DATE                                           13.09.12

DISTANCE                                  4.79 MILES

WEATHER                                   GREY THEN WET


South beach

Sometime life and other event just take over your life and try as hard as you want you just don’t seem to free any time up to things that you need to , myself I have been going through one of these periods and was starting to get rather grumpy about the lack of outside time I had been getting, Just to make matters worse my Knee wasn’t fixing itself as quick as I would like , I suppose that’s old age creeping up on me and saying “slow down your getting old” and your body needs more time to heal.

Well bollocks to that I might be getting old but I don’t have to like it.

 I had managed to free up an afternoon, not much time but better than nothing and I had to be back home to do tea for my better half so I couldn’t go far even if I wanted to.

I quickly decided to pop down to my local beach (south beach) and have a walk along there, as beaches go its quite good especially as the local council look after the sand and the dunes, but I will admit I only walk along there when I am stuck for time or we (my better half and me) decide to go for a small walk just to get some fresh air into our lungs as it tends to get a bit crowded with the dog walkers and screaming kids. I have nothing against the dogs but sometimes I really don’t need the owners telling me “its ok rover wont hurt you it just curious about your leg “ or if we are sitting down coming over to me and sniffing me …….put the bloody dog on a lead if you cant control it. I mean how would you like it if I started sniffing you?

Sorry I’m starting to rant ………….getting back to the walk.

Parked up in the free car park by mile hill there are toilets there, which are remarkably clean all things considered and got my gear on. my plan was to walk through the sand dunes onto the beach and then walk down to the small Harbour at Seaton Sluice from there depending on how the weather was (it was grey and overcast when I set off) and how my knee was I would either head back or head a bit further along the coast to Collywell bay or Crag point.

I wouldn’t be going any further than that today as I simply didn’t have enough time.

My return leg would be along the cycle track running alongside the dunes which made for fast return leg; likewise if my knee started playing up at any point I could always cut across the dunes and link up with this track.

As expected there was a few people around, but the grey skies and threaten rain kept most people away and I wasn’t bothered by nosy dogs so it made for a pleasant afternoon. Even thought it started raining.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

On the beach looking towards Blyth.


My route heading towards Seaton Sluice.


The wind turbine on Blyth pier.


The small harbour.


The entrance to the small Harbour.


From the other side.


Looking out to sea.


On the other side now looking back down the beach towards Blyth.


One of the man made entrances (no longer used)


Rocky coastline.


Collywell Bay.


Same again.


St Marys Lighthouse.


Looking at Charley’s Garden. That’s the name for the rock stack on its own named after the person who maintained a garden on it.


A few views.



 St Mary’s lighthouse it’s open to the public and possible to walk over the causeway at low tide.


On my way back now looking over the harbour.


As the name states


 Day after thoughts.

Even though I find it hard work walking on soft sand my knee behaved itself and I didn’t do to badly with arty leg , no adjustments and no falls but I did have a couple of stumbles just enough to remind me to pay attention to things but a nice little walk .