Hi itís Munchy again and I will write about our latest trip out, to start off with it was hot, I mean really hot, you know the type where you are constantly panting with your tongue  hanging out and no matter how much water you drink and where you lay down in the shade you are still hot. So when Mick suggested a trip out someplace I really thought that he had lost the plot, I explained to him that both me and Bob where hot and couldnít be arsed to run about or do a great deal he understood straight away and went on to explain that he was going to take us to a cool shady wood where there are several small streams and rivers so we could cool off in the water if we wanted.

Sometime Mick isnít as stupid as he looks, I quickly went to find Bob and let him know, he was busy snoozing in the coolest part of the house but quickly agreed, after all we both like going out having adventures, we were going to be picking up a big collie dog called Jake and Kerriís boyfriend on the way, we have met them both before and like them both but they are both a bit on the slow or simple side would it be rude to say ďa bit stupid?Ē .

Anyway we both jumped into the car and barked at Mick to put the air conditioning on, this was nice a pleasant cooling wave of air hit us and soon we snuggled down for the trip , we hadnít got far when Mick stopped to pick up Jake and his owner , naturally they let all the cool air out of the car as Jake really didnít understand how to jump into the car , Just get in you stupid dog we barked at him but he couldnít understand , in the end his owner lifted him up and put him in the back (what a stupid dog we both thought) Hi Jake how are you we asked ? Iím fine but hot, thatís ok we saidÖ.. Mick is going to take us someplace cool where we can paddle and swim if we want. Great I love swimmingÖÖÖÖ donít I? Was his reply, we decided at that point to stop asking him too many questions?

The place that we were going was known as Plessy Woods and before we knew it we had parked up and where all jumping out the car and heading down a footpath into the cool trees , mick let us all off our leads and off we all went , we had great fun paddling and splashing around in the river and Jake had a good time showing us how to swim in the big river , he kept losing things , like his ball that was thrown for him and so mick and ant threw sticks for him to fetch which he sometimes got but that didnít really matter as we all had a great time .

We met up with other humans, they liked us and made a fuss of us, we like all the attention we even met up with some really big dogs, they liked us as well, Mick was pleased that we all got on so well and that we behaved ourselves and gave us some tasty treats as a reward, Jake didnít want his so me and Bob had them instead.

Sadly like all good things the day came to an end and it was time to head back home for tea, we dropped Jake off on the way home and said we would see him sometime soon and then it was home time.

We both rushed indoors to let Yvonne know that we had returned and reminded her that it was getting very close to our tea time , we neednít have worried as she had already made us a tasty tea so we quickly woofed it down then settled down for a well-deserved nap , sometimes itís very hard being a small puppy dog .

As normal Mick took his camera so we have a few photos from today enjoy.

All three of us having a paddle, it was very nice and cooling.


Bob having a quite word with Jake about boy things and stuff.


Bob showing Jake where he should be looking for his ball.


Me and Bob checking out the river bank, lots of different smells to investigate.


A very shallow river Blyth.


Jake having a quick check to see if the water is the same as the last paddling place.


Bob going in for another dip.


Looking down stream, we had lots of fun here playing in the water.


Looking up stream.


This is better nice and deep for Jake to swim in.

Jake finally remembering to fetch the stick back, he can however swim very well.


Me (Munchy) and Bob drying out on the river bank.


Time to sit down in the sun and dry off before we go back to the car.