DATE                                   26.02.13

DISTANCE                          5.24 MILES

WEATHER                          OVERCAST BUT DRY


Return to the Dean

Come on Mick get off your fat arse and take me out for a walk this afternoon where the kind word Arty leg spoke to me, eh!! That’s no way to speak to me, behave or your be put you back in the wardrobe where you belong, bollocks to that was artys reply, mind he did have a point I had done all my jobs and as long as I didn’t go mad I should be ok, I didn’t want to do too much as I have got a big”ish walk planned for tomorrow and didn’t want to bugger myself up. Plus I am in the process of breaking in a new seal in liner and experiencing all the joys that go with that, but why not as long as I took it easy I should manage and it would be a good test to see how I get on with the new seal.

As luck would have it I had a route that I wanted to do, I had been to Hollywell Dean only a couple of weeks earlier and wanted to have a look at another section of it a sort of local mooch around .so that was it , Arty of course wanted to do something more demanding but he had no more say in the matter , gear was thrown into the car for the very short drive to the start point , and after my normal cup of coffee off I went for an afternoons mooching around. Nothing set in stone route wise but there was a couple of footpaths that I wanted to check out and see if it is possible to “link” up with some other paths that I know in the area . Any way you can see the map above for my route, however I should warn you if you follow my route you will be trespassing on private land, as I found out much to my amazement when a very angry farmer came across and proceeded to lay the law down, Arty of course was having none of it and wanted to kick him in the nuts just to let him know what he thought about trespassing, but showing tremendous restraint and giving the farmer my best smile I smooth things over ………….Totally blaming Arty for not going where I told him to and doing my best to look like a spacka , I was just about to start drooling and play the part totally when the mood changed and all was well again , sensing my advantage I spent several more minutes question him about various bit and pieces and there history and I would like to think that we parted on good terms , mind you he still escorted me down the drive to the entrance of his farm , I would like to think that I would be welcome if I went back again ………………but don’t think that I would be on his Christmas card list .

Arty of course was still fuming and wanted to go back and give him something to really be concerned about that involved his arty boot in some delicate body parts , but in a way I can see the farmers point of view ……………I would be miffed if some stranger came strolling through my back garden so all is well. Nuff said.

However all was not well in the new seal department and it was doing its best to slowly and painfully pluck the hairs out of my ………….well use your imagination, something that I will have to sort out before I go out again with this seal.

As normal a few photos .enjoy

Looking towards the inner harbour.


Still a lot of water bubbling up from the ground.


Looking up the Seaton Burn.


Fallen trees.


Part of the nature reserve.


Still a fair amount of flood water coming down.


The path, it looks as if it has been repaired.


One of the many small sections of exposed rock.


A small water fall, it was a bit of a surprise to find this here so a few photos.


More fallen trees.


A tunnel.


A quick look just to see what’s in there.


Looking back.


Have now left the dean and mooching around.


Holywell pond.


And some of the wild life.


Inside of the bird hide, painted by the local school kids.


Looking towards the obelisk.


Getting closer.


Seaton Hall, now it belongs to the National trust.


Looking at what I think is the Mausoleum.


This was as close as I could get today.


Walking back along a farm cart track past the horses.


My route takes me down this track into a farm, which is private land ………….so you have been warned.


Now back at the inner harbour.

 Now a short walk along the dunes back to the car.





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