DATE                         02.09.13

DISTANCE                 ABOUT 4 MILES




After a very peaceful night sleep we where woken up by either Yvonne or Mick rolling over, right said Bob lets get them and so for the next few minutes we took turns in either digging them out of bed or licking there faces, ok said mick I’m getting up, Great we both barked “come on Yvonne get us some breakfast “ok said Yvonne just give me a minute.

Breakfast was woofed down and mick threw all the gear into the car , today we where off to do a walk around the nature reserve at St Abbs head , we have been to this place before when we where up this way but today mick planned a walk  rather than a lazy day.

Before we set off, we received a call from Kerri saying that Flynn was fine and missing us, this was good news and so we had to run around the field for a few minutes barking at anything that happened to be around, she also went on to say that she had made Flynn scrambled eggs for his breakfast ……………………WHAT SCRAMBLED EGGS!! We both barked this seemed a bit unfair on us and we made a point of letting Yvonne know that we wanted eggs for breakfast. Yes she said but I bet Flynn didn’t dig Kerri out of bed so if you want eggs for breakfast you had better behave. Of course we barked back.

Gear was sorted and thrown into the car, we jumped in and off we went.

 It was only five minutes before we parked up in the not so free car park and mick once again had to pay for the privilege of parking there.

Once again we where read the riot act so we would be good, of course we would be good we both barked back as long as we stop at the tea shop for tasty treats , ok said Mick it’s a deal , but for the first section of the walk you have to be on your leads, ok we don’t mind we barked back , and so we set off , weather wise it was bright and sunny but with the first sign that summer had had its best days and now the cooler months where approaching , not that we really cared but sometime it can get just too hot for us ., we called in at the little tea room and of course the owners remembered us and made a fuss , we promised that we would call in for a drink and a treat on our way back and off we went , our route followed the coastline  along , as there was some seriously big steep drops mick and Yvonne chose to keep us on our leads, however when we dropped down into any small rocky bay they let us off, there was loads to do , lots of things to chase and sniff , we had a great time , mick called us back several times and told us to take it easy as we had a long way to go we of course didn’t really care about that we where having to much fun , every now and then we would be called back and given a treat or offered a drink of water , then we spotted some sheep ……………..hum what should we do ? We know that we aren’t allowed to bark at them or even chase them, shall we I asked? No we will just get a rollicking if we do said Bob, little did we know that Mick was watching us and was ready to shout at us, as it was we both got a tasty treat and was allowed to stay off our leads whilst we walked past them, personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

We stopped several times for food and drink and just for the fun of it, Both Mick and Yvonne liked the sea views.

Good place to sit down and take it easy.

And there wasn’t a rush to get round as long as we got back to the tea room before it shut.

Our route took us as far as Pettico Wick then it was time to drop down and walk back along the Mire Loch, as there was no steep drops we where allowed off our leads all the way back, by this time I was feeling tired and allowed Yvonne to carry me for a bit, especially up some of the steep hills, but as soon as we saw any other people I had to be put down so I could run up to them and get a nice greeting.

And before we knew it we where back at the café , Mick and Yvonne got drinks and tasty treats and being nice people they shared some with us , I must say the cake is very nice and there was lots of other people who made a fuss of us . coffee was drunk , sweet treats where eaten , we finished our water then it was back to the van for well deserved sleep ….we where both knackered and we still had another day to go , early night for us I think.

Two knackered pups.

As normal Mick took a few photos from todays walk.

At the start of the steep cliff top walk.

Looking at what I think is white heugh.

Now looking down at an unnamed inlet on the other side of White Heugh.


Heading down to a rocky bay, we stayed here on our last visit.


Sheep taking it easy.

Slowly making our way up Kirk Hill. (Looking back)

Me and Bob in action.

One of our many rest stops.

Mick checking that arty leg is ok.


A few more photos as we all make our way along this cliff top route, very easy walking.


The lighthouse at St Abbs head.


A few more photos of the stunning scenery

More sheep, we where very good and didn’t even bark at them.


Now at Pettico Wick this is as far as we go today.

Looking down at our return route along Mire Loch.

Looking up at the rock face of Kirk Hill.

Last look down at west in Thirle Bay.


Couple more photos of the rock face as we make our way along.


Yvonne leading the way down to the loch.

Yes we are waiting again.

Wind is starting to pick up a bit.


Looking back along the loch.

Time for munchy to have a nap.


Bob sitting with Yvonne.

Last look back.

Deep in thought.

Now back on the coastal path a few photos as we make our way back.

Last look at the small village of St Abbs.