DATE                                     13.04.15

DISTANCE                            5.2 MILES

WEATHER                            BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Return to Simonside

After the last failed   attempt  to get up to the Simonside Crags see :-   for info , I really  wanted no………needed to put it behind me and get up there , same reason as before just to test my knee out a bit and generally up my game just a little bit . My knee was still giving me some grief but nothing compared to what it was before the operation, but I still had a dull ache and I guess it’s something that I will have to live with , there are a few other things that could be done with my knee but in the mean time it’s a case of living with it and making the most of things , so today I would be making the most of things , the other reason I was keen to get back up Simonside was to have a look where they had been cutting all the trees down , I have found in the past that once the trees have been harvested the views can in some places really open up and make it seem like you have never walked in this area before so that was my plane for the day , nothing set in stone other than to make it to the top of the crags and have a good day , naturally I would be taking the pup’s with me       (pup’s paw prints)

Over breakfast I mentioned this to Bob Dog who straight away took over the arrangements and proceeded to round up Munchy & Flynn in fact he has just kicked me off the key board …………..

 Hi everyone it’s Bob dog here and it’s my turn to write this trip up ……….where to start , we where all very upset and concerned about Mick after our last day out where he broke his arty foot and had to cut the walk short but that was then and today was well today ! , we knew that he had fixed his foot and now carried a spare bit in his rucksack so that shouldn’t happen again, the only problem was Micks confidence would he feel safe enough to try again, well much to my surprise over breakfast he quite casually told me to round up the boy’s and get ready for a days walking, well you don’t need to tell me twice I was off like a shot, hey Munchy….. Flynn I barked, “WHAT” they both barked back “get ready Mick’s taking us out for the day …..Great they both barked and headed for the kitchen, see I said as we saw Mick packing the rucksack, don’t forget our treats I barked! No problem Bob I have already packed them as well as water, food and any other things I can think off , come on lets go .Charge!!!!! We all barked and headed to the door stopping very briefly to say good buy to Yvonne; Yvonne wouldn’t be joining us today mainly because she is a bit of a hack .but we love her anyway as she makes us really tasty tea every night and lets us snuggle down with her . then it was out and straight into the car , we know that Mick wont set off till we have settled down so it was a bit of a rush to snuggle down on our bed before mick started the car up and we where off.

Mick had already told us where we where going, and we where all very excited, we love it up in the woods, there is always so much to see, sniff and explore and who knows we might even meet some other dogs, but our first priority was to keep an eye on mick and his arty leg, we didn’t want a repeat of the last walk. ......No we didn’t.

It wasn’t long before mick stopped the car , and let us out , right don’t go to far will you said Mick , I need a few minutes to sort the gear out , “no problem Mick “ I said , we will just hang about here for a while ,  we needed have worried Mick was ready in a couple of minutes and we where off , naturally we run off in front checking the route out , don’t go too far shouted Mick but we pretended not to hear him and spent ages running about in the trees , there is so much to see , investigate and sniff , I would run back out of the trees every now and then and run flat out back to Mick to check that he was alright , then go charging off backing into the woods and catch up with Flynn and munchy , we came to where the footpath was closed and went charging along it , after all the rain it was vey muddy but we didn’t care it was good fun to run and splash in the muddy puddles , that is except for Flynn who did his best to jump over the puddles , he doesn’t like getting his paws wet , Mick called us back and this time we went , mainly because both Munchy and Flynn where getting tired and needed a few minutes to catch there breath .

By now we had entered where they had cut the trees down and had to follow mick as the footpath had disappeared it was fun jumping over the fallen branches, but Flynn and Munchy found it hard work and mick had to stop and lift them over in a few places, then we where back on a forestry track, this looks like a good spot for a break said mick and we all sat down and had our mid morning drink and tasty treat snack. Right said Mick time to head up to the crags, right we yelled and went running up the crags, we found it easy and played chase running up and down the crags whilst poor old Mick was puffing and panting and at one point his head turned a funny colour of red, “Come on Mick” I barked from the top its going to be dark by the time you get o the top at this rate, and then went bounding down to escort him up. Once we got Mick to the top and his head returned to its normal colour we where off again , there was a few other walkers on the footpath and we have been brought up to always go and say hello to them and …………………see if they have any treats on them , sadly there was no other dogs with them but they where nice folk and made a fuss of us  which was nice , Mick of course had a chat with every one , I think that he does this just so he can have a rest then we where off again , there is lots of bouncy Heather on either side of the path and we like bouncing along on it , if you get a really bouncy bush it can really throw you up high , at one point Munchy nearly took off and was blown by the wind , we thought that it was great fun .

Then it was lunch time, we stopped by a stone cairn and Mick got the food and water out, mick had got his normal roast beef sarnie but so he didn’t have to share it with us he had brought some roast beef slices for us and proceeded to dish it out …….Boy this is living, what more could you ask for nice walk, great tasty food and great friends to play with yes this is the life.

Err!! Bob said Munchy I think that I have got something on my face and I cant get it off, lets see I said …….yep looks like you have got as bug or something, I tell Mick………….Mick had a quick look and said yes you have got a tick Munchy, keep still and I will get it off, and proceeded to get the tick off using a little green tick remover tool that he keeps in his ruck sack , right Boy’s looks like its Tick season again so when we get back to the car I will check you all , in the mean time try to watch where you stick your heads ……………Ok Mick we all barked back and off we all went , we ran , sniffed had play fights and generally had a good time , we found and chased some Grouse birds which was great fun then sadly we where back at the car , Mick had a quick check of us all to see if we had any more ticks on us then it was time to snuggle down for the drive home , Mick walked about  5.2 miles with 1039 ft.  Of the up’s and downs we of course did loads more

A few photos from today enjoy.

Taken right at the start of the walk

A small break in the trees and we are looking towards the distant Beacon


Munchy & Flynn about to run off into the trees

Me Bob


Now entering where the footpath is closed because of the logging


Our path slowly makes its way up the side of the hill

Some old sandstone rocks that we haven’t seen before

Hello Mick, Flynn & Munchy saying hello

Looking towards the distant Cheviot Hills

Looking back, normally you couldn’t see anything because of the trees


Me & Munchy racing back


Big old rock

Looking back .it’s a mess


Munchy waiting for me to catch up


Looking at more of the sandstone rocks

Looking towards the Cheviots


New Sign


Looking towards Raven’s Heugh


Yet another sign


Heading up, its stepped part way up

Stopping to get my breath back


Looking back down, the pup’s had been racing up and down here several times making it look very easy


The pup’s waiting for me at the cairn


A couple of photo’s showing the view


The new flagged path takes us to Old Stell Crag


Me keeping an eye on Mick’s progress


Munchy being lookout


Small pond, we had a drink from it


Munchy & Flynn waiting for me to catch up


Heading off the crags, Flynn making sure I don’t lose the path


Looking along the old route, closed now because of erosion


Looking over the back towards Spy law


Our route easy to follow

Waiting for mick to catch up by the Christmas tree that gets decorated every year at Christmas 


Looking back


Flynn on Dove Crag


Munchy having a pose as well


Looking back


On our way down now

Our route, a bit wet and boggy in places


Looking back up at the crags


On an old forestry track heading into the woods


We cut down here


Sign all about “Joe” he must have been some guy


Heading down


And into the trees, we follow this path all the way down now; it is a bit tricky in places


Old camp


Nearly back at the car ………..still waiting for me to catch up

Day after thought‘s

I had no problems with my Arty leg today which is somewhat of a relief, my good knee ached a bit towards the end of the walk and on the climb up the crags there was a few times when it hurt when I put too much of a strain on it, next time I will have to plan my moves out a bit more carefully.

However after a hot bath every thing seemed fine just the dull ache as normal.

Bob said that they all had a great time and can’t wait to get out again