DATE                                   18.07.11

DISTANCE                         7.3 MILES

WEATHER                          WET


Old Halterburnhead

Its summer time or so the calendar that hung on my kitchen door stated and who was I to argue with it, so for today’s walk I decided to venture into the border areas (up north as they say) and do a small but eagerly anticipated return walk that would take in the northern end of the Pennine way covering both the high and the low level sections.

And because I am in my lets be sociable mood I took the liberty of asking a certain lady (AKA Carey Burn) if she would like to join me, naturally she jumped at the chance I mean who wouldn’t, even I would jump at the chance to walk with myself ………..with my super model type good looks, inspirational personality and all round charm what more could anyone want? (Please don’t answer that.)

Times and meet up places where quickly sorted out and off we went. The weather despite what the calendar stated looked eh! Very grey and overcast and seemed to get worse as we drove up to our start point, but at least it wasn’t raining …….yet.

Our start point was the small car park where the road from Kirk Yetholm meets the Halter burn and the Pennine way. Gear was quickly sorted out and we both discussed the route, we had both been in the area before in fact I had done this very walk about 4 years earlier, but at the time I was really struggling with my walking ability but I can still remember the thrill that I got standing on these various hills taking in the views all-around nothing can really describe it.

We both decided that we would like to extend the walk and if possible pop up to the summit of Schil (601 meters) for a mooch , I have been up there myself but don’t think that Cary burn had , and seeing as where in the area it seem a shame not to . So that was it sorted.

Gear on and off we went (see map for route ) we couldn’t have got more than 400 meters when that dull grey cloud decided to start to empty itself on us , with what started a light drizzle turned into one (all-day long ) heavy shower , turning what should have been stunning views into damp misty blurry dull views , despite having waterproofs on this rain just seemed to soak in making even stopping for lunch a pain rather than an enjoyable break , in fact we had our lunch standing , and due to the poor visibility we both decided to call off our side trip to the ShIl , it would have been pointless you know  dull grey with no views , in fact we both decided it was time to get off the hill tops and drop down into the shelter of the valley bottom , where at least we weren’t quite so exposed  as luck and some rather good navigating would have it  was at this spot where the Pennine way splits up and we followed it down and returned back along the low level path .

As per normal a few photos, not as many as normal as I had trouble keeping it dry, enjoy.

Taken from where we parked the car looking up the valley towards the farm at Halterburn.


On the Pennine way on the lower slops of Green Humbleton looking down towards the car.


A bit further along and its starting to rain ugh.


Looking at Coldsmouth hill.


Rain. It was going to stay like this for the rest of the day.


The path up to Whitelaw.


Carey Burn stopping to take in the limited views.


On the lower slopes of Whitelaw.


On Steer Rig.


Looking back normally the views are stunning from here.


A couple of photos as we make our way along.


Now on the valley bottom or lower Pennine way heading back.


Old Halterburnhead (by the trees.)


Wet Carey Burn.


Now back at the car.


  Day after thoughts.

Some lessons learnt today, neither of us had a change of cloths so it was a long drive back sitting in wet clothing, from now on we would both have a small bag with a change of gear kept in the car with a towel. Just in case it happened again. (And it has)

On the arty leg side of things, I seemed to manage ok, a bit slow going downhill but nothing to beat myself up about. And there was no soreness or stiffness which was a bit of a surprise as we didn’t really stop at all, what should have been a slow walk with lots of stops turned into a steady non stop plod.

Cheers ………….


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