Phew!! It was getting hot in the garden and despite laying down in the shade I was starting to feel a bit on the warm side, I was just thinking about jumping into the pond to cool down a bit ……………I know I shouldn’t but I could always pretend that I “fell in” or slipped as I was walking past, then again I thought that I would wander indoors and see what Munchy and Flynn was doing, its much cooler indoors so maybe a snooze in the window would be the order of the day , both Flynn and Munchy was laying in the front window watching the world go by when mick came in , naturally we all got up to greet him ,  boy its hot outside today said Mick I think that we had better  pick a nice cool place for our afternoon walk , someplace under shade and lots of water around to splash around in , Good thinking I woofed back , any suggestions Bob ? mick asked , err how about a stroll along river Blyth I woofed back , yep sounds like a good plan , just give me a few minutes to get some gear ready then we will go ………………Don’t forget the treats we all barked back …………… I would mick muttered .

Ten minutes later we was in the car and off, Mick had put the air conditioning on in the car so it was nice and cool for us, now remember no going daft when we get there, just walk nice till we get down to the river and under the trees then you can go as mad as you want, it’s far too hot for you all to race around ok? Ok mick we all woofed back then before we had a chance to settle down we pulled up in the car park and that was it we were off despite mick words we naturally raced around like err mad dogs barking at almost everything , however it was only a five minute walk down to the river and charge in we went , well I went straight in with Munchy , Flynn of course just paddled …………….this was nice and cool just what we needed , by the time mick got to the river we was ready to start our walk , not to fast said mick remember I can’t walk very fast at the moment with my knee , ok we barked back and raced off along the river side path totally ignoring what Mick had just said , we have been along here loads of times but we always have great fun , the wild Garlic was in flower which made the whole area smell nice plus there was loads of bluebells out in flower as well , but best of all there is lots of trails that run in and out of the trees and bushes so we could race all over the place , then quickly drop down to the river bank for a nice cool drink or a paddle to cool down a bit. We met up with a few of our friends and said hello and wagged our tails when there owners gave us a treat then it was charge off again to explore. Mick would call us back every now and again, more to check on us rather than any other reason but we still raced back just because we simply love racing around, eventually we came to an old dam and mick informed us it was time for him to have a sit down, poor mick we sometime forget that he can’t run and race around like us, so we took it in turns sitting with him , of course every time he took out a packet of treats he would find us all sitting next to him , whilst mick rested up we had a mooch around and a little paddle just to keep cool , then it was time to head back , naturally we went racing around , we saw a mum duck with her little ones and further on we saw a huge heron , we have seen a heron in our garden trying to eat  the fish out of the pond and mick said we can chase it so we run as fast as we could then barked at it really loud , the heron flew away straight away and I must admit we all felt good about that , just wait till we see one in our garden again we will bark and chase it away .

 We had a little play on the stepping stones crossing the river, I was hoping that Flynn would fall in so we could laugh at him, but this time he was really careful and didn’t, then it was a slow walk back to the car which was boiling hot so we had to wait till mick started the engine and put the air conditioning on, then it was home just in time for tea ………….we like tea time nom nom

A few photos from today:

The colourful band stand at the park


Down at the river (it’s much cooler under the trees)

Wild Garlic flowers


Looking back along the riverside path


A few more photos taken by mick as we make our way along the riverside, there are a few bluebells as well



Flynn waiting for mick to catch up

Munchy and me running at high speed after a drink from the river


A couple more photos


Wait we smell something time to investigate


Bluebell flowers



Waiting for mick to catch up

A couple more photos as we make our way up river


Top of the small dam


Time for mick to have a rest


Munchy sniffing around


Me (Bob dog) just checking what Munchy is sniffing


Flynn with his bow on (we got rid of our days ago)


A couple of photos and it time to go


Mum duck with little ones


Another cool down spot


Cool spot for a treat




Heading back downstream

Playing on the stepping stones


No Flynn didn’t fall in this time


Last look


Big mean old Herron, we barked at him


Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day