DATE                                        24.04.11

DISTANCE                               ABOUT 3 MILES

WEATHER                               BRIGHT & SUNNY


A short (return) Slitt Mine walk

Last time I was down this way some very clever people had been working on some of the old ruins at slit Mine and I thought that my better half would like to go and have a look see so that was the plan for today, it was never going to be a big walk as we had to keep an eye on the time as we still had to pack up and return home.

So we parked up at the free car park at Westgate, crossed over the river Wear and joined the very well-used footpath that follows the Middlehope burn upstream, passing various small but delightful waterfalls to the old ruins at Slit Mine, rather than just retracing our steps back down the burn, I took the rather brave decision to cross over and head up hill to where the old pond is. (Something they used in the days when the mine was working). Despite my better half threat to kill me (no hills today dear honest) it turned out to be one of my better decisions the views where spectacular considering there was no great height climbed . 

From here we wandered back down to the village of Westgate following any old footpath we fancied.

The weather was brilliant, the walk was only 3 miles or so but it goes without saying it would be the easiest thing in the world to extend it, and in fact it would be a shame not to but we were pressed for time.

As for the ruins, they had done a lot of work restoring / rebuilding them; I think very soon that the local council will start to advertise them to pull in the visitors.

It is a very beautiful walks something I would recommend.

Sadly this is my last trip report from down Weardale its time for me to explore somewhere different.

A few photos from this walk enjoy

 Crossing over the river Wear


A few photos of the Middlehope burn as we follow it up stream


First sighting of some of the old Ruins

Looking back .

A tunnel where the burn flows under, donít know if this was always the case or if itís a new addition

Again not sure what this was used for or even what it was !

Close up

A few more photos , I have to say that there has been a lot of work done on these ruins , will have to come back in a year or so when the work is finished .

Starting to go uphill (just alittle one) looking across towards where the dummping or tipping heaps where .

Now looking at the old pond , it had something to do with the mine

A few photos as we head back down towards the car park

This was a small morning walk along a very pleasant burn , I know that I will return along this burn sometime in the future just to see how the ruins are getting on , plus there is a lot of rolling hills that I have never walked above the pond so as they say watch this space .