DATE                              02.04.05

DISTANCE                     6.15 MILES

WEATHER                     COLD BUT DRY




I had been working on different things and stuff to aid me with my walking, I had found by trial and error that a tegaderm plaster over the sore spot would help no end but I still feel that I needed to pad the sore spot out with something , it was suggested that a piece of Allevyn Compression foam might help , to be honest at this stage I was willing to try almost anything , so after  a chat with my local nurse at my GP’s and I was the proud owner of a couple of packets of this with the same thing if it worked she would get me some more , I had also been back to the limb centre to have some alterations done to my arty leg and after I explained my problems they glued a sort of padded bit where it touched my bum cheek and what a difference that made so between these two modifications I had high hopes .

One advantage of the Allevyn foam was I could cut it to the right size or should I say shape and then stick it to the tegaderm so we had two sticky surfaces together which should stop it moving then stick it on my bum cheek where it would take a small nuclear explosion to remove it.


The other small problem that I had been having was with the friction burn and after much internet searching using the all knowing Mr Goggle I came up with Lanacane anti chaffing cream which if the hype is to be believed is super good and you only need a tiny bit so I wouldn’t need to slap huge big dollops on which would soak into my trousers , however until I tested all this out in what I call the real world I don’t know if this system would work , but I was feeling a lot more confident about things plus the sore spot had had even more time to heal up so things where looking pretty good .


So ……….today was another test day but as I said I had high hopes of not having any trouble with my skin splitting or breaking down.

After a brief discussion with my better half, I decided to drive up to the beautiful Coquet valley and park up at the road junction where the Rowhope burn flows into the river Coquet. From there a simple walk out and back again. There were several reasons why I decided on this the first one being it is a lovley area, quite, peaceful but more importantly, the walk starts on a nice tarmac track with plenty of short grass growing along the sides to walk along, my thinking was if its easy walking my leg muscles could warm up and maybe not shake so badly later on, once past the small farm building the tarmac track turns into a hard stone track, again a good walking surface which shouldn’t cause me to much trouble and as I have said it’s a lovley area and I really needed something to draw me on if that makes sense , of course this was what I call a test walk (aren’t they all at this stage) just to see how my new patches etc. worked , if things went ok we would walk a bit further along the track , if they didn’t we could stop and simply walk back .

The walk went more or less as planned , I  pick more stopping and resting places than what I really needed just to try to rest my good leg , I had formed rightly or wrongly that it was the strain that was making it shake so much after all it had to take all my weight , keep me upright but most off all it had to correct any problem with my step when walking and it still wasn’t fully healed itself , I still had a couple of chunks of skin / flesh grafted onto it so perhaps I was pushing that little bit too hard .


But if I didn’t push myself who would , I had been in he hands of the medical profession for some time so now it was up to me and I really didn’t want to mess things up .

The padding on my arty leg made a huge difference likewise the foam and tegaderm did what they where suppose to, I’m not saying it was 100% right but at least I wasn’t in pain. I had a couple of leg breaks more to check on things and the anti chaff cream did its work without having to reapply so I would continue to use this system for some time, but best of all it meant that I could concentrate on my walking gait which was quite frankly really bad a cross between a drunken sailor and a not really sure what but it was bad, I had already developed a bad habit of dropping my left shoulder sticking my arm out and wobbling from side to side.

With Yvonne walking behind me giving me lots of abuse and comments I was able to at least try to keep upright, so for the return journey I actually managed to practise my walking ability without the pain that I had experienced before. And started to think maybe there is a bit of hope after all.

We had a camera but once again didn’t take many photos because we where busy with other things:-

Mum and her little one


Me having a moments rest (standing up)

My better half Yvonne


Looking down the valley


Me concentrating on walking straight


Day after thoughts

Things went more or less as I expected them to, the padding, plaster and anti chaff stuff was a huge success, I was sore around where the socket touched but its early days, but the skin wasn’t broken, I was really knackered by the time we got back to the car, I think that was more to the fact that I was concentrating on walking straight up and not wobbling from side to side. My good leg had the shakes again ……………no better or worse than the last time , however I am going to mark this up as a huge success yes I still need to work on my “kit” but at least I am heading in the right direction

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