DATE                                     17.02.11

DISTANCE                           4.6 MILES

WEATHER                          GREY AND MISTY


Ros Castle.

Offers one of the best views of Northumberland?   according to one local magazine I had just read not really sure that I agree with that but seeing how I havenít been up there I cant say for certain either way  so  might be worth a trip up that way just to see .

Ros Castle ÖÖÖÖÖWell its not really a castle at all, just a stone built viewing platform around or on and old settlement according to the info I had read about it, but on a good day (weather wise) its possible to see six yes that six Castles, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh, Warkworth, Alnwick, Chillingham & Lindisfarne so being the believing soul that I am I just had to pop up there and have a look for myself. The hill that situated on isnít that big or spectacular but there is a lot of stuff and things scattered around that area so I decided to pay the area a visit.

As normal gear was thrown into the car and off I went, I decided to park up at the forestry car park at Hepburn Woods, itís free which a good thing is always.

On arriving at the car park the first thing I noticed was the visitors centre had gone along with the toilets , all that was left of it was a concrete base , and most of the picnic tables had gone as well .sign of the times ?. Itís a shame really but seeing as I donít know the reasons for it I canít really past judgment.

Any way coffee was made and drunk, boots on gear sorted and off I went, the start of my route would take me into and around the forest of Hepburn wood (is it a forest or a wood? I will leave that for others to decide) I couldnít help but notice that the forestry people (or someone ) had gone to a great deal of trouble putting signage and other info boards up showing various bits for a time long gone by , knowing nothing about it I did what I normally do and thatís take a photo of it and carry on , my route took me around the forest / wood up a long   uphill section up onto an old hill fort , once again the few remaining picnic tables where showing signs of neglect or had been removed , I donít know what the history of this place was but it must have been quite popular with day trippers ect at one time . After mooching around the remains of the hill fort (nice way of say rubble pile) I set off across a heather field towards the hill where ďRos castleĒ or the platform was.

Naturally the one day I picked the weather was its normal dependable self and I had a lovey view off bugger all, lovely wet grey mist and I have to say that I couldnít even see one castle yet alone six, from there I wandered back down the road to have a mooch around an old bastle house, which had been gated up to stop you from getting to close.

I had one more place that I wanted to look at whilst I was up in the area and that was a quick stop on my way home to have a look at an old monument that I drove past on my way up, and the small church the holy trinity church at old Berwick that was just a bit further down the track, I have to say that I am not religious in any way or form but do enjoy having a look around at these very old buildings when I get the chance. and luck would have it I was just signing the visitors book and throwing a couple of £ in the box when one of the local ladyís came in ďto check up on meĒ she most likely thought that I was going to nick the silver or something, but as she saw my donation and thought quite rightly so that I was alright and proceeded to tell me a few local storyís about the church and surrounding area and like I have said many times in the past its nice to been given a bit about the history it sort of brings the past and present together , however after getting the tour of the grave stones I had to say my good buys before she volunteered to get me to cut the grass or something .

All in all a good day out.

But I still canít say if its one of the best views of Northumberland or not.

As normal a few photos from today.

Taken from the car park, showing where the visitors centre use to be.


The start of todays wander.


Lots of stuff to see, if you are into that sort of thing.

 With the dull mist I donít expect to get any great views later on today.

My route very easy walking.


At the edge of the woods, the mist still is showing no sign of lifting.


The path starts to wind its way up the hill towards the hill fort now.


Big old sandstone bolders.


Err trees.


Starting to get a bit dark and spooky.


Still slowly heading upwards.


And the mist clears Ö.more sandstone bolders.


Looking down, itís quite steep at this point.


Small fallen tree, no bother to climb over.


Coming out of the wood heading towards the old hill fort.


A quick look around, but the mist is still there ruining the views.


I am now standing on the fort, a few views.


Looking towards where Ros castle


A couple of shots showing all thatís left of the walls.


This is the footpath heading towards the castle.


Getting closer, but its hard work on this heather.


Looking across towards some grazing Deer.


Up I go.


The viewing platform (not that I will see a great deal today.)


Some info.

Close up.


More info stuff.


Trig point.


Yep brilliant view.


Last look back.


On my way down.


Looking back up it looks as if the mist is going to start lifting (typical)


Looking up towards the hill fort and the sun trying to get out.




 Now on my way to have a mooch around the old bastle house .a few photos.

The monument I wanted to have a look at. (Not really sure why)

 Now entering the Holy Trinity church grounds, old stone bridge.

 The church itself.

Veteransí memorial .