DATE                                       30.03.11

WEATHER                             GREY  DRY WITH A FEW SHOWERS

DISTANCE                             ABOUT 8 MILES

START / FINISH                    STANHOPE


Because of my circumstances, I have to be really carful about where I walk, not so much where but what the terrain is like, I was given a lot of useful information about the Weardale area from a fellow walker, which enabled me to come down here and do some really lovely safe walks, I am very grateful for that so if you ever get to read this thanks mike. However now that I have been tempted out of my favourite stomping ground Northumberland Nation park its time for me to move to another area , but before I move along a bit it seemed only fit and proper that I did a walk from or around the Stanhope area. Again I pestered mike about the walk that I wanted to do , and once again he came up with the goods , a lot of really useful info , however I chose to ignore one tiny bit of advice he gave me which ended up with me falling into a river when the ledge I was walking along collapsed . Duh!!! The result was one very wet boy (me) and a couple of sheep that I swear run of laughing. Anyway the walk.
I intend to post a map of the route I took so you can see for yourselves but basically parked up in Stanhope and took the footpath which went up past Stanhope hall, along the Stanhope burn, this footpath is extremely well maintained and way marked. from there I cut down to some old drift mine crossed over the burn from this point the going got a bit harder , nothing that cant be done , however on the steep banks there was sign of landslips which had damaged the footpath , nothing to get excited about . Looking at the map it shows that you should cross the burn a couple of times but that turned out to be nothing but a map fault the path stayed on the same side all the way.
However a one point the burn has washed the footpath away, it’s a simple matter of just heading further up the hill and going around / above the landslip however I didn’t (despite being warned about it) I couldn’t help but notice that at the foot of the landslip there was a small ledge about 6” wide, simple I thought I would just walk along that, half way across this “rock” ledge turned into a mud ledge and splash in I went. Nothing to get excited about, but important lesson to be learnt” if given advice “use it.
After this it took me a good 20 minutes to get sorted out, I was wet from the waist down.
Fortunately I had lightweight quick drying gear on, except for my undies, so the rest of the walk it looked as if I had wet myself, still lesson learnt.
My artificial leg caused me quite a bit of concern it seemed to weigh a ton in weight, as it was all I had to do is take it off and turn it upside down to drain all the water out. (I am fully expecting to get a right rollicking when I am next at the limb centre for having a rusty leg.)
One of the good things is that I do carry a lot of spare kit in my rucksack, sock, towel, ECT ECT
Anyway after I got myself rung out and redressed I carried on at this point I left the river (typical) and headed up past steward shield farm from there I quickly got on what I think is part of a cycling network (not sure if that is correct or its name) and followed it till I crossed the road and came to the Waskerley way.
It had been my intention to follow this track back down into Stanhope, but it runs more or less parallel to main road .and to be honest with you I don’t really like walking near any roads so after a quick check off the map I decided to leave the Waskerley way at Weather hill and join a footpath that would take me down along side the Heathery burn to the old drift mine that I pasted in the morning , from there I followed the burn back to the car only walking on the other side of the burn which was past a lot of old mine workings .

I really enjoyed this walk despite the swimming lesson , the only down side was they where clearing some old woodland which involved big bonfires which created loads of smoke , this smoke seemed to follow me around all day , which resulted in me being both wet and smelly .
A few photos.

Walking along the woodland path

Looking down at the Stanhope burn, lots of small waterfalls ECT

I was reliably informed that this is quite an impressive water fall after heavy rain.
(That was from some one who was on a paid walking trip just in front of me)

Looking back

This caused me no end of trouble, the smoke just seemed to follow me.

Looking down at an old drift mine

My route up the burn, path showing signs of recent repairs after the land slides

Small waterfalls and resting pond

 And again (I am hoping to return hear when the salmon start to run)

Another small unnamed waterfall or something

My route (notice the smoke)

The cutaway section, this caused me a lot of grief, it would have been so easy to cut up and around but no im stupid at times.

Still draining the leg

The way forward (with wet underwear)

Looking ahead where I leave the burn

Looking back, starting to rain now as well

I think that this is part of some cycle route or something


Looking back at eh! nothing really

Now on the Waskerley way looking back at the café

It’s at this point I decide to leave the Waskerley way and head back down, notice the smoke

Heading down and the wind changes direction again, I stink by this time.

A few photos taken from the old drift mine and the surrounding area as I walk back along the burn to the car


About 8 miles or so (I think)
Thanks and enjoy