DATE                                  03.03.11

DISTANCE                        About 6.5 miles

WEATHER                         Grey

START / FINISH               Lay by at Ross

Ross sands on a grey day

Peering out of the bedroom window to check on the weather didnít look to good, grey low cloud and lots of mist, a quick check on the internet for local weather confirmed what I already knew.
Right the hills would be a total waist of time, so it would be a coastal walk today, and if I had any luck perhaps the mist will lift as the day wears on. Who knows?
I decided that I would pay Ross sands a visit, I havenít been up that way for a year or so and it would be interesting to see if any of the old wrecks that we found would still be their or has the sea covered them up again, also I had heard that their had been a few seals spotted in that area so I might get lucky and spot one or two.
The walk, parked the car in the lay by at Ross and headed off passing Kirkley Hill (thatís not a hill) then across a couple of fields along the footpath, passing Long Bog and into the sand dunes at Ross links, when I arrived at the beach turned left and headed up along Ross Back Sands to a place known as Ross point or wide open depending on who you speak to, at this point I cut between the dunes and headed out onto the mud flats know as Fenham flats from there I headed round the back of old law dunes towards Guile point and that is as far as I went from this point on I simply walked along the beach and back to the car . The weather was grey with very limited visibility which stopped me from seeing some of the better sights across on Holy island. And I only saw one seal that was busy swimming around looking for some tasty fish for dinner I dare say.
Right photo time:-

Looking across towards the dunes,

In the dunes following the footpath.


On the beach looking south, if it wasnít so misty you should be able to see Bamburgh castle across Budle Bay.

Looking up the coast, you should be able to see Holy Island.


At wide open about to cut round the back into the mud flats. (You can just about make out a dark Silhouette of Lindisfarn Castle on Holy Island.

Fenham Flats.

Looking towards Guile point.

 The flats; it seems pretty dead today normally itís teaming with birds.

No seals having a snooze today.

 Guile point looking towards Holy island.

A few photos looking across towards the island.

Sometimes you get lucky one grey seal, itís at this point I remember that I didnít pack my zoom lens (stupid boy)!


Looking back the hut you can see is the oystercatchers hut,I am not sure if itís for bird watchers or fishermen.

ďSammyĒ the seal seems to follow me a fair way along the beach, never coming any closer to the shore; I did try to talk to him / her? And offer him a finger from my KIT KAT but he declined stating that he preferred a tasty fish.

Looking down the beach.

 Looking back at the castle (well its there somewhere).


Big sand dune slowly being eroded by the sea.

The only old wreck that was visible. The last time I was up this way I discovered some really big wrecks.


Looking down the beach.

Looking back up the beach, just for one small moment in time I thought that the sun was about to burn through the mist.

Heading into the dunes.

Last look back ÖÖÖÖÖ.Still nothing but grey mist.

Cant help the weather.