DATE                               17.01.2014

DISTANCE                       UNKNOWN

WEATHER                      BRIGHT AND SUNNY




Rabbits at Cresswell

Hi good readers, it’s Bob again and you’ve guessed it, it’s my time to write up our last walk with Mick

Mick was busy catching up on lots of jobs that needed to be done around the house and we have learnt that if we want to get out for a big walk its better to let him get on and do them rather than keep pestering him but after a hour or so I couldn’t wait any longer “what’s up Bob” Mick asked?

I decided to get straight to the point,” listen Mick its pointless you tidying up we are just going to trash the place so why don’t you go get the gear and take us out for a walk “I barked …well seeing as you put it like that why not.

Great I barked and run off to give Flynn and Munchy the good news, Flynn was busy guarding his stash of tasty treats, on hearing the good news proceeded to spent the next few minutes hiding them someplace different, Munchy of course was laying in the front window watching the world go by, every now and then he would bark at someone walking past or even growl at some bird that had the neck to fly past the front garden, “Come on Munchy” I barked Mick’s taking us out “ great” said Munchy  and proceeded to run round the front room carefully Nicking one of Flynn’s tasty treats he had just hidden.

The front door was open and off we went , straight into the car , we all settled down as quick as possible , we know Mick wont go till we are settled and sure enough Mick started the car and off we went .

I  was busy telling  Flynn and Munchy that we where heading up to the sand dunes at Cresswell , Mick taking us a bit further along to someplace we haven’t been before , we all like going to different places there is always something new to explore , do you think that there will be other dogs to play with ? asked Munchy ………..don’t know …………what about Rabbits asked Flynn , Flynn is very impressed with rabbits because they can run very fast , do you remember the time Mick took us up the Cheviots and we played chase with all those rabbits , that was great fun , I do hope that there are some rabbits around today . I guess we will see when we get there I replied.

Before we knew it we had stopped the back door was open and Mick gave us the normal talk about being good, not wandering off, don’t be a pest etc. etc. but to be honest we just charged past totally ignoring the talk.

“You lot” mick shouted you’re going the wrong way, it’s this way and Mick walked off in the opposite direction, oops lets go we barked back.

Our walk took us onto the beach for a while , we love the beach there is so much we can do , we love digging and mooching around in any weed that’s washed up , sometimes there are tasty treats to be found , Mick tends to yell at us if he see us eating anything but crab legs are very tasty , after a daft half hour on the beach mick took us back into the dunes , right you lot off you go said mick and whoosh off we went , Mick was right we haven’t been in this section of the dunes before and we had great fun exploring , we found loads of rabbit holes and even saw some from a distance , but they where very fast and run away before we could chase them . but that didn’t stop us , we found loads of rabbit holes and we wanted to go down them but Mick said that we couldn’t , he told us that we would frighten them if we did and the last thing we want to do is frighten any of them , we just want to run and play , as we explored we found loads more holes to sniff around and lots of sandy areas where we could practise our digging , we also found some really big sand dunes to run up and down , this was great fun but very tiring , mick found a nice place to sit down and even brought a bowl in his ruck sack so we could all get a drink of water , it was very thirsty work running up and down the dunes , after a few treats it was time to walk back , again we ran on in front hoping to see some more rabbits but once again they ran away before we could explain that we just wanted to play ………..still never mind we will be back and may be will have more luck next time.

A few photos from today

Flynn and Munchy heading into the dunes


Down on the beach


Mooching around


No other dogs to play with today


Let’s have a sniffing competition

Looking back at the path


Our route for today


I bet that there are lots of rabbits in here


Flynn sniffing round a few rabbit holes


Munchy thinking “can I fit down there”?


No you don’t Flynn come away from there


Looking back along the path


Me on lookout watch for rabbits

Let’s play running up and down this huge sand dune


We can see the sea from up here


This is a good place to stop and eat / drink

 Me having a run


Flynn eating a doggy chew


Me looking for left overs