DATE                                    17.03.14

DISTANCE                          7.2 MILES

WEATHER                          DRY BUT WINDY



Grrr to say I was cross with Mick was an understatement, I mean the snivelling piece of dirt got up early the day before and snuck out the house to go walking down upper Teesdale without taking me, I mean I am his best and only pal yet he snuck out the house without so much as a goodbye Bob take care of the others no NOTHING at all. So when he returned home after the walk we all ignored him ….there that will teach him…….. What did I do wrong he asked me?  You didn’t take any of the Pup’s replied Yvonne; mick mumbled something about there might have been cattle or some other excuse like that.

 I of course still wasn’t satisfied with that reply and turned my back on him , don’t even think about going over to him I growled at the other pups , no we wont Bob replied Munchy and Flynn .

After a long silence Mick carefully asked us if we would like to go out for the day someplace nice for a full day’s adventure , ……………you know someplace you can run and play all day ………….and I will take extra tasty treats for you and I will share my roast beef sarnie with you ? Boy mick was snivelling now; How about a day in the woods someplace and I will let you go where you want to go for as long as you want.

What do you think Munchy, Flynn I asked?

Yes let’s do it they both replied, ok I barked back at Mick but if you ever sneak out again walking without letting us know you will be in big trouble ,and then went bounding across to where Mick was sitting and proceeded to make a fuss of him . Mick seemed relived.

So early the next morning, it was up breakfast was woofed down then charge into the car, Mick had already packed his rucksack and we knew that he had packed extra treats because we took it in turn watching him when he packed .he had also packed our coats “just in case it rains” he said then we where off.

Mick true to his word took us to the woods at Simonside, and parked up and let us straight out, we where the only ones who where there, just think we have the whole place to ourselves we barked, where to Mick we barked, That is up to you said Mick, you lot lead and I will follow just give me a minute or to so I can get the gear sorted. And so off we went with Mick following behind , we had great fun running into the trees and disappearing then bouncing across the heather , Please don’t roll in any Fox’s pooh yelled mick at one point , because if you do , it will be bath time when we get home .

We might or we might not we all barked back you will just have to wait and see, yes we where making Mick suffer a bit. I mean fancy sneaking out for a walk without telling us.

Boys shouted mick , how about a bit of mooching over that way , I think that there is a small cave that might be fun to play in , ok we barked back and went charging into the trees in the direction Mick was pointing ,

We quickly found the small cave and had a play in it but it was full of empty beer bottles and cans, you humans can be so lazy at times ………..why don’t you take your rubbish home with you? Then we where off again, lets go to the Heather moors next said Flynn that way we can play bouncing in the Heather, yes good thinking said Munchy and off we went again, Flynn lead us out of the woods up to Ravens Heugh, Mick took a few photos, then we saw the biggest rock that we have ever seen, Come boys I barked lets go and have a sniff around that and went bouncing across the moors , the rock was huge but boring so it was time to move on again , eh boys why don’t we go into the trees again and find a nice sheltered spot for lunch said Mick , good thinking I barked back and so we went running into the trees to find a good spot for lunch , our lunch was quickly woofed down then we proceeded to eat as much of Micks as quickly as possible . The sun was out and we where in a nice sheltered spot lets have a nap Munchy suggested, good thinking I barked and we all settled down for a snooze even Mick settled down.

Much snooze time later it was time to make a move , come on you lot its time to start heading back or we will be late for tea ,&  we still have a few miles to go before we get back to the car , ok we barked back and went tearing off into the woods ………Wrong way shouted Mick ……..opps! we barked back and changed direction , the walk back to he car was fun we spent lots of time running around finding things to chase and sniff around , at one point we saw some deer but they where off before we could say hello and they can run very fast .  We followed there trail for a little way but they had disappeared into the trees and we couldn’t find them, then we where back at the car, mick put our bed on the ground and filled our bowl with clean water whilst he made coffee and asked us if he was forgiven, yes I suppose so we barked back, then after coffee we all jumped into the car and snoozed all the way home …………………………sometimes Mick is alright.

According to micks GPS thingy he walked about 7.2 miles with about 1082 ft. of the ups and downs we of course did lots more than that.

As normal Mick took his camera:-

Flynn climbing around on a rock

We hid behind this wall and made Mick look for us.


Me leading the way to the small cave


Checking out the roof


Flynn thinking can I jump down from here?


Look at all the rubbish left in here, you humans are right lazy at times


Mick told us that this mark was made a long time ago


Sniffing around the track, we could smell a fox had been here, mick was worried that we would find fox pooh


Me bounding out of the undergrowth


Flynn bouncing around


A break in the trees and we can see the Cheviots, we hope that mick will take us up there soon

Some funny moss covered rocks that we raced around for a while


Heading up a rocky path out of the woods


Walking along a very narrow path


A few photos of the views as we make are way along this path


The stone cairn, we had a sniff around but it was really boring so we moved on, I don’t know why you human make these things


Let’s play bouncing in the Heather


Hang on lets go and have a look at that stone


Well it’s big but we can’t climb it


Lots of wood to chew


Mick its time you fed us


A boarder stone (good for cocking your leg up)

Looking towards the Cheviots, the views a bit murky at the moment


Right let’s play in here


Now the sun is coming out, mick took these photos because it looked nice


Flynn has seen something


We all have a sniff to see if we can sort out what it is


A couple more photos of the area


Looking up at the crags, we won’t be going up there today; mick said it’s a bit to windy up there


Looking back towards that big stone we found earlier on


Mick’s arty leg wanted his photo taken


Small pond, we had a drink out of here but it wasn’t very nice


Mick said that this is frogspawn...and no we can’t eat it


Back at the car, mick put our bed on the ground so we could nap whilst he got sorted


Mick and his jet boil coffee maker.


Thanks for reading and I hope to do another walk soon (if Mick behaves himself)