DATE                                         05.01.11

DISTANCE                                ABOUT 4 MILES

WEATHER                                COLD BUT BRIGHT




Once again I had been having problems with old arty leg, I had just been to the limb centre and yet again got it put right, but as you know walking in a hospital room and walking in the real world are two different things, so driving back from my limb centre I decided to test things out in the real world and where better than at Clennell Hall or should I say the “red road” that runs along past it.

So that was it, a quick text to my better half (who was at work) explaining things, and letting her know where I would be and that’s sorted.

I had my walking gear already packed in the boot of the car, something that would be needed as it was still cold (January) and even had bottled water “just in case” (don’t ask me in case of what coz I don’t know). Driving along I couldn’t help but notice that there was still a covering of snow on the distant hill tops but again that shouldn’t bother me as I wasn’t planning to go very high or very far today , and I wouldn’t have much time anyway before it started getting dark but I just wanted to get the feel of things and I have used this area many times before to try out different styles of walking i.e. uphill, downhill, left and right cambers , grass , mud gravel and stone yeah you get the general idea there is a bit of allsorts to try out .

As I approached Alwinton, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a lot of snow and ice lying about, not a problem as I always have my micro spikes with me so again it would make life that little bit harder for me but that was what I was out for this afternoon, a training walk in one of my favourite places and I have to say I was really looking forward to it.

There’s something about having to wait and rely on other people to fix the arty leg that I really don’t like so soon as I get the chance I feel the need to take matters into my own hands and start pushing things along, and that’s how I felt about this was all down to me now and I couldn’t wait.

Parked up gear on and off I go, the air is cold but that’s good as I know that I will be sweating within minutes and I know that there is a lot of hard work to be done till I feel that I can get on with arty leg, as I have said before it’s all about trust, if you don’t trust your limb you won’t do anything.

The route is straight along the red road with various little detours up and down the hill sides and along the river Alwin over a few bumps and gravel beds till I come to the entrance of Kidland Forest then it’s up an icy path to Cross Dyke along Clennell Street then cut back down near Clennell Hall and back to the car, about 4 miles with all the detours thrown in.

As per normal a few photos enjoy:

Taken from the car looking along the red road.


Around the bend looking along the river Alwin.

Same again just further along the road.

One of many detours, I am going to practise walking on slopes and chambers at this point.

Back along the river Alwin and some soft grass to walk on.

As I head further up this valley I couldn’t help but notice that the soft ground is now freezing hard and there are more and more icy patches.

First sighting of Kidland forest and the path that I will take up the side of the hill.

But first a quick practise on some gravel beds and banks.

My path up, the snow is frozen but not hard enough to take my weight and so I sink through it making things “fun” for a while.

Starting on my way up a quick look back.

Heading up, as I start going up the snow is turning to ice which stops me sinking through, which is a lot easer.

Looking back down.

Looking down towards the red road.

Heading up.

Looking back as the sun try’s to come out.

There used to be a gate up here, the gates long gone along with the fence, I wonder how long the post stay here.

Close up.

There has been a bit of drifting up here but as its frozen solid I can just walk straight over the top.

My way forward, it’s a well-used quad bike track and I always think it gives good views for very little effort in getting there.

Some locals.

Looking down towards Clennell Hall.

Looking back along the valley.

Now on the Street and as I drop lower the ice disappears and I am walking on stony ground which is again something that I planned to walk on today.

Now cutting back down to the car again a different surface to walk on, only this time its soft grass so it wont hurt if I fall.

I have to say that I was quite pleased with how I got on with "arty leg" today  no real problems which means that on my next day off I can go into some distant hill or mountain for a proper days walking.