DATE                                    05.02.06

DISTANCE                            5.7 MILES

WEATHER                           DULL BUT DRY

START / FINISH                  CAR PARK (SEE MAP)


It was time to get out again, naturally we chose a route from the free booklet that we got off the internet we had decided that we would try to do all the walks in this booklet, why I don’t really know but the good thing about it was it got us out into areas that we wouldn’t have even considered going to so it was a good thing right?

Today we went to Marsden bay area and according to the walk we would be doing a little bit of coastal walking, before cutting in land walking past a nature reserve seeing various monuments and other strange things before we head back to the coastline passing a windmill, and Souter lighthouse and a lovley cliff top walk back to the car.


What the booklet didn’t mention was the amount of dog crap that was scattered all along the route, in several places it was like playing hop scotch zig zagging along the paths trying to avoid putting your feet in it .but apart from that it was a gem of a walk. (Note from today 10 years later with the new dog fouling laws in place and the owners being more responsible this fouling isn’t a problem now)

On arriving and parking up we soon realised that today we would be with the “madding crowds” most of the day  the car park and surrounding area was chock a block full of cars , fortunately I had my blue badge which meant we could park in the disabled bays and much to my surprise w found one that was empty .gear was sorted and off we went , it would seem that every man and his dog had the same idea as us as there was a constant stream of walkers in front of us and behind us , I kept thinking that they all couldn’t be doing the same route as us but sadly it seemed that they where.

Now as anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t like walking in crowds ……..after all that’s why we normally try to get away from it all but today would be different I suppose that’s because it is near / in a built up area . But on the good side there was lots of places open selling tea / coffee and cake which we just had to stop and pay a visit ……………well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it ?.

Once again Yvonne would quietly drop a few paces behind me and suddenly yell at to pick my left shoulder up or stop leaning over and once again took a few photos so that I could see how bad I was doing, I suppose I should have started using the hiking poles but I felt a bit wimpy using them on such a easy walk.

 The girls at the limb centre had suggested that I use one pole (right hand side ) and use it to check myself and stop the leaning , and much to my amazement they where right. When I used it I didn’t even have to put any weight on it, just touching the ground seemed to be enough to stop me leaning and swaying so the million dollar question was why wasn’t I using it today? I had no problem using it around town and going to work, but out on a walk in the wilds (alright I know this wasn’t the wilds today) I still had this strange notion that it was “cheating” note from today ten years later yep I still wasn’t right in the head and had some issues that had to be sorted out.

But apart from that we both had an very enjoyable day , I bet this section of coastline would be something on a bright sunny day ……………but then again it was bust today so I should think it would be really crowded in the summer months .

A few photos ….enjoy:

Taken at the start of the walk looking at the strange rock formations: - Marsden The coast here has spectacular cliffs, caves and arches, and one of England’s most important sea bird colonies with thousands of pairs of Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Gulls and Cormorants. The rocks, formed almost 250 million years ago, are Permian Magnesian Limestone and are of great interest to geologists world-wide. The limestone’s were originally formed as muds on the floor and flanks of a shallow tropical sea that stretched from Greenland to eastern Poland, at a time when Britain lay deep within a great continent only just north of the Equator.


Two big fat seagulls


Marsden Lime kilns: - Opposite the car park at Souter Point, to the north of the lighthouse, you will see the Marsden Lime Kilns, built in the 1870s. The limestone from Marsden Quarries was burnt in these kilns before being transported by train (known as the Marsden Rattler) to South Shields. The kilns ceased production in 1960.


Steep cliffs


Last look before we head inland


Looking back towards the coastline.


Yvonne capturing me leaning over when walking

Not sure what this is …pre haps an old water tower


Yvonne having a pose


Me getting caught with my arm sticking out (again!)


At this point I think that we where on what is known as the linnet way with its many strange arty objects


Art? Or a seat? Or both


Another piece


Yvonne using it as a seat


Me yet again leaning over to keep my balance


Giving Yvonne a “yes I know I’m walking badly look”


Heading towards an old wind mill? With all the other walkers


Heading down towards the coast and we see this


Close up Cleadon windmill


Back at the coast now


Yet another photo of me walking badly ….cheers Yvonne


Looking down at the strange rock formations


Looking back


Rock with a hole


Not sure what Yvonne was going to do …….fly off?


Taken at max zoom at the rock with an arch


A bit further along


A couple more photos of the rock as we make our way along


First sighting of Souther lighthouse: - High above the cliffs stands Souter Lighthouse, which was built in 1871 and was the first lighthouse specifically constructed to use an electric light. The National Trust opens the lighthouse to the public as follows - from April to October, open daily (except Fridays) from 11am to 5pm.An exhibition; video and guided tours are on offer,And there is also a souvenir shop and tea-room.

Getting closer

Looking down at the rocks


Front view


Day after thoughts, we where both a bit disappointed with the amount of dog mess laying about on the paths and dare I say it by the crowds out and about but saying that I do think “walkers” tend to be nice polite people so I didn’t mind chatting to them, but it does get a bit tedious when they stop and comment “that’s a bad limp you have are you ok) and have to explain that its because I only have one leg time and time again , my better half suggested that I start wearing shorts that way people can see …something  to think about .

Other than that a good day out (aren’t they always?) no problems with my stump, shoulder, ingrowing hairs, good leg etc. etc. just a pity that I am still walking like a drunken sailor , still we did about 5.7 miles so not too shabby.

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