DATE                                   02.10.05 

DISTANCE                         4.2 MILES

WEATHER                        GREY BUT DRY

START / FINISH               SEE MAP


Roseberry topping

IT seemed like ages since we managed to get out for a days walking someplace , naturally normal day to day life kept getting in the way like work , shopping  ,household chores  and a thousand and one other things . But today we where going no matter what.

I had managed to sneak off for the odd afternoon’s training  a couple of time during the previous weeks and had spent the time trying to build up my stamina by practising walking along my local beaches in the soft loss sand , I found this incredibly hard and would have to sit and rest after twenty minutes or so but I felt like I was making slow but steady progress and to be honest it felt good to start to push my body a bit, I had even tried to go up and down some huge sand dunes which left me totally breathless as I took one step up only to slide back down again , naturally I developed different technics for getting up and down these but it was really hard work and I would often make it to the top only to find that I had spots dancing in front of my eyes and felt like my lungs where bursting  or that I couldn’t seem to get enough air in my lungs , if going up the dunes seemed hard that was nothing to the mental strain of coming down them fortunately the sand was soft  so I didn’t hurt myself when I went head first down the dune ………..but it was all good practise which is a good thing..

I had slowly been reducing the amount of cream, compression foam and plasters that I had stuck around the top of my stump because finally my skin had stated to “toughen up” if that’s the right word and as long as I was carful I didn’t need any extra protection for normal day to day use, but I always carried some with me just in case, I had been back to the limb centre yet again to have the socket relined and a bit more padding added which only helped the situation , which just goes to prove the point that a well fitting socket is the most important bit of an arty leg , I have found out myself the better or snugger  the fitting the less damage I did to my stump and the better I preformed . my left shoulder didn’t ache no where near as much as what it had done which again was a good thing and finally my good leg was starting to behave itself a bit, it would start to shake and the burning sensation would kick off but I finally started t recognise the signs or feeling before it became a problem or too painful so I could stop and deal with it early so things and stuff where looking up. But the best news was that I was slowly starting to regain my strength again, which just happens to fit in with a medical article I had been reading that it can take a year or more for your body to fully recover from a traumatic experience and as luck would have it I had just been talking to a consultant doctor who confirmed what I had been reading about so all was well.

To celebrate my new found strength and the fact that it was nearly my amputation date of a year I wanted to go someplace different, and after a quick look in our walking booklet we both decided on a trip down to “smoggy land” to Roseberry Topping. So that was sorted.

Gear was thrown into the car; I had put on a minimum amount of cream but made sure that I had all my “first aid stump kit” packed in the ruck sack just in case and we where off.

Directions taken straight from our booklet:-

From the car park turn right onto Roseberry Lane. Follow the lane to Newton Wood and up the stepped path before bearing left to the edge of the trees.

To reach the summit turn sharp right along the steep distinct stone path to the summit of Roseberry Topping.

The descent is down the east face to the col but only to rise again past Little Roseberry onto Newton Moor.

After passing through a wooden gate, bear left over the moor to enter Hutton Cow cross Woods by a stile to the left of the gate. Continue straight ahead along Royston Bank avoiding the fallen trees (use trails in the woods either side of the path). Where the forest track makes a hairpin bend to the right, keep ahead along a narrow path leading to Hanging Stone. After enjoying the stunning views of Guisborough, Highcliff Nab and Eston Moor, maintain a downhill course to reach another forest track. Turn right for approximately 20 metres, then left, eventually to reach a rough grass track. Turn left. At the main junction bear left again. Keep ahead as this track starts to climb, follow a grass track to a wooden gate to finally reach a larger gate opening onto Roseberry Common .Follow the right-hand track. At the following two forks bear right to descend round the base of Roseberry Topping and re-enter Roseberry Lane back to the car park.

The walk itself was fantastic; we could have easily extended the walk as the whole area is covered with well marked footpaths heading in all directions.

Naturally with it being such a land mark there was loads of people out walking making the most of the fine weather but that didn’t matter.

I found that going both up to the summit and down again a bit nerve racking with so much of the path being replaced by stone work which would have hurt had I taken a fall but I seemed to manage it all without any real problems in fact when we got to the top (at 320 meters)  I was secretly pleased that there was a few other people puffing and panting as well (does that make me a bad person?) and the views are well pretty good , I think its time I started thinking about getting a decent camera so I can start to capture these views and sights that I’m  finally starting to see.

On the way back to the car we stopped for a well deserved drink at one of the local pubs ………which is a good and proper way to finish any walk and on the drive back  home we stopped for a slap up meal at some  eating place .

A brilliant day out about 4.2 miles of walking

A few photos:

On the path heading up our first clear sighting of Roseberry Topping


A bit further along


Starting to head up, there has been a lot of work making the path safe and protecting the surrounding areas by laying a stone path


Someone on there way back down , I normally don’t like going up or down this type of path but I can see the reason for it , I just hope I dot fall to many times as it will hurt falling on this stone.


Taking a breather and looking back


Slowly getting closer


Another sit down rest stop and a chance to take in the views


Still heading up, just waiting for a few people to pass, it is a very busy route up to the top

Another chance to admire the views


Looking in a different direction


Looking across towards the Cook monument

Another view

Taken at max zoom


Made it having a well deserved sit down


My better half Yvonne


Looking down at what I think is a rather posh shooting hut


I coming down (note the use of the hiking poles)


Looking back up


Some people heading up


A few photos looking back


Looking at some big rock (sorry can’t remember anything about it)


Below the rock looking back


A few more photos looking back at the topping as we make our way back


Yep a good last photo of a good day out.


Day after thoughts , despite using walking poles for some of the down hill section I didn’t feel like I was cheating  which is a first , but it was quite steep in places so it was justified (in my head) and  my shoulder didn’t hurt which is a good thing , by rubbing my leg muscles every time we stopped  it prevented my good leg from throwing a hissy fit , but I will admit that it did  stiffen up when we got back home after the long drive but nothing to get excited about , despite cutting right down on the amount of creams and protection on my stump I suffered no bad effects at all on my stump  but the best news of all was that I had finally shaken off this “I’m knackered “ feeling that I had been feeling for the last year and finished the walk with loads of energy left which was a huge thing for me , normally I just about make it back and really struggle with the last bit of distance but today I had loads of energy left ……………a good day .

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