Read me first

Before you start looking at my early walks and think that these are very short please remember that I had only got my first artificial leg or should I say prosthesis a matter of a few weeks before and was going through one hell of a learning curve.

Not only learning to walk again but with the other problems of a constantly  changing  stump that was still swelling and shrinking at an alarming rate almost on a daily basis ………..and with something that that I couldn’t understand  I that I was so totally exhausted most of the time and being a complete dickhead I didn’t  or couldn’t admit it to anyone  it was only later that I read up and talked about it with several health professional type people  that it can take at least a year for you body to fully recover from a traumatic amputation that I fully understood why  but at the time I didn’t know that .

Another consequence of this first limb was the poor fit, no one to blame for that as I was constantly changing, this poor fit lead to constant blisters, tears in the skin, red raw spots and many painful hot spots, all of which made the whole experience rather painful, of course it was one hell of a learning curve and I soon discovered what plasters / patches creams and ointment worked and what didn’t and it wasn’t unusual for me to stop take my trousers off remove my arty limb and preform some serious first aid to patch things up normally under my bum cheek or in that rather sensitive  area at the top inside of  my  leg /groin area ………………….fun day’s

So don’t be too hard on me for the shortness of these walks I was hard enough on myself for years.

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