DATE                              11.01.13

DISTANCE                     ABOUT 5 MILES

WEATHER                    GREY BUT DRY


Today when I woke up I was a man on a mission, I wasnít feeling to sore fro m the  walk the day before  and wondered if I could do the huge amount of jobs that had been piling up around the house I might be able to manage a short walk in the afternoon . So up washed, dressed and straight into all the jobs, by 12.00 I had them all done and earned myself loads of good boy points so it was grab my kit & throw it into the car for the short drive down to the beach.

I had decided that my walking ability wasnít getting any better, in fact its going pear shaped with me having a lot of problems with various bits, throw in some rather sudden pain when I get arty leg in a certain position so its time to try out different techniques, and where better than someplace local, where there happens to be lots of different types of terrain to walk on.

Within five minutes I had parked up at south beach, gear on and down onto the beach, only problem was s that the tide was in, that meant that I had to walk on the soft lose sand, something I have trouble with and find it extremely hard work .but ÖÖÖ has to be done, I didnít have any distance or destination just practise different styles of throwing arty leg around and see what worked and what doesnít.

There is a game I play when walking in lose sand , I try to place arty foot down on a rock or even a piece of drift wood , this will stop arty sinking into the sand and make it easer for me to walk , the down side is I look like a drunkard , and get some really funny looks if anyone is about , but on the good side it does help me with the control of arty leg , its not easy picking a exact spot and placing the foot down then getting the leg to go stable , and of course it doesnít hurt when you get it wrong and end up on the ground. After a while I try to do a little hop or jump landing on arty leg in a certain place (not easy) it took me ages to learn how to do this, it comes in very handy when jumping across water fill ditches ect, and yes over the last few years I have often jumped across ditches only to get it wrong and have arty leg claps on me and end up in the ditch full of water.

After a while I decide to get off the beach and into the dunes, there are hundred of paths criss crossing these dunes, from easy firm paths to soft lose sand paths, right and left chambers and even sections that are covered in rabbit holes, all require different styles of walking to move around safely well they do for me, I expect normal people would just walk and not give it a second thought.

There are a couple of big sand dunes, this is where I practise going up and down, I have found that when I go up hill at a certain angle I get pain in my stump, what I want to do today is try different techniques, sort of see what works and what doesnít, after twenty minutes of climbing up and falling down I have to sit down I am totally knackered , an old dear asks me if I am all right (bless her) , I thank her for her concern and let her know that I am fine just resting .then decide to call it a day and head back , this time sticking to the short grass section or the man made track , I will admit to feeling very worn out by the time I get back to the car and surprise myself by checking the GPS and find that I have done 5 miles , not much by distance , but it feels like a marathon to me. I suppose itís all the back wards and forwards up and down the same dunes.

Home, bath and check on my stump ÖÖÖÖ..Things seem ok no sore spots or anything but its not right (canít really explain it) other than itís not right.

As per normal a few photos:-

Taken from where I parked the car looking towards the life guard building (part of some old ww2 gun emplacements)


Looking towards the new kiddie play area.


Short walk along the promenade then I should get away from the crowds.


The beach huts, they can be rented for a day or week and much to my surprise they have been very popular.


Looking out towards the breakwater at Blyth. (Itís another grey dull day)


Time to get onto the sand.


This is new it wasnít like this the last time I was here.


No something has happened with all the rough weather we have been having.


On closer inspection it looks as if a storm drain has burst and washed the sand away.

Time to get into the dunes for a bit of practise, a few photos as I go.


Now back at the ww2 gun emplacements.



Day after thoughts.

Nothing really, didnít discover any new ways of getting up small hills without causing my stump pain, but it was worth a try and it got me out in the fresh air for a few hours which canít be a bad thing.