DATE                                          16.03.13

DISTANCE                                 6.10 MILES



Surrender Bridge

Well this was it our first trip away this year with Vicki Van , after the normal amount of running around like headless chickens we finally managed to get to the camp site that we had decided upon .

Steady’s where wound down water and power hooked up and that was it, we had made it, admittedly not that far, but far enough for our first towing exercise of the year , plus it put us in an area that I was keen to have a few walks in , we (my better half and I) decided that we would have an easy walk around the Surrender bridge area , we in fact did this walk a couple of years ago and know that it is easy walking on a good track all the way around ,so there was no hidden surprises for us.

We were woken up rather early by the sounds coming from the farmyard (it’s a working farm) and quickly got washed and dressed, the first thing we noticed when we opened the blinds was the snow that was lying across the valley on the hill tops, my better half couldn’t say anything as it was her idea that we got away in the van this weekend , arty of course was dying to get out and started playing up whilst we had breakfast but today I was in charge and was having none of his misbehaving . breakfast was had (bacon and egg butties) made by yours truly and very nice too even if I do say so myself, coffee was drunk gear was thrown into the car and of we went, the drive wasn’t far (it was one of the reasons we picked this site) and soon we found ourselves pulling into the road side parking area at Surrender bridge.

The weather forecast informed us to expect a few light snow or sleet showers so warm gear was the order of the day. Briefly during the walk we did have a few minutes of blue skies and even a bit of sunshine at one point, but with the wind blowing over the snowy hills it was for the most part cold and when we got caught in a passing sleet shower the temperature really dropped, the walk started ok but once we got to the far side of Great Pinseat the track become very difficult for me and arty to walk on because of the snow and ice , my better half wasn’t impressed but seeing as she agreed to this walk she couldn’t really say anything …..But face and smacked arse springs to mind.

One small thing that did catch me out I made a small side trip to the stone cairn on Great Pinseat (yes I know I am sad) but it wasn’t till we got back and downloaded our route did I realise that the stone cairn wasn’t the highest point so what I would like to know is why build it there if it’s not the top of the hill?       Duh.

Once again I enjoyed looking round the old lead mine ruins but could help but notice that the info signs had gone which is a shame really sometimes that little bit of info sort of add something to the feel of the place, I suppose it’s a sign of the times that the boards been nicked and the dales people or whoever looks after the place can’t afford to get them replaced.

We did about 6.10 miles mostly easy walking but I did have a few problems walking on some icy sections with about 888ft of the ups and downs.

My better half wasn’t really impressed as soon as we got back she sat in the car with the heated seats on and demanded hot coffee , and informed me that I would be walking on my own the next day and that she was going to stay in bed .

As normal a few photos enjoy.

The view from Vicky Van in the morning.


Taken from where we parked up.


Looking along the Mill Gill or Old Gang Beck.


The ground is saturated one of the many drainage ditches pouring water into the beck.


First sighting of the ruin of Old Gang Smelting Mills.


A few more photos or the ruins.


Looking back.


Not really sure what this was used for ….cooling water?


Old bridge Level house? Crossing over the beck (not our route today)


A couple more photos looking back before we disappear round the corner.


For a while we follow the beck (Flincher Gill?)



Another old ruin, don’t have a clue about it.

A couple of photos as we make our way along, it’s bleak up here today.


A couple of old shaft entrances, one gated shut the other open.


Looking down, it’s as far as I dare go (yep I’m a scary wimp)


Starting to head up along Forefield rake where they used to do a lot of tipping it would seem.


A few photos as we slowly make our way up.


Last time we were here, the track was marked with loads of small stone cairns all the way up and along, I wonder what’s happened to them all.


Looking towards what I thought (at the time) was the summit Cairn on Great Pinseat.


Up close, and the sun starts to show itself.


On our way back down now, old vehicle hasn’t changed much in the last few years.


Our Path down, nice easy walking or so I thought, there was a lot of ice hiding round the corner trying to get me.


One last photo before the sun goes because:-


This storm is heading our way fast.


As quickly as it came it past and once again we had a bit of sun and blue sky, how the scenery changes once the sun is out.


A few more photos as we make our way down.


Looking towards a bit more of the old smelting mill.


A few photos


Day after thoughts

Nothing really this was a easy walk with my better half , the snow and ice caused me a bit of trouble again but nothing to get worked up about.