Hi its Munchy here and my turn to write about our latest adventure,

Really you could say it started the day before when Mark (Thatís Micks son if you didnít know) brought our best pal Flynn round to stay for a few days, we love having Flynn round and I know Mick, Yvonne & Kerri do as well. But they tend to keep out of the way for the first hour or so as we tend to go daft , tearing around the garden and house just catching up on news and generally having fun , eventually our daft half hour come to an end and we let the Big ones make a fuss of Flynn as well. Itís so exciting when Flynn is round we are all over the place, and the best part was we knew that Mick was on a day off the next day so we could all go out for the day someplace, we know that Mick canít walk very far at the moment because his metal leg is broken, but that doesnít matter to us because we canít go very far, and Mick always takes us on a good adventure.

We didnít have a clue where Mick was taking us as he didnít talk about it with Yvonne so during the night we all sat up in bed discussing where we might be going, in the end Flynn told us to get some sleep so we would be ready in the morning, so we all snuggled down for the night.

Naturally I was the first awake in the morning and proceeded to bark at every one to get up , it didnít take long and soon everyone was getting fed and mick was busy sorting out his gear , he pretended that we wasnít going out today but we knew that we where .

And before we knew it we were all running out the door heading for the car, Mick sorted us out and soon we were all settled down in the car heading off.

Hey Mick where are we going I asked? , you just have to wait and see was the reply I got, sometimes I think that I should bite him (not hard or anything but enough to let him know we donít like being teased).and so we settled down for a snooze.

Wake up you sleepy heads cried Mick we are here , and proceeded to let us out , we of course didnít recognise where we were , but that didnít matter , there was lovely smells to be sniffed , ponds to explore , tall grass and many paths to explore , Mick explained that we were going to walk a section of the Coastal path then if we behaved we would have dinner on the beach and walk back along the beach , great lets go I barked and went running off , wait cried Mick thatís the wrong way , Bob and Flynn thought that was very funny and took the micky out of me .

Wait thats the wrong way boys

Now I want you all to be on your best behaviour said mick and no eating sheep pooh or rubbish that might look or smell ok ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖIts not! ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ..Ok Mick we all replied , I mean it said mick or I will put you all on your leads and proceeded to show us them . Ok we will be good, so after getting a treat off Mick we set off.

We had great fun running along the paths, we played jumping out on each other, hide and seek, we even found and chased a few rabbits, Mick of course was keeping a very close watch on us and told us that we wasnít allowed to go into the next field because it had cattle in it, we know about cattle some big dogs told us some time ago that we must never go into a field with cattle in without mick as its very dangerous. Mick being very smart to us on a different path that took us into the sand dunes away from the cattle, he is very smart at times, we found a pond with lots of ducks on it, can we go and chase them Mick we asked?, only if you can swim very well as ducks can swim very fast, I suppose thatís a no then!. still we had a paddle and a nice drink from the pond, then it was time to play again, Mick lead us to the beach and found a good spot for dinner, we of course didnít want to stop, but Mick explained that we needed a rest before we set off back along the beach, I must admit after scoffing dinner down I did feel a bit sleepy, so we all curled up and had a snooze. Bob woke us all up and told Mick we were ready, Well off you go said Mick, the sea was right out and we had miles of beach to play on, we raced very fast, played tag, Flynn showed us how turn very fast when you are running, then we had a good old mooch and sniff in lots of seaweed that had been washed up. I found a  huge crab , it was dead and I took it to Mick ďcan we eat this mick ď? , no put it down its rotten and remember what happened last time you found something rotten?.

Yes we remember you got a bit moody so I dropped it, and went to find something that we could eat. . We saw and chased lots of big birds, Flynn told us that they are sea gulls; Flynn is very smart at times.

Then we met up with some really big Dogs, they were racing greyhounds and they can run very fast even as fast as the wind, we raced with them up and down the beach but they beat us easily, but it was good fun but soon we were puffed out. time to paddle I think said Mick say good bye to your friends and so we said our goodbyes and got a huge wet lick of them both , I liked the greyhounds they were fun to play with. I hope we get to meet them again.

After a paddle we all felt a bit better, right time to head back to the car said mick, it was still a fair way to go and I must admit that my paws where starting to feel a bit achy so I was very happy when we got back to the car, anyone want a drink before we set off asked Mick? Yes please we replied so we all had a drink then Mick lifted us up into the car, but the air conditioning on and we all went straight to sleep. Even Flynn dropped straight off.

Mick woke us up and carried us all back to the house, we naturally went straight into the kitchen to see Yvonne and let her know we were back and if she wasnít doing anything that it must be getting close to our tea time when we spotted a cat in the garden CHARGE we barked and went hurtling into the garden barking at the cat, the cat of course ran and jumped over the fence , we thought that was great fun , even Mick had a smile on his face , I thought that you were all tired said mick , we just laughed and run upstairs to see if Kerri was in or to see if we could get into her bedroom to play lets trash the room .sadly she was out and her door was shut so we went and made a fuss of Yvonne whilst she made us a tasty tea . Sometimes itís a hard life being a dog.

A few photos from today.

The start of the walk along an easy section of the coastal path.

Looking along towards the back of the dunes.


One of the many ponds that have been made along this route.


Mick said that there is a path somewhere in front of us.


There it is, told you said Mick (what a smart arse)


Charge letís run to the beach for dinner.


Nearly there.

This looks like a good spot donít you think mick?


Big dune to play on if we want to.


We have had our dinner and a nap, mick said we can go and play for a while.

Looks like we have got it all to ourselves at the moment.


Me and Bob.


All three of us I am about to start digging.


Me and Bob running up the beach.


Bob waiting for me to catch up.


Letís go!!!


Flynn having a sniff before he starts.


Flynn showing us how to turn corners when we are running.


Me trying to do it with Bob watching.


Flynn showing us again but really fast.


Me and Bob trying again.


Flynn explaining it to us again.


Right off we go.


Thatís better said Flynn.


A few photos of the beach, itís really nice for playing on.



Flynn watching us very closely to see if we are doing it right.

Thatís it you have got it right now.

Right time for a paddle in the sea now.

Right we are all wet and covered with sand lets shake now.

What a great day out.