DATE                                   05.05.2010

DISTANCE                          2.14 MILES

WEATHER                         DULL BUT DRY


A small walk along the Coquet

Cond from my not so able walk at Alwinton see


Again this was put forward as a walk suitable for the “not so abled” and again nothing ever came of it but………..

Again taken from my notes at the time


I discovered this (well I didn’t actually discover it as it was always there) when driving up the road towards where I was going hiking for the day & what caught my eye was the waterfall coming down off Passpeth Sike .so I decided to stop at Shillmoor and have a wander along the river to have a look see. What I didn’t realise at the time what a great walk this could be for someone who like me wasn’t so able.

This walk ticked all my boxes,

It had toilets at Alwinton, further up the valley there is a tea room at Barrowburn,

You would never be more that 300 meters away from the road but walking down the river you would never know it.

And the views are really good.

I did this walk on a cold grey icy/snowy day, in the spring or summer it would be a delight. I have the impression when I redo this walk in the summer with my better half we will spend the hole day just sitting by the river not wanting to drag ourselves away .

The walk

Start at Shillmoor, there is plenty of off road parking there, and follow the river downstream there are quite a few well trodden sheep trails you just pick what’s best for you, & there is of course the choice of walking on the grass if you want to.

I must point out that there are a few very lumpy and bumpy sections especially when you get to the Medieval Village (no need to get excited its just grassy humps and bumps nothing to see) but you can simply walk around them, or you could use them to improve you walking skills after all that’s what you are out here for. Sorry back to the directions, follow the rivers downstream till you come to the road at Linbriggs

From there cross the road and enter the field it well worth it to see the water fall then its simply a case of heading up towards  the sheep pens and getting back onto the road and walking back to the car. Now I must point out I really hate walking along the road but in this case I will make an exception for a small amount of uphill walking it gives really good views what you missed when walking along the river.

A few photos

 First photo taken looking across at the farmstead at Shillmoor


Looking down the river

Looking towards where the Usway burn joins the river Coquet


Looking back


Where the Wholehope burns joins the Coquet


A few river side photos to show what its like.

 Irving Pool

A few more river photos

  The waterfall off Passpeth Sike (it all but disappears during the summer months)


 Where I stopped for coffee, if you look very closely there are some very small footprints in the sand I don’t know what made them but there have been otters in this stretch of the river, who knows?

 Heading down stream


Mum duck and her little ones


 Bend in the river , in the summer months it is possible to follow the path along the bottom , but due to all the rain and snow melt the river has burst its banks so for this walk I will that the high path. After a mooch around


It’s quite deep in places

Where the river has split


Looking back

A little pool I expect it will dry up in the summer months

Again looking back up the river


Looking towards where the river gets a bit rough

Now back on the road looking back at the farm at Linbriggs

A couple of photos as I walk back along the small road before the rain really start to get heavy l


 I should point out that this route is not shown on any maps but don’t worry its all on open access land & I have got the park Rangers involved to sort out any possible problems .and thanks to some Higher level funding(or something like that ) they will be constructing some sleeper bridges over some wet/boggy  patches . I am not sure where or if the route will have to be altered, will find out in the summer.(sadly none of this happened but if you are in the area and have a bit of time on your hands you wont be disappointed )


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