Sunday afternoon & mick had finished all his jobs around the house and was busy packing his rucksack, great I know what this means …….a trip out someplace yeah!!!!!   I go and tell Flynn and Bob, on hearing the news we all do what daft pups are meant to do and go loopy for a bit making sure we don’t let Mick out of our sight, but wait what’s this Yvonne is going to come with us, well I never said Bob, it’s a standing joke that Yvonne is a bit of a hack when it comes to walking and would sooner spend the afternoon watching some old film on the TV. No she is definitely coming I heard her say to mick where are we going? Great the more the merrier said Flynn, but the downside is we will have to wait whilst she gets ready and you know how long she can take, I know lets bark at her and tell her to hurry up so after that we ran around like demented pups barking at Yvonne to get ready, and much to our surprise it wasn’t long before the door was open and charge we all ran out and got into the car.

Right where are we going we all demanded to know once we where driving , well said Mick in that ever so smug voice we are going to another section of Druridge  Bay , a bit that you haven’t done , we will park up , walk down the beach a few miles then cut over the dunes and walk back along the coastal path ……but only if you are really good, if you not we will leave you there ,………….yeah like you will leave us we barked back , sometime Mick pretends to be really mean but we know he’s not likewise Yvonne is a big softy , we know that we can wrap her around our paws just by giving her a lick and cuddle , even when we have been bad Yvonne cant stay mad at us for more than a few seconds ..She is such a softy.

We soon arrive at the parking spot and charge off we go , be good Mick shouts at us and don’t pester anyone Yvonne calls  ok we all bark back and start to go into sniffing mode , within minutes we are on the beach , the tide is nearly in so there isn’t a great deal of dry sand , but that doesn’t matter , we can run and sniff anywhere , in fact we like the high tide line because that is where all the washed up debris is , and there is always something to sniff at or chew or even eat (as long as mick or Yvonne cant see us) they tend to shout at us if they see us trying to eat anything.

There are a few holiday makers on the beach today and because we are so cute they cant help themselves and make a fuss over us , we naturally do what pups are meant to do , wag our tails and give a few licks out then its off along the beach , both Mick and Yvonne are throwing sticks for us to fetch back , this is fun , Flynn normally beats us to the stick so we end up chasing him along the beach , Flynn is very fast and often waits for us to catch up then goes running off in a totally different direction in the end we all have to stop running because we are all out of breath and its time to mooch in the washed up debris as we walk along with Yvonne and Mick .

After a while its time to sit down and have a rest , Mick reaches down into the rucksack and produces some treats and a bowl of water for us , we all have a big drink because its thirsty work running up and down the beach.

Right said Mick time to cut through the dunes and link up with the coastal path now, but goes on to remind us to be on our best behaviour as we will be walking along and past the nature reserves, and warned us that there might be a lot of other dogs out with there owners and not all dogs are nice. Ok we bark back in a non committal way.

The walk back is pleasant , lots of new sights and smells , we want to go into the lakes for a paddle but we are told that we aren’t allowed because of the nesting birds , we meet and say hello to a few other dogs out for a walk then we notice that both Mick and Yvonne are walking a bit faster , there is a dirty big black cloud heading our way , “looks like rain “said Yvonne better get the pups back to the car before it gets to us , Mick it would seem wasn’t really that bothered about getting wet but agreed just to keep the peace and we all know how Yvonne goes if her hair gets wet and goes frizzy so we all head back to the car as fast as our little legs could go.

I am pleased to say that we made it just as it started to fall, naturally the talk turned to us getting coats, as Yvonne is a bit concerned about us getting cold and wet, mick pointed out that we go charging in and out of rivers, the sea and any other wet places that happen to be about so he wasn’t bothered.

On arrival back home, the talk of winter coats continued, with Kerri even looking for dressy up one like pandas or crocodiles , I hope that mick picks our coats and get us something a bit more sensible …………as they say watch this space .

As normal a few photos from this afternoon enjoy.-

Bob sniffing around on the beach

Munchy having a sniff

Flynn wondering “can I eat this”?

Looking along the beach, the tide is on its way out now.

Look back at where we started from.

Tide going out fast now.

Looking along the dunes, we had great fun running up and down these.

Flynn and bob tugging on a stick.


Still fighting over it.


Three way tug of war for the stick.


Flynn is off with Bob in pursuit.

Picking up a bit of speed.

Shifting into top gear now.

Now on the coastal path heading back .

Looking towards one of the lakes.

Same again, we wanted to go and play in the water but weren’t allowed.


Rain cloud heading our way time to go.

Big Big Highland cow thingy, we don’t want to go in that field.


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