Hello and welcome to my photos page ………….where to start? Despite taking photos of my wanders over the last few years with a DLSR  I still haven’t got round to learning how to use it correctly , which results in about 99.8% of the photos being taken on full auto , I work on the principle that whoever made the cameras know what they are on about so who am I to disagree , whilst I am on about cameras I use a Nikon no particular reason why just one that I bought at the time and naturally I started  with an entry level camera the Nikon D50 which I used to destruction and then replaced it with yet another entry level model the Nikon d3200 . Lens!!  After breaking loads and shelling out a small fortune I now use a Nikon DX 18 - 135mm it covers most ranges (if that’s the right term) and so I will stick with it …..Until I drop and break it …yes I have dropped a few lens over the years. So please don’t expect these photos to be something special to look at

Other stuff despite having photo shop / light room or whatever it’s called installed on my pc I have never really got to grips with using them and when I do try to play with the photos I tend to bugger them up …………….which leads me up to is it right to play with the photos and pass them off as what I saw? When really it wasn’t quite so bright or clear !, I won’t even get into this argument but will admit on some of these photos I have tweaked to look better and have even put a few through the HDR process ….is it right or wrong that I will leave you to decide.

Now the million dollar question why these particular photos out of the thousands that I have taken the reason is simple it’s all about the memories that were created on this day, it’s not just a case of look at this view isn’t it good (in fact some views are pretty rubbish) but it’s all about the whole experience of just getting there, or what happened on that day to make it stick in my mind and as a rule they tend to be of “good days” out and I want to remember them .

As a traumatic amputee I suffer from horrendous phantom pain, fortunately over the years the attacks are getting fewer and further between them however don’t kid yourself and say that it’s not real pain believe me when I say it hurts ….it hurts trust me on this it real. And despite trying everything under the sun to stop this happening it still happens, the best thing I have found once they strike is to try to distract my brain and one of the best things I have found to date is, simply having a slide show of some of my favourite photos playing away on my pc and simply sitting there with some chill out music playing loudly in my ears and if I really concentrate I can take myself back to the place and day where I took the photo and sometimes it does help , it is a safe place for my mind to hide in until the Phantom pain have run their course.

A few photos in no order or date:

Taken on one of my walks up the Cheviot Hills, it started off as a dull and Grey day but by the time I was heading back home the weather had brightened up this was taken just as I left some woods.  I had no idea that the weather had cleared up until I was greeted by this sight.


Druridge Bay, a lovely stretch of coastline along the Northumberland coastline, a good place to go in summer where there is always a cooling breeze coming off the North sea and in the cooler months you can have the whole place to yourself, this bay is totally unspoilt

This photos is looking towards Ravens Crag I was feeling very pleased with myself at this point, it had taken me years of hard work to simply get to this place, Ravens Crag is a place I had seen from a far many times and was always someplace that I had to get to, in fact once I had got here it opened up a whole new area to explore and did wonders for my confidence .on this day conditions where almost perfect, cold but clear.


Taken on a cold frosty morning along a section of Hadrian’s Wall, during this walk It seemed  that history came alive for me and felt like I had roman legions gathering all around like in times past, yes there was a definite atmospheric feeling today …..Cold, grey, misty, remote, almost magic ………….I loved it


Taken at the lake district on what is possibly my best ever days walking , here I was having a five minute sit down on Kidsty Pike looking across towards Harter Fell where I was earlier , this day was brilliant , I was accompanied by my walking partner Yvonne , who sadly is no longer with us . I miss her, full trip report (well worth a look)


Thrunton woods , one of my training areas , whenever I have been having trouble with my stump or arty leg I always return to these woods for some practise with my walking abilities , I got lucky with the light when I took this


I was limited where I could walk today after a heavy snow fall so I had to stick to forestry tracks , here I was on my way up to Kidlandlee , I stopped to take this picture looking down towards the river Alwin .


Across the Lake District, I had just hiked up Beda fell and came to Angle Tarn and this view looking across towards the Helvellyn range, wow!! These views brought me back to this area several times, nature at its best


An autumn day on the river Tees, a place where I return at least twice a year, I love the colours and the constantly changing flow of the river


Barrowburn  in the Cheviots , this is the place where I finally started to get my act together again , I always stop and take a few minutes at this spot  , this place more than any other brings me peace and contentment  mixed with a bit of excitement …….. Where will I go today?


A cool Grassholme Reservoir, still had some ice floating around, today I was lucky with the weather and had good light for this photo


Taken from a fantastic day on the Island of Skye the “old man of Storr”. (I think that this was one of the few dry days we had up here)

High Force on the river Tee’s on a lovely autumn day


Church point near Alnmouth on a summer’s day


In Kidland forest, near Fairhaugh playing with the light settings. (I like the effect on this photo)


Sitting down having a well-deserved rest looking down Embleton Bay towards the old castle of Dunstanburgh, I spend a fair amount of time along this section of coastline especially in the wet winter months


A local fishing pond near where I live, the water is this colour because they put some sort of dye in the water to control the weed, it doesn’t hurt the wildlife.


Low Force on a cold frosty day on the river Tee’s

Playing around with HDR not really sure about the finished result but after seeing this old ruin down in Teesdale it got me thinking about heading up over the hill to explore what’s beyond, all I can say is I’m pleased that I did, I had some wonderful walks down in that area ……..and to think if I hadn’t stopped to take the photo I would never have ventured that way.


The river Alwin near Clennell (Northumberland national park) I spent a lot of time in this valley when I first started to walk again, it’s a good place to come and be healed.


Taken on the approach to the top of Malham cove down in the Yorky Dales


I took this near Budle bay straight through a tinted car window, even though it’s got the glass reflecting back I love the way it gives it a nice warm glow


This photo was taken near Alnham in the Cheviots, it was my first time in the area on a smashing day walk, the hills are very forgiving and you get a great sense of peace up here.


Thrum Mill near Rothbury , on a grey day , I wasn’t happy with how the photos  turned out so I put this one through a HDR process .a bit over the top pre haps but it was a good day out and deserves a place on here


Heading down to Fairhaugh on a cold frosty day, the house is now a holiday let, standing empty most of the year, but there is something about leaving the trees and seeing this house that always makes me feel welcome I often sit on the covered porch area and drink my coffee


Yet another HDR this time looking along the valley from Kidlandlee, there is something timeless about this area……….. Or so I thought at the time, sadly a lot of the forest has now been harvested and in places it looks like something from a ww2 film set total destruction.


Looking down towards Glenridding in the Lake District, I can’t tell you how chuffed I was with myself when I finally got to see this, it was a case of sit down and drink all the views in.


Across the lakes and a stunning wander around Ennerdale water


The hay meadows at Barrowburn (Cheviot Hills)


A very rare photo of my better Half and yes that is a smile, taken on the Island of Skye on an even rarer dry sunny day


A really cold day mooching around Teesdale


I took this photo on my way up to Cushat Law in the Cheviots, at the same time an old saying just jumped into my head ……Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere …………..and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself, this of course means nothing to most people but to a few of us who have somehow lost our way in life a bit this has a much deeper meaning and today when took this I suddenly realised that I had finally found myself again.


The start of today’s adventure, Barrowburn in the Cheviots where shall I wander today?


Found this huge Jelly fish washed up on the beach, shortly after I left a bloke with a spade picked it up and returned it back to the sea, like he said it seemed a shame to leave it to dry up and die on the beach


The woods at Harbottle, there are a few red squirrels living around here, sadly I was never quick enough to get a photo of them


Sheep on a hill with a gorgeous blue sky


 At the lakes, surprise view over Derwent Water


Back at the lakes looking along Haweswater

Walking along the beach looking out towards a distant Coquet Island

Crammell Lynn water fall Gilsland Northumberland