DATE                                        14.03.06

DISTANCE                              UNDER 2.5 MILES

WEATHER                              SNOW AND RAIN


Snow at Holystone


After my last trip to the Holystone area I was very keen to get back to the area so I could carry on exploring the forest, I had mentioned it to my friend Ian in passing and he seemed very keen to join me so it was just a case of waiting till I had got a day off.

Dates and times where arranged gear was sorted out and off we went, we only encountered one small problem on the drive up and that was once we got out into the sticks it started to snow, you know that heavy wet stuff, and by looking at the surrounding countryside it looked like they got a covering the night before, This turned out to be a bit of a surprise because nothing was mentioned on the local weather the previous night. And of course living right on the coast we tend to be protected from the worse of the weather, so it was a bit of a surprise.

The road had been gritted and was clear so there was no problem driving plus I was out in my Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin which has a four wheel drive option with  quite a good ground clearance, and if the truth is known I was looking forward to having a play in it, the turn off onto the small single road into the forest again was clear (much to my disappointment) so I didn’t get to play , however the turn off into the forest car park looked like it might be fun but again I just drove in and parked .

It had been snowing on and off for the last half hour , but so far it wasn’t deep enough to cause any problems  so it was out , gear on and off we went , my plan  for today was to show Ian the ladies well , then head off into the forest to the fairies Glen and sort of make it up from there , There was something strange about walking along the footpath with only our footprints showing , so far we hadn’t even seen any animal tracks which went to show that the snow had only just started to fall, As we headed out of the woods towards the Lady’s well , it became apparent that the sky was full of snow so we decided that if it continues to fall we will have to think about cutting our walk short after all we didn’t want to get stuck up here.

After a few photos of the well and our first coffee break we set off back into the forest, the snow was settling but it was very wet, but the covering gave everything that clean almost magical feeling & So far it wasn’t causing me any problems with arty leg, but I knew if it started getting to deep I would hit problems but I would worry about that when it happened. Looking out across to the fells, it was dull grey and visibility was very poor, but promised more snow.

It wasn’t till we got into what I call the old woodland that we started to have our first problem, the falling snow had turned into a very wet rain / sleet and with the wind blowing we where getting bombarded with wet slushy snow falling off the trees which was quite heavy in places, at first it was fun dodging the falling snow off the overhead branches especially when Ian got covered but after a few minutes the novelty went away. It became apparent that the weather wasn’t going to get better any time soon and going to the fairy Glen would be out of the question, not a problem as there are many other path dotted around the woods so after a quick look at the map a new route was decided, this suited me fine as I really want to get to know all the paths around here, Ian was a bit disappointed but there is always another day. However the wind got up driving the wet sleet in-between the gaps in the trees which made it a bit difficult to find someplace to sit down and get something to eat.  Sadly we both decided to call it a day, the weather was getting worse we had already decided not to go to the Glenn so it was a case of heading back to the small single track road then walking back to the car, not a problem but a bit disappointing non the less but its no fun walking in these conditions. We did just less than 2.5 miles

A few photos:

Taken just as we got out of the car


Looking up the small car park


My friend Ian getting out of the car


At the Ladies well


Taken from the seat at the well (we had coffee here)


Heading into the forest


Looking back at our footprints


A photo of the trees (there will be quite a few of these today)


Looking out it’s a bit grey and dull (doesn’t look to promising)


Now entering the old forest


Our path ahead


The wind has started to pick up; we decide to cut the walk short at this point


Yes a wise choice the weather is getting worse


We had to cross here.


Looking up at Dove crag burn


Some steps so we must be on the right path


A few more photos (of the trees) as we make our way back




St Mungo’s well


Day after thoughts, none really, arty leg didn’t cause any problems, it was the right choice to call it a day, don’t get me wrong we wasn’t in any danger or anything dramatic like that, it was just soaking wet everywhere and with the wind it got everywhere and it’s no fun when it’s like that plus when the tress moved in the wind it was like someone had thrown a bucket of water over you ……………there is after all ………..always another day


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