after a short period of time the pain went away. But it’s a reminder that my body is getting too old and can’t take the knocks like it used to.

The only other thing worth a mention is for about 2 to 3 minutes the snow came down that hard I couldn’t see more than three feet in front of me. I suppose this is a total white out , not a problem today but I would hate to face something like this on a remote fell where there is no shelter or it’s a really bad decent .

As normal a few photos:-

Cutting over the dunes towards the beach.


On the beach , boy that sky looks dark out at sea.

Looking towards the dunes, nice and bright.

Looking ahead ..................not so bright.

Looking at the North sea and the weather coming in with it.

Seaton Sluice Harbour and so fast moving sleet .

Nearly there , the sleet is turning to snow now which is good because it doesnt hurt my ears so much.

The small Habour.

Then as quickly as the snow came it went , looking towards Blyth via the harbour entrance.

A few photos taken of the coastline as I make my way along.

Collywell Bay with a distant St Marys lighthouse.

The rock stack known as Charlies Garden.

The bay.

Looking out to sea looks like another shower is heading my way.

At crag point when it hits.

Sleet first then the snow.

And once again it stops a quick as it started, the lighthouse and my lunch spot.

Looking back at the rocky coastline.

Getting closer.

Again looking at the rocky coastline.

My route ...............and it starts to snow again.

Looking out to sea towards a huge tanker.

Nearly there.

And the sleet returns with a vengence.

Now on the road to the lighthouse , it is tidal so be carefull that you pick the right time unless you like getting wet.

Another shower heading my way.

The lighthouse and my lunch spot.

Looking towards Whitley Bay . a real good night out (unless you are old and passed it like me)

Now on my way back a few photos as I go.

Looking towards a distant Blyth and yet another shower heading my way.

Shy Lama.

Collywell Bay and yes another snow shower heqding towards me.

Same place , almost a total white out for a couple of minutes.

Now heading into the dunes , and blue skys.

But not for long by the looks of the sky thats heading my way ....................Fast.

My route along the dunes the snow .

Then just as i get back to the car.

Day after thoughts.

Not a great deal to say about the day after, the walk was about six miles mostly flat so I didn’t have any aches or pains, my stump didn’t cause me any trouble but it’s still doesn’t feel right, also for the first time I didn’t cook when I was I full waterproof gear, it could be because of the strong winds and cold weather, likewise the long pants didn’t get caught up with the moving parts on my arty leg so I will mark this up as a success.