End of year round up

Once again  I find myself sitting here thinking about the year just gone , without a doubt its been a very poor one for me , in fact I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bad year since I lost my leg , but in many ways this year has been worse , where to start …………..The highlights

I joined a very friendly walking group who go under the name of ODRUS and the year got off to a great start, we did several brilliant walks together and I felt that my missing leg wasn’t a problem for any of them even when I asked if we could alter the routes to suit my particular situation, I had high hopes of even going on some bigger walks over the lakes with them but sadly life and events caught up with me and made that impossible.


The other really big highlight for me was meeting up with Mike Knipe who escorted me on a walk down the  tee’s dale area  which got me finally completing one of my “must do walks” this was basically  walking up Cauldron spout :  http://www.onefootinnorthumberland.co.uk/CAULDRON_SPOUT.htm

It may not seem very big or hard to most people but it was something that had been bugging me for years and yes ………….I was chuffed with myself


Another Highlight of my year was finally we managed to get my baby girl Kerri married off in Jamaica HORRAYYYYYY  which turned out to be a huge and wonderful day for everyone plus we all had a lovley  holiday thrown in as well.


And of course the Boys who have made me get of my arse and get out with them no matter the weather, they don’t care where we go or for how long as long as they can get out and play it really doesn’t matter, even on the most wet miserable day they can still bring a smile to my face.


The worse part of my year: - sadly I lost my dad after a short fight with cancer and just to really kick me in the teeth I also lost my father in law on the same day, I know every one thinks that there dad’s are the best but in this case it is the truth and all I will say on this matter is simply that they where both good honest men and I believe that the world is a little bit poorer in there passing.



I miss you both.

On my first proper walk back into the hills after the passing of my fathers I had a really bad fall and hurt my knee (the real one) at first I thought it was badly bruised and would sort itself out given a few days …days turned into weeks and I couldn’t stand the constant pain so a visit doctor was called for, one x ray and one MRI scan later confirmed what I secretly knew I had buggered my knee and will be going in for a small operation early next year.

At the moment I can walk, slowly, using hiking poles but any twisting or jarring no matter how small causes some serious pain just to remind me that I’ve f****d up big time, fortunately the boy don’t mind me walking slow as it means more time on the beach for them when they are on there walks and just to remind me how badly I have messed up the hospital letter is stating that it will be 10 to 12 weeks before I will up and walking unaided again …o joy!

Plan's for next year simply put:-

One: to get up and walking pain free again …who knows I might even do as they (the medical people) tell me for a while

Two: both Yvonne and  I really need to get control of our lives and slow things down a bit, we both have done nothing but tear around & never really have had  a chance to rest up so I would like to take our Vicky van away along with the boys and have some really great extended chill out weekends away someplace ,stopping at some small sites in some of the beautiful remote places in this country and just spend the days walking and taking it easy you know a day mooching around someplace then  just chilling out in the evening at a local pub .


I suppose this all depends on how well my op go’s so I have nothing really big planned however I would really like to spend a bit of time across the lakes exploring and for some unknown reason I would really like to “bag” The Old Man of Coniston I meant to bag it this year as a way of celebrating ten years without a leg but life and event’s overtook me so maybe this coming year. Of course it would be great to have some friends join me for the day.

A U TUBE LINK FOR THIS YEAR :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lwPLRK1KNU

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