Bob and I woke up more or less at the same time and both had the same idea letís wake mick and Yvonne up by licking there faces, yuck cried mick as my tongue came into contact with his face, come on you lazy hack get up and feed us I barked, mick was having none of it and tried to snuggle down back to sleep, right time to dig mick out of bed I barked and set to work digging the blanket off mick, you little **** yelled mick , well get up I barked back , Yvonne was make a half hearted attempt to snuggle back down but we both started on her and she gave up and started getting dressed .

Bob laying  full stretch on the bed.

Once again it was a mad house or should that be a mad van for the next half hour as we all rushed around getting fed and watered with both Yvonne and mick taking it in turns in telling us to shut up and get out of the way then it was into the car and off to St Abbs bay where we would be spending the day.

Once the car was parked up, we all jumped out and sorted the gear out, that really means that mick had to carry the ruck sack with all the food and water in, he wasnít having a good day so far after parking up in a disabled bay much to his shock and horror he realised that he still had to pay the car parking fee, we thought this was very funny and chuckled all the way down the path , we past the visitors centre , Yvonne pointed out that we would be stopping here on the way back for drinks and cake , yum we like cake and sweet treats , but she went on to warn us we had better be good or there would be no treats , we will be very good we barked back and so we set off , because there are some very steep cliff top paths we had to stay on our leads .

A bit of a steep drop!.

But we didnít mind , mick had already told us that we where going along to a small cove where we would be let off and could run and play and even splash around in the sea if we wanted . The weather was rather hot so it would be nice to cool down a bit, but first we had to walk there.

There was lots of other walkers out , most stopped and made a fuss of us , we like that, there was a few other dogs out as well , but like us they where on there leads because of the steep drops so that meant that we couldnít  run and play . But we said hello and waged our tails at them. Then mick lead us down to the cove, this is more like it.

Mick taking us to cool our paws.

Gear was sorted out, water put out in our bowl and both Mick and Yvonne promptly sat down and showed no sign of movement.

yuck bottled water!

we didnít mind there was loads of things to see, explore, sniff and if the truth was known we where both feeling a bit knackered as well, so far it had been a very exciting and busy weekend and we where both starting to feel the effect of all the running around.

However that didnít stop us for long , our first discovery was a fresh water run off , which tasted delightful so much taster than the bottled water mick had put out for us , then it was down to the sea for a cooling paddle and splash around , we had to keep running up to the footpath to greet any other walkers who where wandering past , after all it would be rude not to , most of the walkers stopped to make a fuss of us , we like that and waged our tails at a few passing dogs , then we would dart off into the rock for a climb and look around .mick had to climb up to find us at one point but it was ok as he went one way , we scampered down another , he swore at us !.

Then it was food time, we like our food and for a short time took it easy sitting next to Yvonne & mick.

Taking it easy.

Mick was busy boring us err I mean telling us next time we are up this way we will be doing a really big walk along the cliff tops , but we are both to small to even attempt it yet. What he really means is that he wasnít up to it and was just using us as an excuse.

Time moves on and soon it was time for us to start on that huge climb uphill and head back. It was hard work, Yvonne had to pick me up and carry me for a bit, even bob who was leaping around like a mountain goat only thirty minutes earlier was struggling. So we had lots of rest stops.

Time for a photo or two.

Mick was busy taking photos which really means that he was getting his breath back, and Yvonne was puffing like an old steam train, then we arrived at the little cafť, joy we scampered off to get in the shade whilst Yvonne ripped mick off by taking all his money that he had saved up to go into the cafť.

Drinks and cake all round , yeah we barked save us some tasty titbits, donít we always was the reply and so we rested in the cool grass , mick and Yvonne stuffed there faces , then brought us a few tasty bite  size bits of cake , very nice it was too.

Then the lady who works in the cafť came out to see us and made a fuss of us she was nice and other people came and made a fuss of us.

Right time to head back to the car said Yvonne; fortunately it was parked close, and we didnít have too walk far , as soon as we where in both Bob and myself snuggled down and went to sleep for the drive back , I hate to say it we where both exhausted and could wait to grab forty winks .

Back at the van we scoffed our tea down then took it really easy and just chilled out , knowing that we where going back home the next day.

What a great but knackering weekend.

As normal a few photos from today.

A few showing the rocky shore line.

Looking back at st Abbs.

Time to start heading towards the cove.

Getting closer .

Nearly there , Mick let us off our leads at this point.

This looks a fun place.

Lets rest for a bit ............then play.

Looks good.

Lets run.

Hey Yvonne how about a treat:?

Whats under this stone?

Lets go find some grass to lay on .

It is getting hot now.

Bob coming down from the rocks.

Me Munchy having a mooch around.



Bob heading out from the rocks.

And having a sit down.

Lets play tug of war with this stick.

Last sit down before we start back.

A few photos as we make our way back.

Yvonne catching her breath.

Looking back

A very steep drop.

St Abbs and the tea room not far ahead.


Another good day out.