DATE                                           29.07.12

DISTANCE                                 ABOUT 5 .5 MILES

WEATHER                                 GREY TO START WITH SOME SUN LATER


Well here I was on a short break (a well deserved break even if I say so my self) down in the Yorkshire dales, whilst I was down this way I had picked out a few walks that where on my “must do list” that I thought that I would have a go at,

 I have been on a bit of a high with my walking ability recently and thought could I do the three peaks?

 Not all at once I might add just do them one at a time so that was that , after a tiny bit of reading up I decided to do Pen-Y- Ghent first , no particular reason just had to start someplace .

Naturally I asked my better half if she wanted to join me and got a “no thank you” these weren’t her exact words but you get the idea , in fact she went on to tell me how she intended to slouch around doing nothing all day (what a hack!) so that was it I was on my own .

Gear was sorted, route was decided and for the first time I agreed upon a sort of time table,  my good lady wife aka Yvonne the hackamouse  would drive me to the drop of point and then pick me up later on when I have finished , this had two advantages :-

She had to get up early to drive me to the drop of point (ha!!)

And I could do a linner route which should make it much more of an interesting route.

The weather didn’t look to promising on our drive to the drop off point , low grey clouds with gusting winds and the odd rain shower following the car but that didn’t matter and soon we reached the starting point which was where the Pennine way joins the road after the decent off fountains fell.

I said good buy and told my good lady wife I would ring her when I got to Horton in Ribblesdale, she replied that she was going back to bed and don’t ring too early eh!!!!!! And that was it off she went back to the camp for a few more hours snoozing.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of cars parked up along the roadside, looks like its going to get busy then I couldn’t help but notice the voluntary parking fee boxes, hum ……… a Yorkshire man to come up with these but paying a small fee wasn’t my concern for today as I didn’t have the car.

The walk started easy enough , along the road for a short distance then follow the Pennine way up along a well used track pasted Dale head to Churn Milk Hole there the path turns and heads straight towards Pen-y-Ghent. I will say that I was very impressed with the state of the path, very well maintained.

 and dare I say it very easy to walk along  then came the climb up , again the footpath was very easy to use with a lot of stone work and steps being done to make it a much more easer climb up .

By this time I was joined by zillions (well a few walkers) that had come up this path via Horton in Ribblesdale and by quite a few who where on there way down. Who seemed to take great delight in letting me know how wet and windy it was up there, in fact a few of the walkers had turned around because it “was so bad up there”.

Thanking them for the info I continued climbing up along the path slowly getting higher as I went, the views weren’t that good because of the low grey cloud but every now and then the clouds would wiz past allowing me to get a few good views.

The path involved a few bits of scrabbling for me as there are a few places where I had to use both my hands to pull myself up over the rocks but I think this had more to do with the fact that I have no left leg rather than any real difficulty, and despite it raining on and off for the last few hours I had no real problems with getting plenty of grip on the wet rocks. All in all I enjoyed it and then suddenly I was at the top and well that was that rather disappointing as I was enjoying myself “climbing up over the rocky bits”.

Fortunately the weather started to remember that it was summertime and things started to brighten up which seemed to be a general call to every one to stop and have lunch and have a chat with other fellow walkers . I forget how many times I was asked about my leg or lack of leg and really wanted to go into some really bold and daring story on how I lost it but as normal I couldn’t, then after a round off goodbyes I resumed my walk, my route was simple I would just stay on the pennine way with one small diversion to have a look at Hull pot which I have read about but never seen then from there all the way to Horton in Ribblesdale where I would ring my better half and meet her in the tea room. The path on the way down was again a really good well maintained path that was easy to walk on.

In the café we both had a cream tea which is a good and proper way to finish a walk.

 As per normal a few photos enjoy :-

view from the road.

Getting closer.

Mine? could see this from miles away all week.

Still making my way towards the start of the climb up.

Looking back along the path.

Again looking back , path is still good but a bit tricky for me with old arty leg.

It"s starting to get a bit steeper now.

Still heading up.

Looking back down, I am not the only one using my hands for this section.

Looking back down , someone having a breather .

Trig point . pity about the weather.

Now on my way back down a few photos.

The path .

Looking back up.

A few photos as I make my way down.

Hull Pot.

Pity that there is no water flowing today.

Looking straight down.

Looking from the other end.

Last look.


Now on my way back to Horton a few photos as I go.

Last look .

Day after thoughts :-

didnt have any aches or pains this morning , paths where very good but a bit disapointed with the views up top but the weather cant be helped. but when the sun did come out the whole area seemed to change and become warm and welcoming . will have to work on my people skills as well it would seem that these yorky people are very chatty .