DATE                                     24.05.10

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 4 MILES

WEATHER                          BRIGHT AND SUNNY

START / FINISH                 CAR PARK AT St ABBS

St Abbs

Unfortunately I didn’t make any notes on this walk, all I can remember was that we took our trusty sweatbox (caravan) known as Vicky Van to a small site at Dunbar for a well deserved long weekend break, and some time during that weekend we had a walk down to the nature reserve at St Abbs, I have to say we where both impressed and have revisited this area several times over the years and if all goes well will continue walking along this wonderful stretch of coastline.

A bit about the area:-

Formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, the craggy landscape of St Abb’s Head on the Berwickshire coast is a National Nature Reserve famous for its clamouring seabirds, rugged coastline, rich grasslands and crystal-clear waters.

A veritable ‘seabird city’, St Abb’s Head is a year-round haven for birdwatchers, walkers and wildlife lovers. The dramatic cliffs provide spectacular vantage points from which to watch thousands of nesting seabirds, including guillemots, kittiwakes and razorbills.

Among the rugged cliffs and offshore rock stacks, some of which stand 90 metres tall, you may feel suspended in serene isolation, but in fact this wilderness is just four miles away from the A1.

The seas off St Abb’s Head form part of Scotland’s only Voluntary Marine Reserve, which exists to protect the diverse natural environment while serving the needs of creel fishermen, divers, surfers and sailors.

Facilities include parking at Northfield Farm, a nature centre with a coffee shop and guided National Trust for Scotland walks by arrangement.

That s enough of that stuff a few photos from this walk, and after seeing them you will understand why we try to return once every year.

Taken right at the start of the coastal path looking towards Halterem’s Loup


My better half doing what se does best.


Looking down at Starney Bay


Looking back towards the Harbour at St Abbs


I think that this is Black Craighead (or a bit of it)


But then again so could this section, what ever its name it’s all very impressive


Now dropping down off Bell Hill, its all easy walking (unless you wander off the edge then it might hurt a bit as you hit the bottom)


Horsecastle Bay?

Today we decided to walk round the back of Kirk Hill, there is a more direct path almost straight up to the top, but as you can see it was such a good day we just took our time and took the easy route up


The views from the top looking out to the North Sea


Gulp! Looking straight down


Looking inland, it is a lovley area


A couple of photos as we make our way along the path


The light house at St Abbs head


There are loads of different paths all taking you to different rocky points, we spent ages mooching around this area trying to see it all.


A couple more photos as we make our way along


One of the many big rocks covered with birds I think that they might be Shags or cormorants

Looking back


A couple more photos of the area


My better half


Looking further along the coastline, sadly we start to make our way back now

Last look down


Our return leg now takes us down along Mire Loch


But first a couple more photos


Heading down to the loch path


Looking back


Same again only a bit further along


I can only guess that this is a long forgotten boat house


Last look back before we head back to the coastal path again


Not sure what bay this is, the whole area is full of them


Heading up Bell hill looking back


Five minutes to get our breath back


Taken at max zoom looking where we walked earlier on today


The village of St Abbs


Max zoom


Last look back


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