DATE                                     17.03.11

DISTANCE                           ABOUT 10 1/2MILES

WEATHER                           GREY , MISTY AND WET



Slitt Wood in Weardale
I have been wandering around the Cheviots for some time now and I don’t even pretend for one second that I know it all; but I have started recognising individual sheep from a great distance. Its really is time for me to take a deep breath and venture out of Northumberland. That’s something that despite my age and experience I find rather scary like moving into a new area.
Now one of things that I like about the outdoorsy community is their helpfulness with regards to supplying info for a new area or route when asked. So I would like to say big thanks to Mike Knipe
for not only supplying me with a map of the route (which I nicked it off his web site)but giving me the heads up on what to expect. It means a lot to me, so big thanks.
Anyway this walk was a sort of introduction into the Weardale area, the plane was to park up in Westgate (somewhere I had driven through many times on my way to high force ECT.) head over the road following the middlehope burn up into what I will call Slitt wood passing several waterfalls, some old mine ruins (which it looks like are being restored to some degree) then up past an old Quarry then …………………..Because I am feeling rather lazy today will throw in a map so you can see for yourselves.
Lots of old stuff to see mine workings, tips, and waterfalls lots of purple fluorspar? Scattered about. (Some of which is now being looked after by the Mick household) I told my daughter that they where a sort of rough uncut diamond and if she behaves herself they could be part of her inheritance, all in a goods days walking, the only down side was the weather dull, grey and very misty, 10 ˝ miles, couldn’t even guess thee ups and downs not that it matters.

A few photos taken from the walk.

First photo taken from the bridge looking at the river Wear

Young Lambs (must be a bit more sheltered down here as there are none on the Northumbrian Hills yet)

A couple of waterfalls as I walk along Slitt wood



Now approaching some old mine workings

Old mine workings (being restored?)







Starting to head up towards the quarry (looking back down) o yes the sun came out briefly for a moment

Still heading up towards the quarry

The quarry



Some general shots as the walk progressed, the views where poor due to the grey misty weather.


More old mine workings (blocked up shaft)

More views




Old Bath

Not really sure what this is at first thought it might be a old (small) lime kiln but not certain.

Now back down on the river wear and from this point follow the weardale trail back to the car

A few more photos along the way.


Stepping stones (I really wished he slipped off) eh! Does this make me a bad person?

A few more as I head back towards the car.


A really good walk with a bit of everything thrown in, I will be returning to this area a few more times if all goes well.