DATE                              14.09.13

DISTANCE                      ABOUT 7 MILES

WEATHER                     BRIGHT AND SUNNY



Todays walk was almost going to be a family outing, we where all going to go to Ross sands for the day, rucksack was packed, extra gear was throw in, nice tasty food was added, more bottles of water I felt like I was going to have a hernia when I picked up the full ruck sack, Yvonne of course didn’t carry anything but kept on  insisting that we needed to take this and needed to take that “just in case”.(all very well for her as she wasn’t carrying it.)

The Boy where going hyper as normal, they somehow knew that they where out for the day and couldn’t wait to start.

Eventually we all jumped into the car and off we went, parking wasn’t a problem simply because of the time of the year, there aren’t many tourists so there was plenty of spaces on the roadside parking just before  the small hamlet of Ross, in fact its very hard to go any further by the road due to the massive overkill of private &  no entry signs, then if you somehow miss all the signs there are the barriers that will stop you.

I don’t know what the history is behind all the signs and barriers but they certainly have gone overboard with it all now. And whilst I am having a moan about the signs they didn’t stop there, every track / drive that you walk past had a sign on it letting you know that’s its private and keep out, some of these just went into a grass field, someone has a serious bee in there bonnet about something ……………or is it the local land owners / farmers just don’t want people there?.

Even on the footpath there was signs telling you to keep on the footpath, no bikes etc. etc. what a miserable bunch of so and so”s, anyway that’s enough moaning for today.

Parked up , the boys where read the riot act and put on leads , I nearly broke my back shrugging on the rucksack , Yvonne did err! Not really sure what she did, then off we went, starting off walking though the small hamlet of Ross, Then I realised that I had made a huge mistake, I had forgotten that we had to walk through two fields before we entered the sand dunes, normally not a problem but today I had three young pups with me and two fields full of cattle, just to make matters worse there was some young ones with them. Fortunately the footpath runs alongside the fence so if the cattle started to get worked up we could lift the pups onto the other side of the fence and climb through ourselves , not the best way of doing things but at least the pups would be safe , I figured that as the path was well used the cattle must be use to dog walkers and might not get so worked up but I didn’t want to take any chances ,then Yvonne came up with a brain wave ( big shock news Yvonne has a brain) why not pick the pups up and carry them , that way the cattle might not see them and if there is any bother it would save time just to drop them onto the other side , as it was the cattle wasn’t bothered in the slightest and even though we hugged the fence line we didn’t get a second look.

We soon passed out of the fields and into the Ross link  dunes, the pups where let off there leads and proceeded to run amok , it always brings a smile to my face watching the boys play , but I had to remind them that they should save there strength as we had a big days walking in front of us , as it was we both knew that we would be carrying Munchy later on , even though he is the same age as Bob he is a lot smaller and really doesn’t do “the great outdoor thing” very well and is getting called Louis Vuitton more and more and to be honest if there ever was a handbag dog he would be it.

Away our walk took us along the beach heading up the coastline, the sun was shinning, even Yvonne had a smile on her face rather than her normal smack arse type face on that she normally  has when she is out walking, myself I was slowly sinking into the sand with the weight of the rucksack and breathed a sigh of relief when we found a old washed up tree to sit on and eat and drink some of the goodies, after ten minutes or so it was time to continue , the rucksack was much lighter and the boys seemed rested .at a place know as wide open we cut between Ross point and old law dunes taking us onto Fenham Flats , from there we linked up with a cockle shell track that took us up to Guile point where we would be stopping for lunch .

Lunch was woofed down, lots of fluids drunk and I was pleased to find my rucksack weight a lot less, from there we all walked back along the beach except for munchy who spent more time either in my ruck sack or being carried by Yvonne. Crossing the cow fields again didn’t prove any problem as the cattle just ignored us. On arriving back at the car coffee was made and drunk and the pups had a drink of water before they all crashed out fast asleep.

A lovley days walking along a beautiful section of beach make the most of the weather, just over seven miles according to my Gps, as normal a few photos.

Strange looking sheep in the dunes.

The path heading towards the beach.


At a high point on the dune, looking towards Bamburgh castle


This is something new, buried gate. Good job its shut.


Where the beach and dunes meet.


More of the buried fence.


Now on the beach heading north.


  Looking up the beach towards Holy Island, the tide is just on its way out.


Further along the beach looking back (south)


The Boys.


Bob and Flynn.


Looking back.

The Boys sniffing around.


This is where we cut through the dunes.


Part way through, there is an old track on the far side.


Munchy sitting down demanding his first carry of the day.


Now on the shell track, looking towards the old navigation towers at Guile point.

Sniffing around.


Looking across the mud flats.


Heading towards Guile point where we will be stopping for lunch.


Looking back across the mud flats, at certain times of the year these flats are covered in feeding birds.


One of the towers with Lindisfarne in the background.


Looking across towards Holy island.


Bob and Munchy just mooching around.


Sitting in the dunes having lunch, looking towards Holy island.


Bob posing.


Looking across towards Lindisfarne and the lime kilns.


After there lunch the boys have loads more energy and spend the next half hour running around.

With the boys charging about its time to cut back down onto the beach.


Boys stopping to catch there breathe.

Looking back towards the towers.

Looking down the beach, it seems to go on for miles.


Time to head into the dunes for a sit down and drinks for the boys.


The boys mooching around.


Munchy doing what he does best and getting a lift.


Close up, he’s fine up there till he starts yapping in my ear, he can be a bit of a gob shite at times.


Still heading back down the coastline.


Looking back.


Yvonne and the Boys.


Looking towards Budle bay.


Entering the dunes now.


At a high point looking at Budle bay (with the tide out it’s just about possible to walk across without getting wet.)


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