DATE                                     14.06.11

WEATHER                            BRIGHT AND SUNNY

DISTANCE                            ABOUT 5 MILES


Stanhope Dean / Shittehopeside Burn

I have spent rather a lot of time walking down in the Weardale Area recently , however I still hadn’t managed to get above Stanhope and have a look around Crawleyside edge , so before I could move on to a new area I thought that I should pay this area a visit.
Unfortunately on the day I planned to rectify this situation I woke up ,and I wasn’t feel quite right , you know when you wake up more knackered than when you went to bed , (strange) however I still wanted to get out and finish this area so I decided to press ahead and do the walk , I knew the area well enough so I could always cut it short if needed , and I had made arrangements to meet up with some people down that way later on , so I had to keep one eye on the time (something that I don’t like doing).
So to fit all this in (with a late start) I decided that I would be totally flexible with the route and just make it up as I went along , I had been in this area enough so I wasn’t like I didn’t know the terrain or anything . Anyway this is the route I did, about five miles, very easy walking, on a lovely sunny day.
Parked the car up on the roadside, by Stanhope Hall the followed the well marked footpath up along Stanhope dean (ive walked this before) this is very easy pleasant woodland walking, left the dean and joined on a track that went past Shield Hurst (farm buildings?) then down to cross over the Stanhope burn at what used to be an old quarry , it was at this point I had to look at the time ,and as I guessed I wasted to much time just getting here , I wanted to follow the burn further upstream , but if I did that I would be late , so it was with great reluctance that I followed the track up the hillside along the Heathery Burn to where I crossed over the road and joined the Waskerley Way from this point I just headed down towards Stanhope till I came to Crawley side edge at this I simply followed one of the many paths along the top of this old quarry from this point I headed down to the Jolly body farm , which had an assortment of animals roaming around all extremely friendly and rushed up to greet me , I think that they must be hand rearing some lambs or something ,(if only they knew what awaited them !!!!) from here I simply followed the well marked footpath across a lovely grassy field ( it was almost like a hay meadow ) to Shittehopeside burn where I simply followed it back down to Stanhope , now at this point I hit a few problems , with all the rain we had the day before and the fact that this burn is completely cover by trees and extremely damp , throw in the warm weather I had today and what have you got almost perfect conditions for the …………MIDGY FLY…………….. These fly’s made my life a living hell walking down the burn , what should have been a very pleasant walk was done in record time , throw in the whole burn was covered in wild garlic and stinking I really didn’t have a good time , and was very pleased when I escaped into bright sunlight . I spent the next ten minutes busy scratching every where and when I say every where I mean just that,
From this point I simply walked back along the road back to where I left the car, stopping every five minutes for a good scratch which got me some funny looks from various people.
I made it back to the car and to the meeting place in plenty of time and I felt ok whatever was wrong with me first thing had been forgotten about.
As per normal a few photos: - enjoy

Stanhope hall (its up for sale if anyone is interested!)


Stanhope burn

Woodland section

Looking down towards the burn

Leaving the wooded section and heading towards the farm

Dried up waterfall (make a note to one self comeback in winter when the water is flowing)

Further down the dried up burn

Stanhope burn at the old quarry

Looking upstream I was so tempted to head upstream

On my way up to the Waskley way (looking back)

A few views as I make my way along


Crawleyside edge

A few views as I make my way along

Old ruin

Looking back

I haven’t got a clue what this is . anyone ????

Some of the friendly animals at jolly body farm

Even the horse came over to see me with the little one

The way ahead

Looking back

Entering Shittehopeside burn (midge territory)

Old seat (there was a few of these scattered about)

This might be where the cave is. Not really sure I was being eaten alive at this stage so I didn’t go exploring

The burn you can see how warm and damp it is by all the moss

Escape from the midges. I spent a good ten minutes here having a good scratch

Lovely little walks very easy walking lots to see BUT beware of the midges.