DATE                                         18.09.12

DISTANCE                               JUST UNDER 5 MILES   

WEATHER                                BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Return to south Beach

Once again I found myself with a few hours to spare, not enough time to go very far but certainly enough time for a local beach walk, plus with not walking as much as I wanted to I found that my stump had shrunk slightly so the socket fit wasn’t as good as it supposed to be, I could of course do the correct thing and make an appointment at my limb centre ……………wait for an appointment or I could do what I normally do and pad it out a bit with some sticky tape , I chose to pad it out myself , the down side of this was I noticed that I had a small “wobble” on the foot , it would appear that the whole alignment was slightly out , so my other task for this walk was to take the Allen keys with me a do a tiny amount of adjusting of arty leg to get rid of any “wobbles” , it’s  no big thing this wobble but I had a huge hike planned for the following day and towards the end of the walk I knew that I would be tired and even a little wobble would become at best a nuisance or at worse could rub the skin raw ………… it had to be sorted .

South Beach is a good place to tweak about and get it sorted the main reason being its local to me and the beach itself is made up of “soft sand” so when the tide is out you leave footprints where you walk . By looking at my footprints I can see how the alignment is, nice and clean / sharp things are ok if the footprint is broken around the edge or even shows signs of movement upon weight bearing things aren’t so good. After several minutes of walking and a quick look ……..yep the alignment is slightly out, a quick very small adjustment with the Allen keys and off I go again after about half a mile I stop and walk back a bit checking my footprints ………much better not as sharp and clean as my real foot but its ok , I think I will leave it as it is , I know from past experience that within a few days I will have to remove the extra padding and revert the leg back to how it was . I also know that technically speaking that I shouldn’t do this or my way of checking things isn’t correct but it works for me and that’s all that matters. I am still waiting for the time where you just put the arty leg on in the morning and it feels normal after 8 long years that is one experience that seems to have past me by.

Getting back to the walk, with my leg sorted I decided to have a wander along the beach towards Seaton Sluice, have a look at the small Harbour call in the tea room for a cup of coffee then walk back towards Blyth along the sand dunes, just under 5 miles, nice easy walking in some lovely weather, bright sunny but with a cooling breeze.

As normal a few photos enjoy.

Taken from the car park looking at the beach huts, it’s possible to rent these out from the local council and they seem to be very popular.


The old world war two gun emplacements.


Looking towards Blyth Harbour.


Looking along the beach towards Seaton Sluice.

One of the hurdles I chose to clamber over. (It didn’t seem that high from the other side.)


Looking along the beach, it is a good beach but tends to get a bit crowded at times so I tend to keep away at weekends and holidays and during the summer months. Yes I know I’m a grump.


Sometimes you get lucky and I was treated to a ten minute display of Gannets dive bombing some fish.


Looking back.


Seaton Sluice harbour entrance. (Last time I was here the tide was in.)


Looking back along the beach.


The entrance and as far as I can get without getting wet.


The small Harbour with some of its boats.


Looking back towards Blyth.


A section of the rocky coastline.


Looking towards “Charley’s garden” in Collywell Bay.


Now heading back towards Blyth via one on the many sand dune paths.



 Thank you.

 Day after thoughts.

None really wasn’t sore or anything but then I really didn’t expect to be, so will mark it up as a pleasant afternoon walk.