DATE                                 06.11.13

DISTANCE                        ABOUT 4 MILES

WEATHER                       GREY AND OVERCAST




Hello Munchy here and guess what it’s my turn to do the trip report,

We wasn’t expecting to get out very far today as Mick and Bob (my brother) went out on a huge walk the day before  see  for info , so both Flynn and myself though that we would be taking it easy , we had been out for our normal morning walk and mick didn’t mention anything so we settled down for a nap , I asked Bob how he felt and he said that he was fine but pre haps mick was feeling a bit knackered …who knows anyway we were all laying  in the front room window barking at anyone who had the nerve to walk past our house disturbing our nap time when Mick shouted for us to get ready , come on you lazy pups time for us to go out , yeah we all yelled and ran round the settee barking like a load of deranged dogs , Mick smiled and opened the front door ,charge we all yelled and ran out , where you lot going asked Mick , err !!We thought that we were off for a walk! We are but get in the car.

Great we all barked and jumped in , we won’t be going far said mick just a few miles up the road to Bedlington where we will have a mooch around along the river , just to see what’s what , we of course couldn’t really care where we were going as long as we got to run and play , sure enough mick quickly pulled into the car park at Bedlington park and let us out , Now be good shouted mick as we all leaped out of the car and headed onto the green playing fields , mick was busy stuffing treats and leads into his pockets and quickly joined us , right let’s get onto the riverside path and Bob stay out of the water , Bob got very wet and cold the day before on his big walk and Mick was still a bit concerned about him , but Bob barked back that he would stay out of the river and Mick seemed happy .

We quickly charged down to the riverside path and mick seem to relax a bit more, he is never really happy until we are all well clear of the car park or any vehicles I think he thinks that we might run in front of a car or something, we wouldn’t but we have still got a fair bit of training to do with mick.

The river side path was mint, lots of trees to run around and seeing as its winter loads of leaves to chase and dive in, Flynn almost disappeared as his coat was the same colour as the leaves and had great fun in jumping out in front of us then running off, Mick couldn’t see him and would often call for him only to be surprised when Flynn appeared right in front of him.

Our path took us along the river Blyth to a place called Humford Mill where there was a stepping stone path over the river, we were all getting ready to jump across but mick remembering Bob and decided that we wouldn’t cross over, secretly I was pleased because it’s a very big river and I bet it’s really cold. So we all run further along the path, Mick told us that there was a dam or weir thingy a mile or so further up the river and would we mind if we went and had a look at it, no Mick we don’t mind we all barked back, after all we were all busy running about chasing each other and playing in the leaves, eventually we came to the dam, Mick as always took a few photos then asked us if we knew the way back, of course we do we barked back well off you go then , getting back was easy we simply retraced our steps , normally mick try’s to confuse us by doing circular routes but I don’t think mick knew a route back that didn’t take us onto a road or along a street , that was fine by us as it meant that we didn’t have to go on our leads, we ran and played chase all the way back , Flynn of course kept hiding and jumping out on us then running off very fast and very soon we were back at the car park , quick get in said mick and we should just about get home in time for tea , great we all barked back , How are you feeling I heard Mick ask Bob , I’m fine said Bob but looking forward to tea and a snooze in front of the fire .

And so ended another trip out for us , micks GPS thingy said that he walked about 4 miles we must have done double that easily .

As normal mick took some photos enjoy.

We have just left the car park at Bedlington; this is an old bandstand that is being revamped.

The path can go either way, if we went downstream we would have to go under this bridge, mick took us upstream.


Me and Flynn having a peeing competition


Looking down at the river, mick told us that it’s mucky because of all the rain, in the summer it’s a lot cleaner and not so deep

Playing in the leaves, even here Flynn is hard to see

Me heading down to the river for a drink


Looking up the river


Looking back down

Approaching the stepping stones


The stepping stones, mick decided that we wouldn’t cross over here today

Waiting for mick to catch up


Strange rock formations, great for playing in

Some old ruin support thingy


Funny rock colouring on the other bank


The first sighting of the weir or dam thingy


Looking at it from upstream


A few damy photos …..Sometimes mick gets a bit carried away


Munchy with zombie eyes


All mooching around the river bank, there are lots of things to sniff here.


A few more photos as we head back


Thanks for looking